Professor Samdhong Rinpoche Caught Lying by Al Jazeera

This evening I put together these clips which specifically highlight Samdhong Rinpoche’s lies on the Al Jazeera Documentary “Dalai Lama – The Devil Within”. From this series of clips it’s pretty obvious that he is lying even to people who are uneducated with regard to the Dorje Shugden controversy.

In other news, related to the Dorje Shugden controversy, someone named Jigme left this comment on an article of the Orangeville Citizen newspaper in Ontario, Canada. Hopefully, the media will eventually look behind the glossy image of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile and report in a balanced and accurate fashion with regard to them. Below is Jigme’s comment:

Thank you for your column “Unity vs. uniformity”. I would like to make a comment on one sentence towards the end of your article: Some see the Dalai Lama as a better model of humble witness to transcendent truth.

Although I do not doubt that, as a communications person, you remember the demos in 3 continents against the Dalai Lama, last Summer, I would like to request you to please bear in mind their meaning, in order not to publish, if possible, non-qualified, non-commented-upon news on the Tibetan leader…

If you remember the Dalai Lama´s actions, or find out about them then you might agree that his is one severe case of double talk, double behaviour, of … how to call it? deception of the masses using your own good fame?

Remember, the Dalai Lama instituted the segregation, persecution and religious annihilation of an important group of Buddhists, the followers of his own (the Dalai Lama’s) teachers, tagged as if by a yellow star as “Shugden worshippers”. This is an unprecedented case in Buddhist history, and the Dalai Lama is getting away with it because the Press and the politicians and even the common folk do not like to admit that they were deceived by his charming smile and the sacred words of the Buddha that he repeats while betraying them.

Please go back to your archives, please review what has been said, what has been happening. Try to understand that he produced a painful and unheard of schism in the Tibetan Sangha, i.e., among the Gelukpa monks, his own people. He used his religious and political power to implant hatred and segregation against even the lay people following this very traditional Tibetan Buddhist belief.

If you would like to find about it, you might like to go to some websites. They are not very perfectly written, these people do not have PR specialists advising them, but they are defending the victims of the Dalai Lama and they are saying the truth.

The Dalai Lama preaches compassion to the world but does not practice it at home, in his backyard.

S. Jigme


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  • kelsang

    It is no longer a question of whether vajradhara is spirit or higher being. This issue is now a political issue. It is a matter of individaul right – pillar of any democratic society. If worshiping dorje shugden degenerates Buddhism , than same can be said about all the other protectors of four.
    Every individual should be given right to practice what she/he feels right; so long as it does not harms other people. In india there are millions of different dieties. can you imagine prime minister or some Guru saying particular diety is unfit to worship! what would be the repurcution?

  • conflict mediator

    Professor Samdhong Rinpochela is mediating. Taking god to court? I am on no ones side but it IS best to leave problems for what they are or add fuel to fire?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Samdung Pinnocchio lies as easily as a Summer Breeze. In one ear and out the other.
    Al-Queda has nothing on the Spiritual Terrorist. They cajole and threaten like Wild Beast caught in a trap. Behind the meek exterior is the face of a demon that delights in causing trouble and dividing the sentient beings with confusion and fear.
    Be Gone Eveil Spirits. Go back from whence you came.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    I was recently astonished or startled by the tempo or tone of the Phayul chat line converstaions or lack thereof.
    I found voices that were as the Ghouls or Zombies of 28 Days Later. Absolutely like animals cornered into a box or cage. If the Dalia lama’s operates his web site in Dharmasala as Rush Limbaugh apparently the moderator is disgustingly misguided and very sad.
    It is clear that the battle is over with DL. I am extremely distressd by Dl allowing the Tibetans to become so disenfranchised from the outer world is beyond sad. It is deplorable and criminal. He has no conscience or sense of guilt as to how perverted he has forced the once simple people to be as Pit Bulls snarling and
    growling with hate and spite.
    I had the sense that I had entered Marquis De Sade 17th century insane asylum, with people shrilling with insane laughter and mockery from within the Dalia Lama’s Black Magic Cult towards all outsiders.
    Evil pervades the Tibetan Colonies as the similarities that culminated in the Salem Witch Trials are all too apparent in the daily life of these Tibetans outcast.
    Sooner or later the Indian Government will expedite the removal of the Tibetan Colonies from India and these refugees will file homeward towards thier own country, for better or worse, to fulfill their dreams from within their own country, China.
    Once home these savy Tibetans should be able to capitalize on the billion of dollars the Chinese have poured into this once slave state operated by the Dalia lama lineage through terror and fear.
    Yes! it is finished and these refugess will go home and be refugees no more.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The Karmapa Controversy

    by Lama Shree Narayan Singh
    The Karmapa Controversy is actually a non issue!.

    The spiritual practices of Buddhism merely refine the discernment and opens the heart of its practitioners to levels of subtlety otherwise inaccessible.

    Thus, any person who has even a modicum of meditation practice behind one, is able to ascertain directly for one’s ownself during meditation, as to which is the genuine Karmapa incarnation and which is not. It is therefore at no stage that one such could ever err in one’s assessment.

    Out of boundless compassion, such a person would actually be honest with one’s ownself as also the entire world of apparent phenomena.

    It would stand to reason therefore, that the creators and perpetrators of this Controversy, whoever they might be, actually lack in spiritual realisation. Moreover their level of compassion and commitment to the welfare of beings, remains highly questionable. They actually lack in compassion as they are actively leading their trusting disciples, devotees and followers astray. This in itself is a terrible act with tremendous karmic consequences. Thus, through their support of the incorrect person, they themselves disqualify themselves as authentic meditators, Lamas and Masters who are in contact with authenticity.

    It is understood that at the level of conscience there can be no compromise. Such a situation can come about merely when the participant is confused by a web of concepts. Simply stated, one cannot fool anyone but one’s ownself.

    The second issue relates to the level of the Two Accumulations of the purported Karmapa incarnations. It is an accepted principle within the Buddha Shasana that as far as the level of the Two Accumulations of the person, to whom prostrations and made offerings are being made is concerned, should he not be the authentic incarnation, his level of Accumulations of Merit and Wisdom will automatically decrease with time. This will necessarily bring about a deterioration in the daily life situation of that person which will be visible to all.

    The third is that the Dharma Protectors will ensure that such a person will be unable to continue as the Karmapa, for an extended period of time.

    This had happened in Tsurphu, Tibet, the Seat of the Gyalwang Karmapas, in the early part of the twentieth century. The young son of an aristocrat had been erroneously installed as the 16th incarnation of the Gyalwang Karmapas. The reasons behind the XIIIth Dalai Lama acceding recognition to that youngster, are not known. Reports state that the youngster had fallen off the roof of the monastery when merely 14 and got killed. This had then paved the way for the installation of Rangjung Rigpa’e Dorje as the XVIth Gyalwang Karmapa, the Dharma King loved and worshiped by all who encountered him!

    Above all, the person who is impersonating as the Karmapa, will himself feel uncomfortable in various ways as he knows that he is in actuality enacting the role of someone he is not! He could fall sick, suffer from various psychosomatic disorders amongst other unfavourable manifestations! The same would naturally happen to those who have actively promoted and supported him in this misconceived venture. His followers moreover, would be deprived of the blessings of the Karma Kagyu Lineage!

    The unfortunate part of life is that it is extremely easy for people to create situations which merely further the suffering of themselves and others. Conditions for the perpetration of happiness are few and far between.

    It is certain however, that, in spite of any other non spiritual concerns and confabulations, the truth will become self evident.

    It is thus that we await the emergence of the authentic Karmapa incarnation to lead his followers along the path of righteousness and rectitude in the full majesty of his high calling!

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Push the Tibetans out of India and back home to China to pursue their dreams and hopes. India is a dead branch for these unfortunates exiles.
    We have provided an excellent opportunity for the Indian Government to condemn this Dalia lama with our court case against Dl. Because he interfers and prohibits others right to believe as they wish to believe. Dl has gone totally off the wall with the knowledge that his predecessors, and therefore himself, came to power as a dictator by murdering a Wisdom Buddha, Dragpa Gyaltshen or Shri Dorje Shugden. Thus appointing himself Supreme Ruler, released the Mongolian Cavalry to slaughter his competitors and then crown him with the title of Dalia lama.
    Thereafter and until the Liberation by Chinese Troops, he ruled Tibet as a God-King an absolute monarch over the 95% of the slave_serf Tibetans. Mutilation were common punishment for crimes against Dl. No wonder so many of the reincarnates were killed before they reached puberty.
    This mad man has been a distraction between the business of Nations for long enough. Given that Dl is a Chinese Citizen, why not extradite him for crimes against against China.
    He should be liable for all the crimes against the people for the last 350+ rule as a Dictatorial God_King. He admits, that he is, the same mind continum as all his harsh 14 or is it 10 predecessors.
    Why not introduce his superior, the Panchen Lama to speak out and gather support from the world. The Panchen Lama is a spiritual source and his emmantion power will convince any of those who doubt his authenticity.
    Demand the US publically denounced it’s support fot Dl and have this tool of the CIA’s Cold War exposed for what he truly is, a fraud, a grifter and lying murderer. Dl says, “That We Westeners are more of a threat to his ruse, than the PRC.Thereby declaring, Open Hunting Season” on any who oppose him or speak critically of him and his minions.
    If a few words and demonstrations can elicit this type of statement from this Charlatan. Then he is finished. I am certain the Obama adminsitration has given him the Political Boot. Bob Thurman still is on an extened leave of abscence and write ludricious books and attempts to resurrect the Hollywood no nothings to support and make Dl a bona-fide icon. Whar a joke! Those days are done and people do not care anymore. They are too busy taking care of themsleves these days.
    Help us to consolidate our efforts and contact us at your earliest opportunity. Getting rid of this Pretender,who deceives the innocents and ignorant.
    American ingenuity can move this little dictator off the charts into oblivion.He’s broken the Law and is subject to the law as the rest of us are. New Delhi/ March 19th,2009. We’ll see if the law is upheld by the High Courts in New Delhi.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Feeling The Heat? Let the to be appointed regent lead the Tibetan Refugees back home. Where they belong. It’s time to let go of your former slaves and serfs. I think the Dalia lama lineage has caused enough suffering by deluding these poor Refugees for long enough. Let my People Go!

