Tibetan Blogger Speaks Up About the Undemocratic Nature of Ban on Dorje Shugden

Below is a section of a recent post from the blog Mountain Pheonix Over Tibet.  The author of Tibet Talk recently wrote a blog post called Keep Relgion and Politics SeparateBoth of these blog posts are written by Tibetans who are not Shugden practitioners, but they don’t agree with the Tibetan Government in Exile’s handling of Shugden practitioners.

If Tibetan society were truly democratic, cooperation would be based on free will, and people would be encouraged to think for themselves, making up their own minds. If Tibetan society were truly democratic, people who do not follow the opinion leader, would not be ostracised.

The way Tibetans have been handling the Dholgyal/Shugden issue says quite a bit about the state of our democratic values. We Tibetans are okay with dissenters being forced into obedience. We see nothing wrong with this political style. We have no issues with the Dalai Lama exerting pressure on dissenters by using secular government organs and tolerating oaths and signature actions in his name. Some even believe it is their duty to expose Dholgyal/Shugden supporters and slander them.

Until recently I thought, the more we talk about this conflict, the worse it becomes. I have changed my mind. I know now that it is wrong to remain silent. All genuine Tibetan democrats must speak up in the political debate over Dholgyal/Shugden. When a few are forced to take on the view of many, we’re going down a dangerous path. It is our duty to speak up. Our young democracy will remain in bad shape if we let this happen without a reaction.

3 responses to “Tibetan Blogger Speaks Up About the Undemocratic Nature of Ban on Dorje Shugden

  • fireandwind

    If the previous Dalai Lamas and “spiritual” regents in Tibet had not engaged in politics over the past centuries, but rather had just sincerely engaged in pure Buddhist study and practice, they would have had nothing to fear from the Chinese. In fact the Chinese army would most probably not even have invaded Tibet. But because most monastries were completely entangled and caught up in dirty politics, cover-ups, cheating, lying, corrupting, exploiting, etc., they indeed had much to fear (and fled!).

    Unfortunately the present Dalai Lama, the TGIE and the associated monastries did not learn from that mistake, and even proudly disregarded the kindness of the Indian government, but invented their own crazy political rules in a foreign host country, – now they are back to square one. They created their own problems of fear, anger, blame and hatred, and are in trouble of being chased away again (this time by the Indian government).

    How selfish and foolish can one get??

  • lightmind

    Thank you for this blog.

    Its nice to see an open and clear view from a Tibetan about this issue. The fact that this person is not a practitioner of Dorje Shugden suggests that they have no religious bias but can see objectively that the actions of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile are of a political nature and more importantly are undemocratic, unfair and harmful. I feel great respect for this person as I know it is not easy for tibetans to speak out against actions performed by his Holiness for fear of persecution. thanks again

  • Jackson

    True democracy would base on freewill and not being forced to join the organization. People can join or leave the organization freely. (in any political or religious organizations). Within the political organization there should be all sorts of political opinions but the organization under the celebrity monk has one political view; if someone has a different view that person would be working for the Chinese or other enemies of this organization. That means, no other view is allowed, otherwise that person will be an enemy of this organization. It looks like a Dictatorship to me.
    No political debate over Dholgyal/Shugden should be held, just get political hands off religion. In the same token, religions should keep hands off politics, which means within the boundary of any monasteries or temples no political talk is allowed. All monasteries and temples should be used to spread Buddha’s teachings to all sentient beings regardless of their political view, racial background and so on. The monasteries (through out the world) of this celebrity monk are used to gather people to support his political view and for that purpose only; all others with different political view are not welcome. WOW special kind of monasteries.

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