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Last night, I made another blog, but this one is just related to Robert Thurman. It’s called Robert Thurman’s Challenge. My hope is that many people will come across it on the internet and it will raise awareness about the Western Shugden Society’s challenge for Robert Thurman.

If you have comments about how Robert Thurman’s words have affected Shugden practitioners, please add them to the blog.

Visit the Robert Thurman blog.

One response to “Robert Thurman Blog

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Bob’s words, if they affect me at all. Only make me more determined to prove, that he is a Bigger Liar than his master, Tenzin Gyatso Norbu.
    It motivates me to say that he is a traitor the the Ideals and Principles of the United States. Which, he knows full well,or at some point in his education was at least exposed, to the Bill Of Rights and the US Constitution.
    However, it would appear that Bob has more in common with the criminal Bush in this regard.
    He is a firm believer in the, “Bushitized Policy of Lies”, of Lie today and Lie tomorrow to any and all who inquire. His arrogance and conceit is only surpassed by his betrayl of the dharma, and his apparent ignorance and total disregard of the Teaachings of Lord Buddha.
    His words prove, that he is confused about these prescious teachings and prefers to say whatever he thinks the Buddha actually did say at the time.
    Lord Buddha’s actual words, were written down at the time, and recorded to be passed down through time to us today.
    It is clear that neither Bob nor Tenzin Gyatso Norbu have read the ‘Canjur’ or the ‘Tanjur’, or choose to ignore these prescious Teachings, only to serve their political agendas or karma as reincarnate barbarian War Lords of the Mongols. They choose to butcher others, on their way into history with lying words, to the innocents, who do not know, and rely upon others to guide them on the path.
    He will not withstand the scutiny of time and will only be a footnote, noted for their absurdity and ignorance of the Teachings Of Buddha!
    At a time wen people seek sincerly the truths of the Teachings.
    He and his master pervert and distort the Words Of Lord Buddhas only to glorify themselves.
    He motivates me to protect the Teachings of Lord Buddha by his incessant lying.

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