    Tibetan govt in exile concerned about Nepal-China treaty

    Chief of the Tibetan government-in-exile Samdhong Rinpoche has cautioned the Nepalese government that the proposed treaty with China must not curtail freedom of Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

    The Kathmandu Post quoted Rinpoche as saying that Tibetans have been living in Nepal for years without any problems and the treaty between the two sovereign countries must not create problems whatsoever in the future as well.

    The reaction comes after the Assistant Chinese Foreign Minister Liu Jieyi during his recent visit to Nepal handed over the draft of treaty.

    Tibetan refugees fear the strengthening ties between the tow countries and Nepalese government’s commitments not to allow Nepal as place to organise protests against China and subsequent proposal of a treaty would curb Tibetan activities in Nepal.

    Though Rinpoche did not complaint about the government decision to avoid any anti-China activities like those of the previous governments, he expressed concern that the new treaty could be used to curb freedom of the Tibetans. Mar 05 09

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The Legends of the Dalai Lama

    March 10 this year will see the 50th anniversary of the uprising of the Tibetan people against China. In the West, the spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is worshipped like a pop star. Strange. The normally romanticized theocracy was a corrupt feudal system that enslaved its subjects.

    By David Signer

    Recently, in the context of his most recent trip to Europe, the Dalai Lama could receive the German Media Award in Baden-Baden, which has previously been granted to celebrities such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton or Bono. On March 10 fifty years ago, the Tibetans rose up against the Chinese hegemony. And it is seventy years since a little farmer’s boy became ‘His Holiness’.

    In winter 1937/38 [the common story of recognition follows].

    Everybody loves the now 73-year-old Dalai Lama, and in particular have done so since 1998 when Martin Scorsese brought his autobiography called ‘Kundun’ into our cinemas. From Richard Gere through to Brad Pitt, from Patti Smith through to Peter Maffay, from Dolly Buster to Robbie Williams: everyone worships the non-stop world jet-setting spiritual leader of the Tibetans. When the Dalai Lama came to Switzerland three years ago, during his eight day visit 30,000 people went onto a pilgrimage to the Zurich stadium to see him. And as is clear with the idolization of the Dalai Lama, whom even people who are not normally fond of personality cults, call ‘His Holiness’, the same is true for Tibet. There is a common agreement that, before the Chinese marched in, this mountainous region was a paradise of meditating monks and happy farmers living in the midst of splendid mountain scenery — and that it would be again if it were not for the evil occupiers.

    The reality is that until fifty years ago Tibet was a clerical-feudal tyranny. The truth is that a lot of the widespread common knowledge about the country is just wishful thinking. There are also dark sides to the biography of the Dalai Lama, and a lot of obscure stuff is mixed in with the esoteric Lamaism Schwärmerei (excessive sentimentality). However, since there is only little journalism on site, it is not easy to find the truth within the jungle of exile Tibetan and Chinese propaganda.

    [Now follows some historical background and how the Dalai Lama, once recognized, lived until his escape.]

    In the Dalai Lama’s autobiography, however, it sounds like paradise when he mentally travels back to the Tibet of his youth: “No one needs to make too much of an effort in order to earn his living. Existence happens on its own and everything works wonderfully.” Accordingly, during his reign, he did not make any effort to reform the country, apart from stopping the legal heritage of tax debts. The fact that political decisions are based upon oracles and astrology is no problem for him, who normally pretends to be democratic and progressive. Even though in his ‘five point peace plan’ he demands ‘respect for the democratic freedoms of the Tibetan people’, he himself has not tried until today, not even within the exile communities, to be democratically legitimized. Self-evidently he pretends to be the wholistic leader of the Tibetans, even though, strictly speaking, he is not even the spiritual representative of the whole of Tibet. He is merely the head of the Gelugpa order, the so called Yellow Hats, whose claim for leadership he has been trying to pursue for decades. These contradictions are also true for his ecological engagement. On the one hand, he demands to transform Tibet into a kind of natural reserve park and uses every opportunity to demand more ecological thinking in accordance with Mother Nature. On the other hand, from the first days of his exile onwards, at his seat in Dharamsala, the litter keeps being piled up simply on a large waste dump.

    [Some stuff on the 1950’s in Tibet.]

    While the Dalai Lama and his entourage went into exile to Dharamsala in India, the Cultural Revolution raged in Tibet. Between 1966 and 1976, thousands of monasteries and cultural monuments were destroyed. Switzerland was the first European country which, in 1961, accepted Tibetan refugees and offered them accommodation and work in Rikon. In 1967, the monastic Tibet Institute was opened. The information from the Dalai Lama and Tibet supporters is often not credible with regards to the Chinese occupancy. Very often it is not mentioned that in the meantime approximately half of the monasteries have been restored and are running again. Also, since the mid-nineties, you can no longer claim that there is a ban on the monastic system. If the Dalai Lama is asked about these things he replies that the monasteries have only been rebuilt for the sake of tourists; thus the Chinese are said to have no interest in maintaining the traditional culture but to re-install it as exotic backdrop and in this way it is being doomed even more. One limitation however has been enforced, undoubtedly against the will of the Dalai Lama: no more children can enter the monasteries. Also in his autobiography, ‘His Holiness’ claims that, due to resettlement programmes, the Chinese proportion of the population overrides the Tibetans. According to the disputed census in 2000, the proportion of Chinese people within the Tibetan Autonomous Region is 6.1%, with the highest proportion, 17%, being in Lhasa. Again and again the claim has been spread that 1.2 million Tibetans had become victims of Chinese terror, in other words a full fifth of the population. Official statements from Dharamsala even sometimes say that all of these have been Tibetan prisoners who were victims of torture or executions, and very often Chinese concentration camps are mentioned. Without doubt, China is far away from regular constitutional affairs; however the charge of systematic, lethal torture of thousands — as indicated by the term ‘concentration camp’ — is hardly plausible.

    Esoteric argy bargy

    Towards the end of the 1980s there were again riots in Tibet, and in December 1989 the Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace Price. About one year before that he became friends with the Japanese Shoko Asahara, who ran a ‘spiritual community’ with several thousand followers near Tokyo. According to the researches of the publisher Colin Goldner, Ashara visited with the Dalai Lama several times in 1988. This community with their ‘appreciated aims and activities’ (said the Dalai Lama) was ‘Aum’, one of the most dangerous and totalitarian cults ever, which performed the Tokyo subway poison attacks in March 1995. The Japanese authorities had been patient with the megalomaniac Guru, despite all warnings, possibly due to the protecting hands of the Dalai Lama. When the Centres after the Sarin attack were finally searched, there were deposits of chemical and other weapons which could have killed millions of people at once. The Dalai Lama however could not even find one single word of regret. Even as late as Summer 1995, when at the Peace University in Berlin, he stated that he would recognize Asahara as a ‘friend, even though not necessarily an unmistaken one’.

    Also the so-called ‘Shugden affair’ gives rise to doubts about the much-praised wisdom of the Dalai Lama. In Summer 1996, upon the advice of his state oracle, he banned the worship of the protector Deity Dorje Shugden for his people. A number of abbots and monks protested against this ban. They accused the Dalai Lama of violating religious freedom, who reacted to this insubordination by systematic searches of houses and monasteries in the exile community. Shugden statues were destroyed and renitent monks bashed and beaten. Supporter committees even claimed that the Shugden movement was hand in glove with China.

    [Mentions the triple murder. More information about that can be found here: Defamatory accusations of murder repeated over and over again for ten years]

    Monks armed with iron bars

    Generally, the riots before the Olympic Games were presented by the Western media in a way that they fitted into the image of ‘peace-loving Tibetans’’ — either any violence was supposedly coming from the side of the Chinese, or, if not, claims were made to the effect that Tibetan protesters had only acted in self-defence. Footage documentation and reports from eye-witnesses however give evidence of how monks armed with iron bars and bats went marauding through the historic quarter of town. Buses and cars were pushed over and set on fire, and Chinese shops and houses were pillaged. Molotov cocktails were even thrown into kindergartens, schools and hospitals. The Dalai Lama later claimed that the monks had been Chinese soldiers in disguise. This is because, by definition, Tibetans are non-violent. Around the world, demonstrations of solidarity took place.

    [The rest is about the Dalai Lama’s right-wing tendencies and the stories about the liaisons between Tibetans and the Nazis and how the Tibetan regent wrote a letter to ‘King Hitler’. The final paragraph is on the question why it is that the Dalai Lama is so popular in the West in spite of all the facts mentioned; and the main conclusion is that it is because Westerners are so naive.]

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    “What I have seen and heard in Tibet completely differed from the distorted propaganda by the Dalai Lama,” a renowned Spanish Tibetologist has said.

