10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

1. Why do you deny that you are enforcing the ban on Dorje Shugden when there are videos of your speeches enforcing this ban?

2. If you are truly an advocate for human rights, why do you issue identity cards which make it extremely difficult for Shugden practitioners to get food, water, shelter, medical attention and travel visas?

3. Why do your followers view you as the Buddha of Compassion when you engage in such harmful actions toward your own people?

4. If you are truly an advocate for nonviolence, why don’t you ask your followers not to engage in violent actions toward Shugden practitioners?

5. Why do you teach your disciples that the heart practice of a Buddhist is reliance on the Spiritual Guide while you are having the thrones and images of your own Spiritual Guide removed from monasteries?

6. Why do you lie about Dorje Shugden, saying that he is a evil spirit harming the cause for Tibetan Independence when you have said that you are no longer working toward Tibetan Independence?

7. Why have you expelled over 900 monks from their monasteries for practicing what their lineage gurus have been teaching them in their monasteries for the last 350 years?

8. Why do you claim that you are following the example of the 5th Dalai Lama, when it was the 5th Dalai Lama who made the first statue of Dorje Shugden that can still be seen?

9. Why don’t you stop lying?

10. Why don’t you give religious freedom to Shugden practitioners?

5 responses to “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

  • Tenzin

    This is brilliant. Thank you. If you read http://www.WisdomBuddhaDorjeShugden.blogspot.com you’ll see some first-hand accounts of the monks suffering (referred to in your # 7). Look at conversation with a Tibetan, posted a week or so ago.

  • Thom

    Dalia Lama, Samdong, Tenzin Peljor , it’s time to mend your ways! Right Away without delays, because as they say,

    “A pig with lip stick, is still a pig!”

    A man in robes is not a monk nor a lama!
    Just a man in robes!

    Unless, a Man in Robes is Actually
    Practicing the Precepts of Lord Buddha

    He is just a man with robes,
    neither a monk,
    nor a lama.
    Just a Man!

    This Makes All of You!
    Just Men in Robes, Lying!
    Not a monk, nor a lama!

    Practice the Precepts of Lord Buddha!
    Become Monks or a Lamas, or
    Just Be Anyone,
    Trying to Practice,
    To Follow the Way!
    The Perfect Precepts,
    Of Lord Buddha Way.

    Practice The Precepts!
    Say the Truth!

    Redeem Yourself!


    Your Self-Cherishing Ways!

    Peace & Blessings

    Are Everyone’s Rights!”

    “Confederation of Shambala Warriors”

