Who is the Dalai Lama?

Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden Blog – Below is a translation of part of the documentary on the Dalai Lama shown on France 2, one of the most popular documentary TV channels in France. This was watched by 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 people on Thursday October 9, 2008. Sur les traces du Dalaï Lama 

Dalai Lama: That’s true, I am still the head of state, but it is because of the special situation of Tibet. I’m leading a national fight; this is not ordinary politics.

If there was a democratic debate between two democratic parties as you have in your country, then the Dalai Lama and the monks should give up their power.

Thus, the Dalai Lama would be the head of government despite himself, entrusted with a divine mission: Save Tibet. But do all his people agree with him, and can other views be heard?

It is by investigating the monasteries that I’ll come to know the answer.
In Southern India, I meet some dissident monks. They have chosen another way.

Lobsang Yeshe and Namgyal were previously the Dalai Lama’s bodyguards. 50 years ago, they saved the life of the head of Tibet, running away from the Chinese. But today, they feel betrayed.

Lobsang Yeshe: The Dalai Lama, I don’t want to hear about him any more. He is no longer the Buddha of Compassion. He is a traitor. The Dalai Lama has commited the gravest crime. He has divided all the Tibetans. He is against our deity, Dorje Shugden. He has forbidden us from venerating him. Because of him, I had a heart attack. Today, I am a broken man.

The Dalai Lama, Ocean of Wisdom, has offended his old friends. Furthermore, in January 2008, he will lose a bit of his composure. In front of thousands of supporters, he speaks with an exceptional violence against the followers of this mysterious deity: Dorje Shugden.

Dalai Lama: Because of this deity, some have became violent, it’s intolerable. I don’t want any more disorder in the monasteries. And to those who are not happy, tell them that the Dalai Lama approves of the expulsions prescribed by the abbots in the temples.

For the first time, I discover an authoritarian face – himself the wise Tibetan is calling for the exclusion of the faithful. Why, and who is this deity? To understand this, I am going to meet Dorje Shugden followers. These monks are for the Dalai Lama dangerous extremists.

Monk: Go ahead, this way.

Hidden at the back of this prayer hall, I finally discover the deity Dorje Shugden. He is holding a knife in his right hand and a human heart in the other. For his followers, Shugden brings protection, but for the Dalai Lama this deity encourages violence, and is the one who is dividing Tibet.

Monk: This deity has never divided Tibetans. This is untrue. It is the Dalai Lama who has divided us, by banning Shugden practice. Before, everything was going well. The community was living in peace.

Today, Shugden followers are expelled from their monasteries, and their photos are posted in the streets. A witch hunt has started in Southern India, and on this matter, the Dalai Lama has the answer of a specialist in logic.

Dalai Lama: I guarantee you, I have never given the order to get rid of Shugden followers. Nothing came from above. It is the Abbots themselves who decide these expulsions.

In fact, the Dalai Lama would suspect these monks of being manipulated by China ; and I will even find some of these new types of opponents in France.

Demo: Dalai Lama, liar!

A strong demonstration on the beach of La Baule. These European buddhists parade with an impactful slogan, even if unpleasant.

Man on the sidewalk: You are being used by the Chinese !

All these Buddhists are demonstrating to help their Tibetan brothers, followers of the deity Shugden. Anabelle comes from Marseille. This opponent is pointing the finger at the Dalai Lama’s contradictions.

Anabelle: It is fradulent on the Dalai Lama’s part to wear the two robes — that of the politician and the monk. The Dalai Lama is a politician, and that means he has political interests. We need to realize this because in the West we don’t want to see the truth — we want by any means to see a stainless man on the political stage.

The principal criticism from these European dissidents: the Dalai Lama’s religious intolerance.

2 responses to “Who is the Dalai Lama?

  • Jackson

    It is funny they said WSS demand is met.
    Shugden followers are fully kicked out of the Tibetan society and ban from all areas where the Hollywood monk the Great 14th’s followers existed.
    WSS basic demand is to have the ban imposed on Shugden followers be lifted.
    Basic demand is not met because the ban is not lifted.
    Now they are playing around with words, to stop us from going after the Hollywood monk.

    Our only demand to have the ban lifted—-period.
    We should not listen to what they are saying—just action—-lift the ban.
    As long as the ban is inplaced we will demonstrate until the ban is lifted.
    Keep up the demonstration, it would be a great help to all of us.


  • Jackson

    Sorry, post the above in the wrong location.

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