    The March 14 riot in Lhasa in 2008, involving violent crimes against people and property, was premeditated and masterminded by followers of the Dalai Lama, Inaki Preciado Idoeta told Xinhua in a recent interview.

    “But the Dalai Lama neither made an apology for the riot nor condemned those who perpetrated the violence,” said Precidao Idoeta, one of the first Spanish diplomats to China and also a famous sinologist in Spain.

    He has visited Tibet several times since the 1990s and also temporarily lived there for his research.

    “I can speak Chinese and the Tibetan language and communicate well with the local people, so I can get first-hand materials about the region,” he said.

    Commenting on Dalai Lama’s accusation that the Chinese government has destroyed the Tibetan culture and language and the Tibetan people have no freedom of religion, he said that was an excuse used by the Dalai Lama to split the country.

    “Under the current education system in the autonomous region, all the Tibetan students are required to learn the Tibetan language during the nine-year period of compulsory education,” he said.

    “Many books and magazines in Tibet are also compiled in the Tibetan language. All these show that the Tibetan culture has been well protected and inherited,” the scholar said.

    Talking about the plan of the so called “Tibet government-in-exile” to hold “a series of commemorative events” from this March to the next, Preciado Idoeta said the Dalai clique needed to do something after receiving large amounts of money from western anti-China forces.

    They will not stop making trouble because the clique has an entire network of international anti-China forces and the support from some western media, he added.

    Some western media have been playing a shameful role in the past years by distorting truth on Tibet, deceiving readers and spreading those malicious rumors last year, the Spanish expert said.

    An article will be published without hesitation if it criticizes the Chinese government and supports the Dalai Lama, however, the objective reports written by people who know the truth about Tibet are hard to appear in those media, he said.

    Inaki Precidao Idoeta, one of the first Spanish diplomats to China and a famous Sinologist and Tibetologist in Spain,

    The western people are blindfolded owing to those biased reports and China should try to get them shake off those wrong ideas. China should take measures to boost its overseas reports and introductions on Tibet, as to make people know the current situation in Tibet in a better and comprehensive way, Preciado Idoeta said.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    With the Global Econimic Meltdown,China is closing the horns on Dalia lama by the using the Carrot and Stick Approach. I see India, Nepal and other close proximity Nations to China practically pushing the Refugees back home , where they can actually start to make a real life again. There is no need for this false Pharoh to entomb his slaves with him as he commits Political Suicide. Let the Chosen People return to their Promised Homeland in China. Finally 95 % of these once serfs and slaves have a real chance to change their lives for the better and rise to the level of their own possibilities, eventually. So it takes another 2-300 years. Big Deal! at least they are getting our of the rut of Mediavalism.

    Hindustani Times/March 2009
    China’s foreign minister, speaking ahead of two sensitive anniversaries next week, warned other countries on Saturday not to let the Dalai Lama use their territory to try to sever Tibet from Chinese control.

    Beijing abruptly cancelled a China-EU summit last year, angry over French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s meeting with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader whom Beijing condemns as a separatist.

    “In developing relations with China, other countries should not allow the Dalai Lama to visit their countries and should not allow their territories to be used for the Dalai Lama to engage in separatist activities for Tibet’s independence,” Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said.

    “I think this is an integral part of the norms governing international relations,” he told a news conference on the sidelines of the annual meeting of parliament.

    The 50th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning monk’s flight into exile falls on Tuesday. Also, on March 14 last year, Lhasa erupted into riots that killed 19 mostly Han Chinese or Hui Muslim shopkeepers.

    “The Dalai Lama’s side still insists on establishing a so-called Greater Tibet on a quarter of Chinese territory. They want to drive away Chinese armed forces on Chinese territory and ask all non-Tibetans to relocate themselves, people who have long spent their lives on that part of Chinese territory. You call this person a religious figure?” Yang said.

    “Would Germany, France or other countries accept that a quarter of their territory be separated? Please keep in mind that China was always a supporter of German reunification.”

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Dalai Lama’s utter distortion of Tibet history and is the cause of Tibetans experiencing “Hell On Earth”. Now, we see there were only 1.2 Tibetans alive in 1959 instead of the 6.2 reported by TGIE. How is it that a memorial plaque at the Tibetan Cultural Center is dedicated to the 1.2 million Tibetan that lost their lives after the failed insurection in 1959?
    Now we see there are now 2.1 million Tibetan alive and well in China.
    Dalia Lama is a liar and cheat!

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Gonpo Tashi meticulously dusts off furniture and ritual utensils every morning in a dark, 12-square meters chamber with a richly-embroidered cushion on bed that has been elegantly prepared for its supposed master.

    Just outside the chamber hangs a giant photo of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso as well as enshrines six Buddha statues and a yellow monk robe that Tenzin Gyatso used to wear.

    Gonpo said, “I’m ready every day for the Dalai Lama’s back home.”

    His aspiration reminded people of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong’s call for the return of the fled Dalai Lama. But the hope seems narrower as the Dalai Lama was denounced by the Chinese government as a “politician in monk’s robes” who is trying to split the country.

    He and his supporters were blamed for masterminding the deadly Lhasa riots on March 14 last year, which killed 18 innocent people.

    Gonpo, the 63-year-old stocky Tibetan, a nephew of the Dalai Lama, has patronized the birthplace of the Tibetan spiritual leader for at least three decades.

    The clean but thrifty residential court, consisting of a two-story wooden house and a bright yellow prayer hall, faces 4,000 meter-high snowy Tsongkha Gyiri, a widely-deemed sacred mountain which brought about good fengshui, or fortunate geomancy, to the family of the boy who was later believed the incarnate Dalai Lama.

    “Did you notice the continuous red hills within which our long and narrow valley is seated? — They are lotus petals and the house stands on one petal,” said the grizzled man, who splits time between his full-time vigil and serving the county-level people’s political consultative conference, or a political advisory body to the local government.

    Pointing at a small white pagoda about 200 meters away down from the residence’s front gate, Gonpo said, “You know what — that was an exact place where the Thirteenth Dalai Lama rested himself on his route from Kumbum Monastery to Labrang Monastery.”

    “A prophetical assertion of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama foretold reincarnation of his soul in this particular rural village,” said the former primary school teacher.


    One reason why the Thirteenth Dalai Lama chose to stop over, Gonpo said, was the sound relationship between the Dalai Lama and Taktser Rinpoche, a senior lama in the Tibetan Lamaist hierarchy who happened to be the eldest brother of the reincarnated Dalai Lama, who was born on July 6, 1935, with a secular name of Lhamo Thondup.

    Lhamo’s poor farming family was exceptionally rich in high lamas. Altogether three out of seven siblings became top lamas, with the Dalai Lama atop the pyramid of Tibetan lamas.

    The boy ascended as a spiritual leader who mesmerized the faithful as well as gained mundane political celebrity in exile. He was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. He called himself “a simple Buddhist monk” but was accused by his homeland government of being the chief rebel and an ill-intentioned politician who promoted separatist movements in monk’s robes. In many Westerners’ eyes, he was no less than fodder for sound bites, photo-ops and newspaper front-page slots.

    Myths have fueled the mysticism and celebrity of the Dalai Lama. One myth is that Lhamo Thondup was the only candidate for the incarnation — the rationale of which was he inerrably identified belongings of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. Though with such gifted endowments, a handful of candidates should have been selected, in line with the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, for the final pick, or even after a ritual of casting lots from the Gold Bottle in the fiercest contesting cases.

    After his delegation signed with the central government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) the 17-Point Agreement on a peaceful settlement of Tibet in May 1951, the Dalai Lama telegraphed Chairman Mao Zedong to actively support the peace agreement in October, almost one year after he was enthroned. He now says the rapprochement was reached “under duress.”

    In September 1954, the Dalai Lama, together with another Tibetan Buddhist leader Panchen Lama, went to Beijing for voting China’s top legislature and was himself elected a vice speaker. He now asserts that this was a “visit (to) China for peace talks.” What the Dalai Lama did in “China” was documented much more than he now officially acknowledges as “meeting with Mao Zedong and other Chinese leaders.” He in fact wrote a poem likening the paramount Chinese communist leader as “the Brahma,” the Hindu god of creation, and “the all-mighty sun,” wishing Mao “a life to eternity.”

    On the most intractable controversy on his falling out with the PRC central government, the Dalai Lama said, one day after the Lhasa riot on March 10, 1959, and a later publicized hand-written letter, “Reactionary, evil elements are carrying out activities endangering me on the pretext of ensuring my safety. I am taking steps to calm things down.” In his official Web site, however, he states that “Tibetan People’s Uprising begins in Lhasa.”

    The crisis led to his fleeing from Norbulingka Palace in Lhasa on March 17, 1959.


    As the religious leader, the Dalai Lama spent only one third of his life in the motherland and four years in the remote mud-and-stone village, formerly known as Taktser, on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

    Hongaizi Village, symbolic of the rough and sterile landscape of the plateau, shows little traces of the Shangri-La that filtered into Western minds since James Hilton created the surreal image of such a holy land.

    A total of 256 villagers are now living in the same place that the highest Tibetan spiritual leader was born. More than 70 percent of the 54 families own televisions and 61 percent have telephone landlines. The village also sees 10 cell phones, 16 motorbikes, one car but not a single Internet-linked computer. Gonpo purchased the village’s only private car, an economical 2003Daihatsu Charde.

    Tsering Kyi, mother of a nine-year-old school girl whose family is living 150 meters from the Dalai Lama’s old house, displays a picture of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama in her spacious living room.

    She said, “It’s not unusual that we’re living here and our family’s fortune largely bets on what jobs that my husband is able to find out of the village.”