    Council Of Vajra Elders

    Thomas Canada

  • Thom

    Navahos & Tibetans Trudge A Difficult Trail

    Earlier this month, I and 19 members of our LDS church returned from a weeklong mission on a Navajo Indian reservation in Dilkon, Ariz. We stayed on the reservation, and for the entire week I had no television, Internet or cell-phone service. At first I was horrified, but not having these luxuries made it easier to focus on the beauty of my surroundings.
    At an elevation of nearly 6,000 feet, Dilkon is laced with buttes, hills with sloping sides and flat tops that stand alone in an otherwise flat area. The reservation is expansive and encompasses a mix of modern and traditional housing. Homes are separated by miles of open land the locals use to herd sheep, goats, cows and horses. Almost every compound has a hogan, but many are used only for ceremonial purposes.
    According to the U.S. census, the median income on the reservation in 2000 was $16,146 compared with $41,994 nationwide. We therefore witnessed poverty first-hand.
    Our primary task was to partner with a local church to conduct vacation Bible school. We began each night serving dinner. Children as young as 4 walked alone to the church, many simply in search of food.
    The stories were heart-wrenching.
    One 6-year-old boy told of how he lives in a home with so many people that he is forced to sleep outside. A girl, 9, spoke of raising her three younger siblings because her mother is an alcoholic. A young mother, after receiving the school supplies we brought with us, said, “You saved my life.” She has had to forgo meals to buy school materials. Another young girl had begged her mother on the last day of our stay to use some of the family’s water to take a bath. With a big smile on her face she said to us, “I wanted to be clean for my new friends from Salt Lake City.”
    We were also exposed to some of the cultural challenges that exist for Navajos who want to convert to Christianity.
    For American Indians, religion and culture are inseparable. Therefore, converting to Western religion is a difficult decision that requires converts to relinquish some of their culture.
    Some feel it best to completely abandon their culture once they embrace Christianity. A 72-year-old convert exclaimed, “I don’t even entertain the old ways for fear that I may be pulled back in.” Thus, she does not participate in any of the Navajo ceremonies and chooses not to even wear traditional jewelry, which is usually symbolic of some Navajo customs, traditions or deities.
    Others have found a compromise. One Navajo woman who grew up on the reservation and is now a member of our congregation in Salt Lake City says, “I wear the jewelry because I want to identify with my people, but to me it’s just art. I don’t believe in any of the customs or deities that they may symbolize.”
    Our trip was a reminder of how we sometimes take things for granted. Even within our country’s borders there are many suffering immensely. I thought often of my children, who may not realize how fortunate they are to have running water, food, school supplies and a plethora of electronic games and devices. But the Navajo children we met are happy. They have simply accepted their situation for what it is and have learned to live with it.
    Our mission was an opportunity to minister to the Navajo people; in all honesty, the lessons from their lives have touched us probably more than our service touched them.
    America treats it’s Indigenous Peoples Much Worse Than The PRC Treats Tibetans. There are virtually no resources to survive in the Four Corners Of North America.

  • Thom

    The answer to all the questions asked, is that the Dalia is not a Buddhist Monk, but a confused Muslin in Saffron Robes who predessors slaughtered the inhabitants of Tibet, as visciously as any of the Great Khaan exploits that slaughtered millions across Metsopotamia!

    If he could, he would do as before, and slaughter the Western Shugden People and any of his perceived foes.
    Instead all he can do this time.
    Is to sputter lies and false accusations, from his throne and pick up sticks.
    As with his previous glory days, when he had more latitude to batter his enemy’s children to death against the rocks and to make their women barren, the “Great Fifth” is this Dalia’s hero. Go Figure! This old fool day have come to an end along with is eunuch priest and harem of young girls to practice his perverted confused tantric practices on. His court life is anything but humble or monastic.

    The Dalai Lamas as Supreme War Lords

    These days there is an unwillingness to speak about this terrible civil war between the Gelugpas and the Kagyupas from which the “Great Fifth” emerged as the hero of the battlefield. We know that the Fifth Dalai Lama called up the war god Begtse against the Tibetans several times so as to force through his political will. Additionally, in eastern Tibet he was celebrated as an incarnation of the ancient hero, Gesar. He himself was the author of a number of battle hymns like the following:

    Brave and tested are the warriors,

    sharp and irresistible the weapons,

    hard and unbreakable the shields,

    Fleet and enduring the horses.

    (Sierksma, 1966, p. 140)

    This brutal call to absolutely annihilate the enemy into its third generation was also composed by him:

    Make the lines like trees that have had their roots cut;

    Make the female lines like brooks that have dried up in winter;

    Make the children and grandchildren like eggs smashed against rocks;

    Make the servants and followers like heaps of grass consumed by fire;

    Make their dominion like a lamp whose oil has been exhausted;

    In short, annihilate any traces of them, even their names.

    (quoted by Sperling, 2001, p. 318)

    With these instructions I(the preeminent historical model for the current Fourteenth Dalai Lama) turned to the Mongolians under Gushri Khan and thus legitimated the terrible deeds they inflicted upon the Tibetans. „One may say with some confidence,” Elliot Sperling writes, „that the Fifth Dalai Lama does not fit the standard image that many people today have of a Dalai Lama, particularly the image of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate” (Sperling, 2001, p. 319). Barely two centuries later (at the end of the 18th century) a Red Hat lama sought revenge for the humiliation of his order by the Dalai Lama, and fetched the Indian gurkhas into the country.

