Buddhist Protest Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday

Press release from prweb.com

“This Saturday, 600 Buddhists with one voice will protest against the Dalai Lama claiming a campaign of religious intolerance and immoral discrimination against the Buddhist community who practice the protective deity Dorje Shugden. This Western Shugden Society organized demonstration hopes to expose the abuse of the Dalai Lama’s dual political and religious status, by which all Tibetan-exiles must take a public oath to abandon this spiritual practice as well as association with anyone who practices this 400 year old Buddhist Deity, in order to receive a state issued identity card. Without this identity card it is difficult and sometimes impossible to purchase food in many stores, receive medical treatment, and obtain travel documents. The protests is scheduled to take place Saturday, July 19th and promises to be colorful and lively event, with passionate Tibetan and English chant and bright placards spotting the crowd.”

Tibetans Buddhists Courageously Speak Out Against Dalai Lama’s Claiming Religious Discrimination, this Saturday in Madison WI

2 responses to “Buddhist Protest Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday

  • gene bailly

    Hopefully all these demonstrations will cause the world to take a second look at the Dalai Lama who seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth. He is a Hollywood pope who represents himself as a man of peace and religious freedom but if you look closely at what is going on in India in the Tibetan community it is undeniable that HH has initiated a campaign of terror and repression against innocent people who only seek to practice as they wish. Can the world not see this?

  • Catherine Todd

    I had no idea. This is just terrible news, but it’s good that the truth is coming out. If this is the truth, we need to hear more. I am so disappointed; for years I bought the Dalai Lama’s books and “tried to be like him.” How could this happen? And why?

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