    Unlike Tsering, many villagers believe the surrounding red hills crouch themselves like a giant lion, one of the auspicious tokens in Ping’an, an overwhelmingly farming county which saw in 2007 gross domestic product per capita at 1,500 U.S. dollars against the country’s average of 2,600 U.S. dollars.

    Gonpo’s income comes from the public office he has served since1998 and donations from the Dalai Lama followers. Gonpo spent at least 500,000 yuan (73,200 U.S. dollars) in house maintenance in recent years.


    As one leading figure of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, believed an incarnation of Chenrezig, stands as deity of compassion and a visible embodiment of Tibetan Buddhists’ faith.

    Only three of the 14 reincarnations meaningfully ruled Tibetans, and the throne of the Dalai Lama was historically bolstered by China’s central governments of various dynasties. The reincarnation conducted by Rinpoches and the accreditation from the imperial authority are inseparable parts of the whole system ensuring legitimacy of the Dalai Lama and his ruling in Tibet. An angry Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) once decreed to stop reincarnation of a rebellious Tibetan Buddhist lama, which left his sect dying out.

    Gradually rising as a regional spiritual and political leader, the Dalai Lama sweated for his long journey to the world stage, with his first trip outside China and India to two Buddhist countries of Japan and Thailand in 1967, the first European trip in 1973 and the first U.S. one in 1979, the year in which the United States and the People’s Republic of China established diplomatic relations.

    Going into exile subsequently made him a star. In all the 104 awards or honorary doctorates he has collected from around the world, 103 were granted after he fled China. Rubbing elbows with him somewhat became a fad or a manifestation of moral dignity.

    The “simple Buddhist monk,” who was said to wake up usually at 3:30 a.m. and spend his first four hours every day in meditation, frequently indulged his secular enjoyment in being interviewed by world top media outlets.

    An online U.S. Department of Justice document recorded the Dalai Lama’s visit to the United States from April 10 to 24 in 2008. During the two-week trip, the monk, often with his brand bigsmile and deep laugh, talked politics and China’s “crackdown” on the March 14 Lhasa riot in NBC, CBS and NPR, to just name a few. He also met with U.S. Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs Paula J. Dobriansky, who contributed to an op-ed piece to the Washington Post the day after their rendezvous.

    The spiritual leader’s “sideline” activities supplemented his full-time job, prayer offerings and religious teachings which were mainly arranged by the New York-based Office of Tibet and beefed up by lobbying of pro-independence groups.

    Such efforts paid off. The Dalai Lama said in his latest statement on March 10, “The fact that the Tibet issue is alive and the international community is taking growing interest in it is indeed an achievement.”

    Influenced by his highly politicized inner circle and interest groups, the Dalai Lama, willingly or not, interwove both religious and political faces. Before his fleeing half century ago, he consulted the Nechung Oracle for the Buddha’s advice. Before teachings in recent years, the self-claimed tolerant spiritual leader usually asked Dorje Shugden worshippers not to attend his ceremonies. Those who propitiated the particular Tibetan deity protested against the Dalai Lama’s discrimination, which was similar to political partisanship and runs against his announced commitment to “promoting religious harmony.”


    Gonpo, who enjoyed two visits with the Dalai Lama — each lasting for one hour — in the 1990s in Dharamsala, India, decorated the prayer hall wall with delicate thangkas, or cloth painting scrolls bearing images of the successive Dalai Lamas and Tsong Kha Pa, the Gelug school founder back in the fifteenth century.

    “These beautiful thangkas cost me roughly 10,000 yuan,” Gonpo said.

    What he spent was ridiculously reasonable for the top paintings created by an artistic tribe that usually served top Tibetan clerics and noble families in the feudal era.

    The artists to whom Gonpo attributed were monk painters who cultivated artful skills while practicing Buddhism at Senggeshong Mago Monastery in Huangnan.

    Artist Konchok Tashi basked in an afternoon sunshine outside his lamasery, which harbors 160 monks.

    The 44-year-old Esoteric Buddhist splits every year into one half of esoteric studying and the other half of aesthetic painting.

    Learning from his late father, Konchok now trains five apprentices to hand down the Tibetan craftwork now designated by the government as one national intangible cultural heritage.

    “I’m the best of the best,” said the dark-skinned monk who enthusiastically displayed one of his artworks in his sunny living room. “I would ask for 30,000 yuan for the piece that I worked for two years.”

    Using a Samsung cell phone sometimes in chatting with his colleagues, Konchok often drove his 2006 Kia Cerato to buy daily necessities in a nearby town.

    “I still feel scared when driving to big cities like Xining because I cannot figure out Chinese characters on highway signs,” the monk said.

    Illiteracy of the written Chinese, nevertheless, did not hinder his outreach. He won three awards from national and provincial arts exhibitions and developed wealthy clients in Beijing and Guangzhou, for thangkas’ cultural and original uniqueness.

    He paid his own way to India in December 2004 to attend one of the Dalai Lama pray offerings and to visit his younger brother. The younger brother sneaked into the Indian borders ten years ago and is now studying Buddhist dialectics in a lamasery near Dharamsala.

    Amid thousands of followers at the humid event in Dharamsala, Konchok for the first time approached to the aura of the Dalai Lama. Months later, he was sick and obeyed his fellow monks’ advice on resorting to the mythical Medicine Springs, just ten kilometers downhill from the Dalai Lama birthplace.

    He siphoned raw water for consecutive seven days, with the largest one-time dose of seven kilograms, which left him lax.

    “The Medicine Springs are called the panacea but full recovery requires frequent visits in three years,” Konchok said, adding that his sickness offered him no mood in paying homage to the Dalai Lama house, though it was only ten kilometers away.


    What Konchok really good at is painting Buddhas and the Sacred Lake, which are always themes of Tibetan cultural works. The Sacred Lake is Lhamo Lhatso in southern Tibet.

    After the Thirteenth Dalai Lama died, the regent, himself a high lama, looked into the waters of Lhamo Lhatso. Together with other auspicious signs, the regent allegedly saw a three-story monastery with a turquoise and gold roof and a path running from it to a hill. The direction the dead Dalai Lama faced indicated his reincarnate would be from northeast of Lhasa, the seat of the Dalai Lama.

    Lhamo Lhatso was believed vital to the most mythical reincarnation system in which high lamas claimed to be reborn and continue their important work. The reincarnated, also known as tulku, were usually searched within the Tibetan areas by senior lamas surrounding the deceased tulku.

    The gold-roofed monastery appeared in the Sacred Lake was Serdong Chenmo Hall at Kumbum, whose importance was decided by the status of the holy site where Tsong Kha Pa was born. Top clerics from Lhasa believed the soul boy would live within a one-day horseride from Kumbum.

    In explaining the sophisticated reincarnation system, Kumbum’s Dzongkhang Rinpoche said, “Tulku is reborn again and again in the life circle till the eternity of being Buddha.”

    “It’s inappropriate to call tulkus living Buddhas because Buddhas need not to be reborn,” said Dzongkhang Rinpoche, echoing similar remarks made by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

    “History tells that the search of the reincarnated soul boy was usually centered on Tibet and went no farther than Mongolia,” Dzongkhang Rinpoche said.

    The 67-year-old Rinpoche, however, ruled out possibility of soul reincarnation before the previous lama died.

    “There is but one soul that can find rebirth,” Dzongkhang Rinpoche said.

    “Every Tibetan aspires that continuous rebirth of great souls would lead to creation of Buddhas,” he said, adding that every Buddhist was terrified of going to Hell.

    A 35-year-old Rongwo monk said he was frequently haunted by the fear of Hell. “Go to Heaven, or go to Hell, no doubt on our choice. We have to do something for toeing lamas’ lines to avoid bad karma,” the man said.

    Li Bade, a 76-year-old Tibetan abbot who for 25 years has overseen Chorten Ki Monastery which was famed for the visit of the Third Dalai Lama, said he was satisfied with almost everything today, generous financial support from the faithful, enough food, good health service in community and effective communication.

    “The world is now more like what Buddha describes in sutras that all beings and events are relational and interconnected to a state of eternity, or emptiness,” he said.

    “The only discontent for me,” the abbot said, “is the hustling highway down the hill.”

    His hill-perched hut oversaw the trunk highway extended to the holy city of Lhasa.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    So Long Dalia, ‘It been real Dalia, It’s so nice to have you back where you belong’The French Foreign Ministry reiterated on Friday that France does not support Tibet independence.
    March 14th,2009
    Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier made the remark after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao urged France to clarify its position on Tibet-related issues.

    “We have absolutely not changed our position. That is, we support the territorial integrity of China and refused to accept separatism and Tibet independence,” Chevallier said.

    Earlier on Friday, when answering a question raised by a reporter from the French newspaper Le Figaro at a press conference after the closing of the Second Session of the 11th National People’s Congress in Beijing, Premier Wen urged the French side to clarify its position on Tibet-related issues to facilitate the restoration of Sino-French relations.

    “This serves not only the interests of both China and France, but also the interests of China and the European Union,” Wen said.

    Sino-French relations were strained after French President Nicolas Sarkozy insisted on meeting with the Dalai Lama last December when his country held the rotating presidency of the European Union.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The 11th Panchen Lama Gyaincain Norbu on Sunday visited an exhibition displaying economic and social progress that Tibet Autonomous Region has achieved in the past five decades.

    The Panchen Lama, one of the religious leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, went to the Cultural Palace of Nationalities to see the exhibition titled “50th Anniversary of Democratic Reforms in Tibet” that has been in running in Beijing since Feb. 24.

