Response to “India Update – Present Situation”

A response has just been posted on the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden Blog to Tenzin Peljor’s post titled “India Update – Present Situation” in which claims are made that the WSS aims have already been met.

In fact, the WSS aims have not been met at all. It is most regrettable that the monks should be separated. Segregation did not work out too well in the South of the U.S. or in South Africa.

However, if the choice is between “separate but equal” (Jim Crow) or being deprived access to basic social services, then separate but equal is better. The question is then whether Shugden practitioners are still denied access to shops and medical care within the monasteries and nearby communities? It would appear that yes, they are, and there are accounts to show this.

Read the article: A response to “India Update – Present Situation” on Tenzin Peljor’s anti-Shugden blog

2 responses to “Response to “India Update – Present Situation”

  • Jackson

    WSS demand has not been met because the ban is still in placed.
    The basic demand is to lift the ban by the hollywood monk the great 14th.
    Great 14th has not come out to lift the ban, therefore the demand is not met.
    They are trying to persuade or to stop WSS members from demonstrate against the great 14th by saying good things. What they are saying has no value as long as the ban is still in placed.
    Separation now is peaceful because all shugden worshipers have kicked out of entire great 14th influenced area. Shugden worshipers are peaceful people, they do not want to have physical fight with the great 14th people, that is why it is all peaceful.
    One demand only—-lift the BAN.

  • italychampatogme

    Actually this is a victory of human rights in the world-

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