Open Letter to the Tibetan Government in Exile


The Western Shugden Society has sent an open letter to the tibetan government in exile. The letter is below.

2nd October 2008

To the Tibetan Government-in-exile,

We the Western Shugden Society are writing this letter with regard to the international problem caused by the Dalai Lama’s heavy religious discrimination against Shugden practice, which discrimination is causing immense suffering to Shugden practitioners throughout the world.

On April 9th this year, the Western Shugden Society wrote a letter to Sera Lachi, Sera Jey and Sera Mey. In our letter we said:

Our conclusion is we now offer you two choices:

  1. To reverse the expulsion of the six monks and allow them to return to Sera Monastery where they should receive the same spiritual and material rights as the other monks who do not follow Shugden.
  2. If you do not accept the first point, we will immediately organise world-wide demonstrations directly against the Dalai Lama whenever he visits any country.

    If you have some wisdom you should understand how important the Dalai Lama’s reputation is – this is now in your hands.

Sera Lachi, Sera Jey and Sera Mey chose demonstrations against the Dalai Lama and because of this we immediately organised demonstrations against the Dalai Lama throughout the world. This proves that Sera Lachi, Sera Jey and Sera Mey made a great mistake – they neglected the Dalai Lama’s reputation.

We understand that following the Dalai Lama’s explicit instructions to enforce his ban on the practice of Dorje Shugden, his Representatives in the Tibetan Camps in India (such as Bylakuppe and Mongod), and in Tibetan communities throughout the world, are continually harassing, tormenting and humiliating innocent Shugden practitioners and their families, ostracizing them from their communities and causing great suffering. What will the Dalai Lama achieve by causing such suffering to innocent people? He will achieve nothing.

We ask you, the Tibetan Government-in-exile, to take responsibility to stop this religious discrimination in Tibetan communities throughout the world; by doing this you can solve both your internal and your international problems. If you do not take this responsibility, the Western Shugden Society will continually maintain its activities to accomplish religious freedom for Shugden practitioners and to liberate their families from suffering.

It is time to consider this serious situation. Let us know if you will now take responsibility to stop the existing religious discrimination against Shugden practitioners and their families in Tibetan communities throughout the world. If we do not hear from you before October 29th 2008, we will take this silence to mean that you will not take this responsibility.

The Western Shugden Society

Cc Samdong (Parliamentary Secretary), CTA Dept of Religion & Culture

One response to “Open Letter to the Tibetan Government in Exile

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    I’ve sent this challenge to Dalia Lama’s henchman, Robert Vader Tailiaban Thurman.
    So…………………. We’ll see what these cowards reply !

    ohhdl at dalailama dot com

    Champions For Peace Challenge Darth Vader Thurman

    Be Reasonable Robert Thurman!

    Debate This Schism !

    With Freedom Loving People !

    I’ve Thrown Down the Gauntlet To You!

    Robert Thurman,I challenge you to defend your lies!

    If you do not reply to me personally. Then you are all the things, I say of you, I say to your face. That you, Robert Thurman are a Liar and Traitor, to the Principles of Democracy and the Dharma.

    We are not all perfect beings! This defeintely includes all of you, Tenzin Gyatso Norbu {dalia lama}, Robert Thurman and Samdung.

    Some of us realize, that Tenzin Gyatso Norbu is a deceitful self cherishing incarnate of a Feudal War Lord. Who slaughtered his own people to seize and maintain control of the different approaches to the Teachngs Of Lord Buddha.
    Some of us realize that he is the antithesis of a man who tramps daily by his ignorance and attempts to undermine the underpinning of the Bill Of Rights and Civil Liberties of the People.

    The Dharma Flourishes because it has a home, that respects and protects the rights of All to believe as they choose.

    This schism has only magnified his abbhorrence of individual thought to reason and find the way to the truth that Lord Buddha taught to us.

    He prefers to lie and deceive and use the mouthpiece of Bob Thurman to validate his claims, that he actually speaks from the truth.

    They have no weapons to use against the Western Shugden Society,{WSS},or any of us!
    We who are Fighting to Protect the Rights of all People Everywhere to Believe as They Choose.
    Because, Dalia Lama has lied and violated the very principles. I’ve already mentioned.
    Justice they say is Blind. But not Blind to the Breaking of Our Laws.

    Which keep us from the Darkness of Lawlessness.

    Nothing that has been said, that can be disproved or proved within cetain disciplines.
    However, if enough people see the truth and think about it long enough.
    Then the truth will prevail.
    We did nothing to deserve this abuse, and he says nothing that justifies His Lies and Abuse to Those Suffering due to his activities to maintain his power base.
    He is not a Buddha, and Lies with the Ease of a Mississippi River Boat Gambler.
    Not all of us are scholars or well versed, but we have the common sense that Lord Buddha attributed to we mere mortals. The inherent ability to reason ourselves out of ignorance and find liberation one day.

    The only loss of credibility is Dalia Lama and Thurman’s incessant lying and deception they spew from their mouths each and everyday.

    Only by the tenacious and continuous fortitude of each and every voice resonating with protest that they speak the truth. We expect this even from the least of us.
    Lord Buddha by all accounts, fought against the status of deceit and lying of other’s intent to have their self cherishing lifestyles. Maintained by the suppression of others by perverting the truths and creating all manners of maras to keep it that way.

    This is a Democracy and not all voices may speak as you wish, but we speak with sincerity and a desire to eliminate ignorance and lies that hinder all from the seeking the way home safely.

    I hope and pray they challenge ‘any of us publically’ with a rational and logical defense of their actions. I can only hope they try to defend their insanity on the Global forum for All to Witness.

    If they had a leg to stand on, they would have already courageously pursued their defense.

    They have not, nor do they intend to confront you or me or anyone else directly.
    Instead they have Death Squads slinking down dark alley ways,threatening Old People and children. Then he has the the audacity to point the finger at us for his transgressions.
    He cannot hold his own, unless he is speaking to his ‘Chorus of Supporters’.
    So, relax and let our Democratic Principles Protect Us from these Monsters.

    Even Hitler had his day!
    He was loved by the deluded and brainwashed.
    Everyone knows what eventually happened to the Nazis.

    Once Dr. Ursula Bernis described to me in graphic detail, of her experiences in Munich, during the fire bombing by the Allies in World War ll.
    “Yes, Thom! We are grateful even for this tragedy! Imagine, where Germany and the world would be today, had Hitler had his way?”

    This is warfare, not a nuance of semantics and dialectics within the debate halls of a Nunnery or Monastery.
    We, The People, ill-versed and flawed, as we may be. Will fight on and on.
    Until we defeat this monster and his mimmicks, who only care for personal power over others.

    Hey There! Tenzin Gyatos Norbu! It’s me, Thom Canada calling you and Bob out to defend your lies.!
    See………………………………………,not a word of reply!

    Why? Because these cowards are thieves of the dharma.
    They know to fear me, and you and anyone else who Shines the Light of Truth.

    We all attempt to say this truth with the sincerity of our hearts, but not the lies of a cheating mind portrayed by Tenzin Gyatso Norbu and Robert Thurman.

    Shri Dorje Shugden Confederation Of Shambala Vajra Warriors

    Council Of Vajra Elders

    Thomas Canada
    Cedar City, Utah
    United States Of America

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