    The “Great Thirteenth” himself formed an army consisting of regular troops, a lay militia, and the “golden army” as the monastic soldiers were known. Warrior monks were nothing out of the ordinary in the Tibet of old, although their training and their military equipment was less than desirable. They firmly believed in the law of violence, worshipped their special deities, and maintained their own secret cults. Lama ‘Longear’ was the leader of the troops in the lamasery, it says in western travel report of a lama commander (at the start of the twentieth century). “Although a monk, he didn’t know how to say his prayers and because he had killed several people was not allowed to have part in the chanting services. But he was considered a man of courage and audacity — greatly feared in the lamasery, a mighty friend and terror to his enemies” (quoted by Sierksma, 1966, p. 130).

    The Tibetan army assembled by the Thirteenth Dalai Lama was composed of three services: the cavalry, equipped with lances and breastplates, the somewhat more modern infantry, and the artillery. Oddly enough, the name of Allah was engraved in the riders’ helmets. These came from a Mohammedan army which was said to have once moved against Lhasa. A terrible snowstorm surprised them and froze them all to death. Their weapons and armor were later brought into the capital and displayed there in an annual parade. It was probably believed that the helmets would offer protection in the battle against the Mohammedans — the arch-enemy from the Kalachakra Tantra — since they would not dare to fire at the holy name of their supreme god.

    This army of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, to a large part composed of serfs, was more or less picturesque, which naturally did their warlike, “unBuddhist” performance no harm. Yet one did not just fight with weapons in the hand but also operated magically. During the “Great Prayer Festival” for example tormas (dough figures) of the cavalry and the infantry were thrown into a fire so as to do harm to the enemies of the land through this fire magic. Every single sacrificial offering was supposed to later “function [like a] bomb” in reality (Chö-Yang, vol. 1 no. 2, 1987, p. 93). [3]

    He is the Deceiver and Lies with his Colorful Tapestries of Deceit to the Naive and Innocents.

  • Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah

    Maybe,you’ve heard of the ‘Jack-In-The-Box”?
    A toy box that has a handle that cranks up the spring inside and sings a “Round Song”. After you crank it long enough and the song goes Round And Round. At that moment you push the button and Up Pops “The Weasel”.

    A Little Clown on a wire dangling back and forth with a painted face and a Pointed Cone Hat with a spotted gown.

    Jack is out of the Box! It’s too late to Put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
    None can get him back in again.

    The secrets are out and the truth will prevail!
    There is nothing do say to this Clown!

    Who perverts the Teachings Of Lord Buddha.
    He lies and pretends that it is his Wisdom, that he perverts and uses to say , whatever comes his way.
    This is the reincarnate of a War Lord, not a Buddha.

    See him for himself and read for yourselves to decide,if he can blaspheme the Teachings.

    Just to get more gold to feed his insatiable Hungry Ghost, Tenzin Gyatso, who is just a man wearing robes and lies.

    His violation of other basic and universal rights to personal Freedoms will be heard before the New Delhi High Courts, who will defend their own Constitution.

    If they have the moral fortitude to bring Justice to the people and defend their ways of Law and Order.

    These Clowns, Dalia and Samdung have worn out their trail, and have failed to dupe the peoples of the world to seize their day.
    The Jack Is Out Of The Box!
    At a time in the world were the activities of self cherishing lamas and ceo’s.

    Finally,They have come to Consume Themselves by Their Greed and Hatred Towards Their Brothers and Sister Sentient Beings.

    There Sre No Compromises with a Witless War Lord.
    Charading as a Holy Lama Today or any Day.
    Time to Generate Good Livlihood and Speak the Truth. No Hiding In the Past.
    There Is No Where to Run and No Place to Hide.
    You Must Go!
    We Speak as Many, and You Speak As One.
    ‘There Is No Other Way!

    Confederation Of Vajra Warriors

    Council of Shambala Elders
    Thomas Canada

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