    The Panchen Lama said documentary pictures, files and relics vividly reproduced the tragedy of slaves in old Tibet and the progress in human rights since the abolition of the serfdom.

    Tibetan people could only achieve progress and have a bright future under the leadership of Communist Party of China, the Panchen Lama said.

    “People living in Tibet should cherish the prosperity and happy lives today,” he said, adding that he would continue to guide Tibetan Buddhists to be adapted to the country’s socialist society.

    The 19-year-old Panchen Lama promised that he would inherit his predecessor’s tradition to be a patriot and try to maintain the nation’s unity, stability and harmony.
    Remember when VOA announced the exact location of the newly reincarnated Panchen Lama in Lhasa and the Chinese picked him up within hours? The TGIE could have easily smuggled the Young Boy into India instead of turning him in for Dalia amusement.
    I do!

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Lama Greed Is Insataible!

    In 1959, the Dalai Lama personally owned 160,000 liang (a Chinese weighing unit equal to 50 grams) of gold, 95 million liang of silver, more than 20,000 pieces of jewelry and jadeware, and more than 10,000 pieces of silk and satin fabric and rare fur clothing, including more than 100 robes inlaid with pearls and gems, each worth tens of thousands of yuan.

    Before sweeping democratic reform was launched by the central government in 1959, Tibetan people had suffered under a system of feudal serfdom at the hands of religious-political rulers.

    The serf-owner class, consisting of three major estate-holders – local administrative officials, aristocrats and upper-class monastery lamas – exerted extremely brutal political suppression and economic exploitation on the serfs and slaves.

    About 90 percent of old Tibet’s population was made up of serfs, called tralpa in Tibetan (namely, people who tilled plots of land assigned to them and had to provide corvee labor for their serf owners) and duiqoin (small households with chimneys emitting smoke). They had no means of production or personal freedom, and only lived on tilling plots for estate-holders for survival.

    In addition, nangzan, about 5 percent of the old Tibet’s population, were hereditary slaves regarded as “speaking tools.”

    Statistics released in the early years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in the 17th century indicate that Tibet then had more than 3 million mu of farmland, of which 30.9 percent was owned by the local feudal government, 29.6 percent by aristocrats, and 39.5 percent by monastery and upper-ranking lamas.

    The monopoly of means of production by the three major estate-holders remained unchanged until the adoption of democratic reforms in 1959.

    According to statistics, the family of the 14th Dalai Lama possessed 27 manors, 30 pastures and more than 6,000 serfs. About 33,000 ke (one ke equals 14 kilograms) of qingke (highland barley), 2,500 ke of butter, two million liang of Tibetan silver, 300 head of cattle, and 175 rolls of pulu (woolen fabric made in Tibet) were squeezed out of its serfs every year.

    It is known that each Dalai Lama had two money-lending agencies. Some money from “tribute” to the Dalai Lama was lent at an exorbitant rate of interest.

    According to incomplete records in the account books of the two agencies, they lent 3,038,581 liang of silver as principal in 1950, and collected 303,858 liang in interest the same year. Governments of various levels in the old Tibet also had many such agencies, and lending money and interest collection became a duty of local officials.

    A survey made in 1959 showed that the three major monasteries, namely Drepung, Sera and Ganden, in Lhasa, lent a total of 22,725,822 kilograms of grain and collected 399,364 kilograms in interest.

    Also, a total of 57,105,895 liang of silver was lent for 1,402,380-liang interest.

    Relevant statistics show revenue gained from usurious loans made up 25 to 30 percent of the total incomes of the three monasteries.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Dalia Lama Unleashes His Final Fury By Excommunicating Shugden Devotees!
    DHARAMSALA: The Tibetan parliament known as Assembly of People Deputies has accused the Shugdens, a section of the Tibetan society that worships Shugden deity in spite of Dalai Lama’s directive, of colluding with China for indulging in malicious campaign against him.
    The controversy sparked off after Shugden activist Nga Lama made a statement to the international media equating Dalai Lama with Osama Bin Laden and also levelled other disparaging allegations against the spiritual head of the Tibetan community.
    The Tibetan parliament spokesman said that Nga Lama and handful of Shugden followers were harming the Buddhist teachings and creating disharmony within the community.
    He alleged that the Chinese government had exploited the situation by rendering financial assistance to them, who backed by Chinese money, unleashed a campaign of murder and intimidation in the Tibetan community.
    He said that Dalai Lama spoke against the Shugden practice in 1996, as he is responsible for preserving Buddhist teachings. Moreover, the investigations by the spiritual leader had found that worshipping Shugden deity was corrupting Buddhist teachings.
    Referring to Nga Lama’s alleged press statement linking Dalai Lama with the September 11 US attacks last year, he said, “We do not know what event he was referring to. We of course know about a series of terror campaigns that the Shugden society had carried out in the Tibetan community.”
    He accused the Shugdens of trying to create misunderstanding between Tibet, India and Nepal.
    Looks like it’s working!

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    U.S. reiterates opposition to “Tibet independence”

    WASHINGTON, March 16 — U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary John Norris said here Monday that Tibet is part of China and the United States does not support “Tibet independence.” when meeting with a delegation of Tibetan deputies of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC).
    The five-member delegation, led by Shingtsa Tenzinchodrak, a Living Buddha of the Kagyu sect of the Tibetan Buddhism, met on Monday with U.S. officials and researchers in the U.S. capital.
    “I am very happy to have the chance to talk with them”.
    “I think they are interested in Tibet.”
    “But I do feel that they do not see the full picture of Tibet”.
    “I think any one who has been to Tibet will be able to tell whether there is religious freedom or not in Tibet,”.”Buddhist followers with prayer wheels in hand are a common sight on Lhasa’s streets.”
    “Freedom of Religious Belief” is Written in the “Chinese Constitution”.
    “Tibet now has more than 1,700 religious sites, about 46,000 monks and nuns,”.
    Tibetan lawmakers answered questions concerning contacts between the Chinese central government and the private envoys of the Dalai Lama.
    “As long as he (the Dalai Lama) gives up separatist activities.
    “This door has always been open”.
    “Having any dialogue is helpful,” Benjamin H. Wu, president of the U.S.-Asia Institute. “The U.S.-Asia is very happy to host the first delegation from Tibet of the National People’s Congress. We had an opportunity to discuss a number of issues of importance to the (U.S.) Congress”.
    “It was an opportunity for us to help strengthen the U.S.-China relationship by having open and honest airing of views so that each side understood where the concerns are”. Jeffrey Wrase, Senate Republican chief economist, said he frequently felt that many reports on Tibet were written by those who had never been to Tibet, which made him very suspicious. He said he was planning a trip to Tibet this August, so that he would have a chance to see Tibet for himself.
    China is 15 Trillion USD slated to restructure Global Debts.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Dalia Lama Denied South African Visa. Because he is not a Peaceful Man!

    A Tibetan living Buddha compared the emancipation of serfs in Tibet 50 years ago to the abolition of slavery in the United States in 1862.

    “They are both milestones in the history of human rights,”. serfs and slaves accounted for about 95 percent of the total population in Tibet before 1959. “They possessed no means of production or personal freedom, not to mention other basic human rights”.

    Serfs were seen as the private property of landowners, mostly the nobles, monasteries and government officials, according to historical records. Landowners could legally insult, punish, buy and sell, whip, and even brutally kill their serfs.
    1959, meant the end of serfdom and the abolition of the hierarchic social system foiled an armed rebellion staged by the Dalai Lama and his supporters, were slave owners attempting to maintain serfdom. We hope that history will not be forgotten”.
    It seems reasonable that the Nobel Trustees misjudged appropriating the Nobel Prize on the Dalia Lama in the first place as a worthy recepient. At the time of the Chinese Liberation of 95% of the population of Tibet that served as Slaves and Serfs during the entire Dalia Lineage until 1949. He held a registered 6,000 Serfs for his personal needs until 1949.
    He was employed by the CIA and the KGB during the height of the Cold War.
    Dalia has recently excommunicated devotees of only One of the 1,000 DIeties within the Tibetan Mahayanna Pathenon. The only one he is accused of Murdering to assume the mantle of Supreme Dictator of Tibet after murdering his rival, Dragpa Gyaltshen . Then declared Dragpa Gyaltshen had become Dorje Shugden, The Supreme Dharma Protector. Afterwards, he enlisted the Mongolian Cavlary to slaughter his other rivals, built the Potala and Voila! here he is.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The TGIE sends the TYC into China in the disguise of Monks in Saffron Robes with explosives in their underwear. What a tragedy that Dalia is so desperate in his final hours. Reminds me of Hitler and his obsession with the ‘Final Solution’, even in the last hours of World War ll, Hitler was possessed to destroy the last of the European Jews. Dalia does what he can to destroy the Lineage of Tomo Geshe Rinpoche, a Saint that Dalia wouldn’t even dare to touch the hem of his robe. Who does this Usurper thin he is? You cannot Excommunicate Tomo Geshe Rinpoche. How absurd and juvenile Dali is in his old age.
    Only more Tibetans will suffer due to his insanity.

    China police station attacked near Tibetan areas
    9 minutes ago

    BEIJING (AFP) — A police station in a part of northwestern China near Tibetan-populated areas was attacked early on Sunday, leaving two police officers hurt, state media reported.

    The brief dispatch by Xinhua news agency said the incident occurred in Xining, capital of Qinghai province, which neighbours Tibet and has a substantial Tibetan population.

    It gave no other details besides saying the incident was under investigation.

