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Quotes from the article Tibet Fest Supports Endangered Tradition

“There was one primary reason why we established our monastery: to preserve our lineage,” Kuten Lama says. “The hardship is because (the Dalai Lama) took our religious freedom, our human rights. But it is very hard for us ordinary persons to explain to the world because he is so powerful and famous and our words are not too important.”

“We’re talking about basic human rights — being able to eat, being able to have housing, (not) having your life threatened,” Farnsworth says. “You can talk about love and compassion all you want, but people are being hurt by the Dalai Lama’s actions”.

Pressure mounts on the Dalai Lama to solve the problem of religious freedom amongst Tibetan exiles (from the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden Blog)

Recently, five delegates from the European Tibet Support group came to Dharamasala. They said:

“For the last few months, Shugden devotees have protested widely. They are alleging that there is no religious freedom in the Tibetan exile community. A lot of world have picked up on this news and people are starting to pay attention to the issue.

On the other hand, we are fighting for religious freedom in Tibet. When there is a claim of a violation of religious freedom amongst Tibetan exiles, it is difficult for us to do our work.

Therefore, it would be good if you could solve this problem among yourselves.”

Court proceedings against the Dalai Lama and Kalon Tripa Samdhong

The first hearing was held at the Delhi High Court on September 12. The lawyer for the Dalai Lama and Samdhong Rinpoche sought more time, surprisingly saying that they could not reply yet. They have sought an extension until November 19 2008.

6 responses to “Dorje Shugden News Updates

  • Go_H_Di

    I really pray that the Dalai Lama will recover soon from his current sickness and that he is getting good help from the hospitals and doctors in India. I also pray that in similar way all the Dorje Shugden practitioners living in the Dalai Lama’s community will again be allowed to get medical help from their hospitals and doctors as they could before the Dalai Lama imposed his ban.


    kuten lama is not a lama. a self proclaimed lama. hhdl did not recognized him as a rinpoche as a result he started to attack. he is a sheep in a tiger’s skin.

    Dear Wishingwell,

    Since when does it matter, whether or not someone is recognized by the Dalai Lama. Do rinpoches have to be approved by the Tibetan Government in addition to Dharma Protectors? The Dalai Lama is not the head of any of the 4 main traditions of Tibet. He’s the head of the Government.

    Imagine if George Bush was to start declaring whether or not someone was a Saint to Christians.

    Kuten Lama has had his religion ban by the Dalai Lama, that’s why he’s speaking up. He is very brave to stand up to the Dalai Lama and I rejoice in his virtues.

  • Thom

    The Dalia Lama only takes what we let him take from us.
    The merging of Western And Asians Practioners has taken little time, to become One Voice.
    Dedicated to Preseving the Teachings of Lord Buddha.

    Confederation Of Vajra Warriors!

    Most important has been that,
    “Our Words are Infintely More Important than one man’s word alone.
    This man’s words are only as important, as We Empower Them to Be.
    The lessons that the West has taught the East.
    Is that each and every one of our voices are equally important
    As that of one voice.
    “United We Stand,
    Divided, We Fall”.
    No longer do our Brethern need to fear,the likes of this cheap imitation and poor substitue for a Buddha. Who portrays himself as a holy being,known as the Dalia Lama. A title given to a ruthless and viscious War Lord [5th dalia lama],for slaughtering his own people and saved the Mongols the trouble of doing it all alone.
    Our words are more importnt than his, because we speak for millions.
    He represents only the devisive aristocrat refugees and the ignorant. All of whom, cower as children terified by a nightmnare. After hundreds of years of complete oppression and cruelty, equal to anything found in the Annals of African Black Slavers sagas.
    Each of us is empowered to Freedom Of Speech and Freedom Of Religion to voice our Beliefs Without the Likes of The Two-Bit Usurper, known as the Dalia Lama.
    No Fear!
    Shout it out!
    Your Words are Very Important to Reveal this Charlatan,
    Who Deceives and Lies to the World.

    He is not a Buddhist!
    Let alone a Buddha.
    Only, a Man wearing Robes,
    Who is lying to Everyone!
    Stop Your hypocrisy and Deceit!

    Step Down from your Throne,
    Leave Us Alone!

    Somebody must Change!
    It’s a New Day!

    Turn the Wheel!
    The West is the Best!
    Dharma Thrives,

    Bill Of Right,
    Make It Right!

    Your Words are Important,
    Very Important!

    Confederation of Vajra Warriors

    Council Of Shambala Elders

    Thomas Canada

  • Jackson

    —Kuten Lama has had his religion ban by the Dalai Lama, that’s why he’s speaking up. He is very brave to stand up to the Dalai Lama and I rejoice in his virtues—.

    Great statement, I am 100% agree.
    Kuten Lama is very brave to stand up against this powerful religious oppressure.


  • Jackson

    Western Shugden Society should let all people know especially those from the western world, Dorje Shugden is one of the main Dharma Protector of the Gelug tradition; without Dorje Shugden the Gelug tradition is not pure or not complete.

  • George

    I have a question.
    What do you know about followers of Dorje Shugden in Russia?

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