Who is Dorje Shugden?

The Dalai Lama has labeled Dorje Shugden practitioners as worshippers of an evil spirit and is currently persecuting Shugden practictioners in the Tibetan in Exile communities. Even though the Dalai Lama’s own teacher Trijang Dorjechang and all the Gelugpa lineage gurus of the last 400 years strongly encouraged the practice of Dorje Shugden and regarded him as the wisdom Buddha Manjushri. The Dalai Lama himself relied upon Dorje Shugden for 40 years. Now he is saying that all the great masters of the Gelugpa lineage are wrong and that he was wrong for 40 years. Of course, he has freedom to have this view and to change his mind about relying upon Dorje Shugden. But, he does not have the right to force his view onto others and persecute those who choose to follow the great masters of the Gelugpa lineage rather than him. So who is Dorje Shugden? Below is a video of interviews with Western Buddhists who rely upon the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden.

Who is Dorje Shugden?

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