    However, the report comes amid a heavy security crackdown in Tibet and adjacent areas with Tibetan populations to prevent unrest during this month’s 50th anniversary of an uprising against Chinese rule.

    It also comes a day after China launched a new national holiday for Tibetans called “Serf’s Liberation Day” to mark what the government calls the emancipation of Tibetans from the “feudal” rule of the now-exiled Dalai Lama.

    Calls to police and government offices in Xining went unanswered on Sunday.

    The Xining incident was the second reported attack on a police station in Qinghai in a little over a week.

    On March 21, an angry mob attacked a police station in Rabgya, a mountain town about 300 kilometres (186 miles) from Xining that is known in Chinese as Lajia and home to a large monastery, Xinhua reported at the time.

    It said that 93 monks, most of them from the Rabgya monastery, were taken into custody by police following the incident.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The hearing was on March 26, 2009. Indian goverment submitted the replies in the seven pages; its reply was sort of neutral.

    The court was not in hurry to pass a decision. So the court fixed next hearing in September, although our lawyers asked the date in May. However, we hope the court would decide in September, so that Shugden devotees enjoy religious freedom and human rights.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Times Of India
    Dalai Lama a political gambler: Tibet government
    30 Mar 2009, 1629 hrs

    LHASA: The Tibet government on Monday said it would not allow the Dalai Lama back on its territory and termed him a “big political gambler” who is
    trying to split China.

    The Dalai Lama is “not just a simple religious leader” as he claims but a “big political gambler… trying to split the motherland,” vice chairman of the People’s Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region Nyima Tseren told a group of visiting foreign journalists here in the Tibetan capital.

    Ruling out allowing the 73-year-old Buddhist spiritual leader a visit to Tibet to see the progress being made in the region, Tseren said “the Tibetan government-in-exile does not accept that Tibet is an inseparable part of China”.

    “In 1989 when the 10th Panchen Lama died, Chinese government invited the Dalai Lama to take part in the memorial meeting held in Beijing. But he refused. Besides, the so called Tibetan government-in-exile does not accept that Tibet is an inseparable part of China,” he said.

    In the past, the Dalai Lama has expressed interest in visiting his Himalayan homeland that he fled 50 years back following an armed uprising against the Communist rule.

    “He (Dalai Lama) is fully aware of the progress in Tibet but he does not want to acknowledge that. It is totally disgraceful on his part whatever he has been doing and saying about China and Tibet in abroad,” Tseren said.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    “Dalia’s Digital Dilemma”

    First Dalia spices film footage with Richard Gere Productions film crews to depict Chinese[actually Tibetan] Cops beating up Tibetans Actors acting as victims during Protest and now he is chasing GhostNet and Ghost Worshippers. Perhapis he can do a exocism on the Ghostnet and catch Dorje Shugden in a SpyWare Trap.Oh yes! now he sends illiterate,disenfranchised,unemployed Grand Children of the illiterate, disenfranchised,unemployed Serfs and Slaves to disguise themselves as Saffron Colored Robed Monks carrying on as though they are Insurgent Taliaban Terrorist with explosives in their underwear to blow up the Chinese Installations in China-Tibet.Dalia Lama+TGIE+TYC=BOOM-BOMBS

    BBC News Release:
    China denies spying allegations
    China has denied involvement in the electronic spy network which researchers say infiltrated computers in government offices around the world.

    The spokesman of the Chinese embassy in London said that there was no evidence to show Beijing was involved.

    He suggested the findings were part of a “propaganda campaign” by the Tibetan government in exile.

    The research was commissioned by the Dalai Lama’s office alarmed by possible breaches of security.

    ‘Pieced together’

    In an official statement, Liu Weimin writes that the report by Canadian researchers at the Information Warfare Monitor is “just some video footage pieced together from different sources to attack China”.

    Mr Liu stresses that in China “it is against the law to hack into the computers of others”. Cyber attacks, he says, are “a global challenge” requiring global co-operation.

    “China is an active participant in such co-operation in the world.”

    The report said that the electronic network had infiltrated 1,295 computers in 103 countries, including computers belonging to foreign ministries and embassies.

    ‘No conclusive evidence’

    The Canadian researchers had been approached by the office of the Dalai Lama, who feared the computers of his Tibetan exile network had been infiltrated.

    The researchers said that while the network was based mainly in China, there was no conclusive evidence China’s government was behind the infiltration.

    They said ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan appeared to have been targeted.


    The researchers said hackers were apparently able to take control of computers belonging to several foreign ministries and embassies across the world using malicious software, or malware.

    “We uncovered real-time evidence of malware that had penetrated Tibetan computer systems, extracting sensitive documents from the private office of the Dalai Lama.”

    They said they believed the system, which they called GhostNet, was focused mainly on governments in Asia.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Indian newspaper applauds China’s democratic reform achievements in Tibet 12:07, March 29, 2009
    The democratic reform in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region abolished the theocratic system, did away with feudal serfdom and slavery, emancipated about a million serfs, and laid the basis for the modern development of the region as a part of the Chinese socialist system, an Indian newspaper said Saturday.

    The reform in 1959 brought forward China’s project of freeing a million serfs, said a leading editorial published by The Hindu, one of India’s major English newspapers, which echoed the celebration of Tibet’s first Serfs Emancipation Day, an official annual holiday, and denounced the Dalai Lama’s past persecution of the Tibetan people.

    “History shows that resistance to anti-feudal reform was deeply entrenched in his ancient regime — fusing the causes of separatism and the preservation of feudal serfdom and theocracy,” said the editorial written by the newspaper’s chief editor Narasimhan Ram.

    Massive historical documents and material, and the accounts of several western adventurers, scholars, and journalists who visited old Tibet, testify to the historicity of the existence, right up to 1959, of a system of medieval feudal serfdom that, in its rapacity, cruelty, theocratic absolutism, and long-lastingness, had no parallel in modern times, the editorial said.

    The Tibetans are a wonderful people and old Tibet had great civilizational achievements to its credit, but even by the middle of the 20th century, the (poor) socio-economic condition of more than 90 percent of its population of just over a million beggared belief, it said.

    Land as well as most means of production were in the hands of the three categories of estate-owners — government officials, nobles, and upper class lamas — who comprised only 5 percent of the population, while the mass of the population, serfs and slaves, lived in extreme poverty, lacked education, health care, personal freedom and any kind of entitlement, and were obliged to provide unpaid labour services or ulag, an expansive Tibetan term for extortionate taxes, corvee, and parasitical land rent, the editorial said.

    Monasteries, which owned huge estates worked by serfs and practiced usury, had a rigid class system. Monks and nuns constituted about 10 percent of the Tibetan population and most of them were no better off than serfs and menial laborers. Agriculture was largely of the slash-and-burn kind, modern industry was virtually non-existent, and transportation was chiefly on animal or human back. Life in general was brutish and short, with diseases rampant, the population stagnant, and life expectancy at birth hovering around 36, it said.

    At the top of this profoundly inequitable and oppressive systems at the institution and person of the Dalai Lama, Ram concluded in the editorial.

    These are incontestable historical facts that must form a basis for any reality check on Tibet, it added.

    One question that may arise is: why has it taken so long for China to institute a grand commemoration of such a major social transformation as the emancipation of a million serfs? The answer is fairly clear and it has to do with China’s continuing surprise and concern over the outside world’s failure to comprehend Tibetan realities, past and present, Ram continued.

    Citing a Chinese official document, Ram said the establishment of the annual celebration is conducive to “telling the right from wrong in history,” helping “the world better understand a real Tibet in progress” and revealing “the laws governing the social development of Tibet.”

    The Global Press is begining to report actual stories that are based upon actual occurrences. Not the fabricated fantasties of monks on the take as actual story based up the truth. Dalia is Deperately Lying to Preserve his Ruse that he is a Holy Lama of the Mahayanna Traditons. Lamas do not behave as he does. Duplicity is is name, dishonoring others is his game.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Can Dalai Lama’s lie deceive the world for long? 11:35, March 29, 2009
    The Dalai Lama’s “Tibetan government-in-exile” recently made public a video purportedly showing Chinese policemen “overusing violence” against a Tibetan demonstrator during the March 14 riot last year.

    Some Western media broadcasted the video as if they had found a treasure. Unfortunately, these media have been cheated again as the video is another lie the Dalai Lama Cult has fabricated to fool the world.

    Technology experts have found the video was intentionally edited to piece together difference places, times and people.

    The Dalai Lama Cult fabricated the video with the aim to continue deceiving the international community and covering up the truth of the March 14 riot. It was simply another repetition of the same old tricks by the Dalai Lama Cult which has been accustomed to telling lies.

    It is known to all that many innocent people and policemen were seriously wounded and people’s property suffered huge losses in the riot incited by the Dalai Lama Cult.

    In order to hide the truth, the Dalai Lama Cult now resorted to fabricating a fake video demonstrates that the Cult has exhausted all its tricks.

    As former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln put it, “You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time.”

    Can the Dalai Lama’s lie deceive the world for long? After all, the fake is fake, and the truth will become known to all. A fabricated video can never distort the facts. We sincerely hope that the Western media that have been fooled by the Dalai Lama clique would not make the same mistakes again.

    Well they did by chasing Ghostnet, a meaningless fabricated term that emcompasses many thousands of Hackers scattered all over the world that have no Nationalistic agenda. Their only agenda is to make lots of money.
    GhostNet was found near a California Buddhist Center funded by the Dalia Lama Cult.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Dalia’s Fuse is Burning Short
    Date:01/04/2009 URL:


    “Dalai Lama engaging in political activity”

    K.V. Prasad


    Activities are aimed at splitting the country, say TAR officials

    Lot of development in the last 50 years, say Tibetans


    LHASA: The political and religious leadership of the people of Tibet residing in the Tibet Autonomous Region in China have expressed a strong opinion that the activities of the 14th Dalai Lama are aimed at splitting the country rather than furthering autonomy.

    “We hope that during his lifetime he [the 14th Dalai Lama] will give up his dream of Tibetan independence and show real responsibility and not become an instrument of anti-China sentiments,” Nema Tsering, Vice-Chairman of the People’s Congress of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, told a group of visiting international correspondents here. His views found an echo with Living Buddha Tsemonling Tandiz Trinic, who said on Monday the Dalai Lama was not a “simple religious leader” but one who engaged in political activity.

    Sharing his thoughts on the issue, the religious leader, who is also vice-chairman of the China Association of Buddhists, charged that the Dalai Lama was “not doing the people of Tibet any good.”

    “I hope he will give up his position on independence of Tibet. It is for splitting the motherland and such activity does not do good for the people of Tibet,” he said through his interpreter during his interaction. The Living Buddha said as for the issue of religious freedom, he could say abolition of theocratic power and the setting up of Tibet Buddhists Association were important achievements. He said after the abolition of theocracy, the Tibetan Buddhists became more purposeful. Earlier, he maintained, the different sects were fighting against one another to secure political power.

    Members present during his briefing mentioned that at present there were some 5,000 believers who were either Christians or Muslims. They said Lhasa had two mosques. Both he and his colleagues maintained that the last 50 years had seen an improvement in the lot of Tibetan people, 95 per cent of whom were poor before the Serf Emancipation on March 28, 1959. This year, the People’s Congress of TAR passed a resolution to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event. Members of the community said separately that some 10,000 people assembled in front of Potala Palace, the abode of the Dalai Lama for centuries, and joined the celebration on Saturday.

    During the briefing by Mr. Nema Tsering, a member of his delegation told correspondents that the local administration had stopped tourists around the first week of March since it feared that the “Dalai clique” would indulge in activities to create social disorder. Otherwise, he said, Lhasa was an open city and people from across the world were welcome to visit.

    Mr. Tsering sought out the two Indian correspondents in the group to convey that border trade between India and Tibet was going on well. He expressed satisfaction at the growing bilateral relations between Beijing and New Delhi and high-level visits.

    © Copyright 2000 – 2008 The Hindu

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    On the rise of communalism in India, the Dalai Lama said he would prefer to stay neutral as far as Indian politics was concerned.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    China, France to Restore High-Level Contacts
    By VOA News
    01 April 2009

    The foreign ministries of China and France say the two countries have agreed to resume high-level contracts and renew a strategic dialogue after a lengthy spat over Tibet.

    A statement posted on the Web site of the French and Chinese foreign ministries gave few details, but did include a pledge from France to not support Tibetan independence in any form.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah


    “Dalai Lama engaging in political activity”

    K.V. Prasad


    Activities are aimed at splitting the country, say TAR officials

    Lot of development in the last 50 years, say Tibetans


    LHASA: The political and religious leadership of the people of Tibet residing in the Tibet Autonomous Region in China have expressed a strong opinion that the activities of the 14th Dalai Lama are aimed at splitting the country rather than furthering autonomy.

    “We hope that during his lifetime he [the 14th Dalai Lama] will give up his dream of Tibetan independence and show real responsibility and not become an instrument of anti-China sentiments,” Nema Tsering, Vice-Chairman of the People’s Congress of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, told a group of visiting international correspondents here. His views found an echo with Living Buddha Tsemonling Tandiz Trinic, who said on Monday the Dalai Lama was not a “simple religious leader” but one who engaged in political activity.

    Sharing his thoughts on the issue, the religious leader, who is also vice-chairman of the China Association of Buddhists, charged that the Dalai Lama was “not doing the people of Tibet any good.”

    “I hope he will give up his position on independence of Tibet. It is for splitting the motherland and such activity does not do good for the people of Tibet,” he said through his interpreter during his interaction. The Living Buddha said as for the issue of religious freedom, he could say abolition of theocratic power and the setting up of Tibet Buddhists Association were important achievements. He said after the abolition of theocracy, the Tibetan Buddhists became more purposeful. Earlier, he maintained, the different sects were fighting against one another to secure political power.

    Members present during his briefing mentioned that at present there were some 5,000 believers who were either Christians or Muslims. They said Lhasa had two mosques. Both he and his colleagues maintained that the last 50 years had seen an improvement in the lot of Tibetan people, 95 per cent of whom were poor before the Serf Emancipation on March 28, 1959. This year, the People’s Congress of TAR passed a resolution to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event. Members of the community said separately that some 10,000 people assembled in front of Potala Palace, the abode of the Dalai Lama for centuries, and joined the celebration on Saturday.

    During the briefing by Mr. Nema Tsering, a member of his delegation told correspondents that the local administration had stopped tourists around the first week of March since it feared that the “Dalai clique” would indulge in activities to create social disorder. Otherwise, he said, Lhasa was an open city and people from across the world were welcome to visit.

    Mr. Tsering sought out the two Indian correspondents in the group to convey that border trade between India and Tibet was going on well.
    He expressed satisfaction at the growing bilateral relations between Beijing and New Delhi and high-level visits.

    South Africa,France,India???

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Re: Let’s get it over with politics!
    « Reply #4 on: Today at 02:36:51 PM » Quote Modify Remove

    I was just minding my own business back in 1996. Until, one day, Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche called me up and enlisted me in a battle that had I known the drama that would unveil itself with the apperance of Kyabe Choktrul Rinpoche, Gonsar Tulku, Geseh Helmut Gassner, Zong Rinpoche, Geshe Rabten and last but not least, Tomo Geshe Rinpoche, all beseeching me to Protect their Lineage. Well! what can one do in this situation?Except have the good sense to run away. My days of witnessing Holy Lamas subjugating themselves or travel with great caution, due to the death threats issued by the TYC, are over. Actually they’ve been over for a long,long time.
    When this tyrant is exposed, and he is and will continue to be exposed for the duplicitiy of exactly what a God-King means in it’s ultimate realization that it is the antithesis of what we here live and breathe as a natural respect of our individulality and our mutual expectations that we live in the belief that we are all humans and we aspire to respect and love one another. That’s the reason we can walk down a street with reasonable certainty that we will reach our destination in safety.
    How can one respect a person of HH’s dispostion that upon careful scrutiny and observation willingly lies and misrepresents the entire situation to the world. HH, once held my true respect,but even old friends wear their thoughts and act upon their faces as time goes along. He became indefensable. He threatened Choktrul Rinpoche. I witnessed a young Tulku fearful responses to this elder with a horrific agenda.
    Check out the Washinton Post. They are not just running the Dalia’s story. They are sharing the Chines view and what the Chinese are saying about what they believe they are offering the World. Dalia only divides the Nations. The Cold War is over so should the rhetoric from all sides be dumped.
    Irrespective of political agendas, this unprecendented event unfolding in the world is by default the catalyst that the Protector is using to Proliferate the Dharma and bring Nations together. China considers Tibet a simple territorial issue. I only see that the Chinese have been putting on a very favorable good foot forward by sharing with the world the Principles of their own Constitution that mirrors the same Principles of any clear thinking Nations would embrace and hold up for it’s people’s rights.
    Dalia tries to excommunicate the Shugden Devoted two weeks before the New Delhi High Courts delayed a Judgement on the question at hand. Did he violate Shugden Practioners their Right to Religious Freedom without fear of molestation?

    China is expending immense efforts to clarify the accusations that Dalia touts as truth. As far as I am concerned, they listen to others, including us. We are here in the West, engaged in a mutual battle for the rights of individuals that are being abused by a theocratic medievalist.
    Star Wars may be a myth, but you and I are engaged with the Rebels in a life and death Epic Battle Over Darkness. Like it or not !
    Obama is visiting China soon and I am certain they will take the African American President to the Serf Liberation Museum. Where he can see for himself the photos , testimonies, relic or torture that testify to the Darkness of Theocracy isolated in the middle of Asia, surrounded by mountains and deserts. How else could this abomination have existed for so long.
    The Face of Buddhism in the West and East is redefining itself at this moment.
    I think adding your Wisdom and Beliefs are paramount to the the Greater Understanding of the People’s Of the World. If we do say in our defense against those who would destroy us, then who will?
    There should be no conflict between our Buddhic Minds and Our Activities in reagard to Defending the Dhamaphala. As I said, Tomo Geshe Rinpoche guided me to through the early years and now. He did not chastise me for my words or actions to build the Dagom Geden Monastery in six months due to the threats that were being issued towards us. He said, Thom, thank you for defending my lineage.
    Words that I carry with me everyday and cherish in every way.
    I have posted regularly anywherere and eveywhere that offers a opportunity to defend the lineage. I have see the People’s Daily go froma drab socialistic web page to a forward open newspaper with an entire section that portrays the Tibet of today. Not the old Cold War rhetoric that I heard for over 40 years from the Dalia.
    I know they read and learn from our web sites and it has made a difference in just this year alone. Serfs Liberation Day just popped out of the hat.
    Panchen Lama has made his debut and China is using less political party jargon .
    Anyway, it is clear that the Nations should just shoot for getting the Dalia back home in the Potala again. Where people from all over the World can come and see him in his natural habitat. That answers the thorn in the side issue about who runs China. It put Dalia in a more condusive situation to just be a monk and stop parading around the world as joke, from my side, he lies and lies and it hurts and embarasses me to witness his ravings. Better for all that he abdicate his throne and just go home. It’s the only way his reincarnation even has half a chance.

    I would love to sit in the hammock and pretend nothing has or is going on. But, I can’t!
    Strange that H.H. KYabje Dagom Rinpoche was poisioned. Ursula Bernis died shortly before Tomo Geshe took rebirth in September 10th,2001.Sumatiarya is critically ill in the hospital.
    One could become paranoid that these deaths or illnesses were just coincidence. Living next to the Tibetan Cultural Center for 21 years, I have come to think otherwise that at least some of these deaths were the result of Dalia’s Hungry Ghost Invokers of Sick Stuff is in fact,a fact, In my opinion.
    Maybe, I’ll be next. I’ve been on his Hit-List for years now and only suffered temporal losses and many sleeepless night warding off Black Magic Invocations.
    Sooner or later, Dalia will die and most of this will recede into the annal of nothingness.
    But unless we prepare ourselves for the Coming One, Matriyea! By changing ourselves and our world. How will we be able to even see his manifestation when it does arrive.
    That is my thinking in any event.
    Warriors are Warriors! What can one do about one’s natural state, but surrender?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    (Paris, 1 April 2009)
    After several consultation meetings, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the French Republic and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China reached the following agreed conclusions.
    The two parties reaffirmed their commitment to the paramount importance of Franco-Chinese relations and their determination to seize the opportunity of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China to strengthen their global strategic partnership based on a strategic long-term approach, mutual respect and consideration of both countries’ fundamental interests. France and China reiterate their commitment to the principle of non-interference as recognized in the United Nations Charter, and agree in a spirit of mutual trust to strengthen their dialogue on matters on which the two countries’ fundamental interests are at stake.
    France fully appreciates the importance and sensitivity of the Tibet issue and reaffirms her adherence to the One China Policy and her position that Tibet is an integral part of Chinese territory, in conformity with the decision taken by General de Gaulle which has not changed and will not change. With this in mind and with due regard for the principle of non-interference, France objects to all support for Tibet’s independence in any form whatsoever.
    The two parties take the view that in the present political and international economic situation marked by far-reaching changes, France and China, permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, shoulder heavy responsibilities when it comes to maintaining global peace and promoting development. The two parties stressed their readiness to strengthen their dialogue and cooperation in order together to address such global challenges as the international financial crisis.
    With this in mind, the two parties have decided to hold, at the opportune moment, high-level contacts and new sessions of the strategic dialogue between the two countries, to promote bilateral cooperation in the different spheres and ensure a harmonious stable development of the relationship between France and China.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Cults like the Dalia Lama Cult! You are either in his grasp or you are not!
    These Medievalists think they are dealing with peasants, when in actuality, We are People from the Future.
    The TGIE/Samdung & Dalia Lama do not have a leg to stand in in the New Delhi High Courts for violating their core values that are instilled within the Indian, American, English, China,Tibetan Constitutions. That All People may choose whatever beliefs they wish.Period!
    We are neither mean spirited nor angry with these people who live their lives in ignorance due to their circumstances, it is small wonder that children and grandchildren of Serfs and Slaves cling to their former Master.Afterall, he’s had over 350 years to brainwash you into complete and total submission to one man’s will certainly surpassses any other Dictator or Ruler to maintain control of his subjects silenting suffering in Servitude with no hope in this life of a better life.
    This neither China, India nor your Tibetan Colonies. This is the United States of America and here we will defend our Rights to Religious Freedom against any pretenders. We will fight anywhere and anytime to defend the Rights of All People, Who suffer at the hands of a Tyrant.
    Dalia betryal of the Precepts and the Principles of the Bill Of Rights have placed him in a postion that is impossible to extricate himself from ,which is, He and Samdung have Broken the Law.
    Those who break the law and cause others to suffer, will Suffer the Consequences of the law, and Be Punished.
    Say what you will.
    We will be in New York to demonstrate against this common Tyrant that scoops up money from the unwary as Madoff has done to those who trusted in him.
    Aside from the fact that he interfers in our attmepts to heal and encourage healthy realtionships with former advesaries as he lies about Tibet. It is the Chinese who will loan the US, Trillons of USD to restore our economy. The President will see for himself the atrosities the Tibetan Peasants endured under his reign for over 350 years. I am certain President Obama will be surprised and shocked to see the exhibit in Beijing this next month.
    I am certain the Chinese will make a point of sharing this Museum dedicated to the Peasants of Tibets and their Emmancipation Proclamation called, “SERF’S EMMANCIPATION DAY”.
    Maybe Dalia will recant before this over, just like he did last time his regret forced him to mold a figure of Dragpa Gyalstshen into Dorje Shugden. What is with this guy, first he doesn’, then he does?? What gives Dalia?

    Bob……………………where are you?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    This is not about Dorje Shugden nor the Dalia Lama,per se. It is about the Principles and Laws that protect others from persecution and molesting by Hate Mongering Groups.
    There are over 360+- Hate Groups on Watch in the United States.
    The Dalia Lama has been brokering and inciting hate within the Tibetan Colonies to mask his failed policies to regain a toe hold in China_Tibet.’
    The similarities between the Dalia Lama’s Administration and Adolph Hitler’s reign of terror over the world do not go unnoticed to some of us for the methodolgy that this Dalia Lama has chosen to embrace to defend his indefenseable position as an ordained monk.
    If he were an actual elected representative of an acutal nation, he would not be a monk and he would then be entitled to voice his Unothodox treatment of Dorje Shugden Practioners.
    Hence, the reason the Kundenling Rinpoche filed a lawsuit against the Dalia Lama and Samdong for violating others Religious Freedom. It falls under the ‘Bill Of Rights’ and the US Constitution and of course the Indian Constitution.
    Which is why the New Delhi High Courts did not summarily dismiss the writ as frivilious. It is not a question of Free Tibet or the Spiritual Stability of this Dalia Lama, nor is it about China’s Terriotorial Perogative to claim Tibetan Territory as it own.
    It is about one man that does not have the authority to step on other people opinion about how they choose to believe or worship.
    It is about what position any American or People who believe as I have oultlined to defend the position that we either all have the same rights and are protected by our laws or we are not protected and anyone person can decide for others what they can and cannot do or believe.
    No one here can claim to have loved the Dalia Lama more than I once did.
    No one here can convince me otherwise that this Dalia lama has overstepped his ground by attacking Dorje SHugden Practioners not only now, but for the last 350 years.
    No one can tell me that this once simple monk that flew coach and spoke sincerly about the environment has not become insane or ill with all the adoration that the Hollywood have led him down the Garden Path to Narcisscism.
    Quite simply, I think I was sold a Bill Of Goods, spoiled Goods at that and that is squarely on my shoulders for being so naive for so long. I did not know the true history about his man. Now that I do, I will defend my own belief in the rights of others and do what I can to make this revelation as apparent as possible to all concerned. I will not relent until this Dalia Lama recants and admits his mistake of harming others,me and my family.
    Aside from this. It is in the hands of the Courts to decide whether the charges have any merit. I think they must or they would have thrown it out already.
    Dalia Lama broke the law and the law will decide what is at stake.
    Ever hear of Charlie Wilson? In America, even a few silly people in unusual circumstances can make a difference, if they believe in what they are doing.
    So, I can only hope that we all do what we can and unpleasant as it might be to see beyond the picture frame to the actual object of concern and decide if one person can control others beliefs legally.
    I think the outcome is clear. It is the same reason we can sit here and say what we want within the bounds of civility, without worrying about people dragging you out into the streets and beating you for your words and beliefs. This is why I have forwarded this issue of Hate Mongering to the attention of “The Southern Poverty Law Center” a new kind of Tibet watch on hate mongering. It is against the law in the United States to commit hate crimes and President Obama takes these hate issues very seriously and committed to bring those who violate the law to Justice.
    It’s about Western Freedom in the very least. I cannot answer to the mess in regard to the the Tibetan Indian Colonies Ideas of democracy. Apparently it’s only a show as the Refugees choose to worship and push their God King as a Representative of Democratic Ideals is sad and is misguided to say the least.
    Sooner or later we Americans will come to realize the akwardness of admiring a God King is as out of date and the reason we threw out King George in our War of Independence.
    No Kings nor God Kings are allowed here.
    The Courts Will Decide Next September in New Delhi! Until then, we will assert our position and defend our Rights Anytime and Anywhere.
    Got a problem with that.Too Bad!


  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The Chinese government published its first working plan on human rights protection Monday, pledging to further protect and improve the country’s human rights conditions in an all-round way.

    The National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010) issued by the Information Office of the State Council, or Cabinet, highlighted various human rights that would be promoted and protected in less than two years, from people’s right to work, to the rights of detainees and the disabled.

    Death penalty will be “strictly controlled and prudently applied,” “impartial and fair trials” of litigants will be guaranteed, and the people will enjoy more rights to be informed and to be heard, the government promised.

    More job opportunities will be created, per capita income will be increased, social security network will be broadened, and health care and education will become more accessible and affordable in order to guarantee the people’s economic, social and cultural rights.

    The document also detailed how the government will do to “guarantee human rights in the reconstruction of areas hit by the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province” on May 12, 2008, in which about 87,000 people were confirmed dead or missing, more than 370,000 were injured, and at least 15 million people were displaced.

    “The realization of human rights in the broadest sense has been a long-cherished ideal of mankind and also a long-pursued goal of the Chinese government and people,” said the document.

    But the government admitted that “China has a long road ahead in its efforts to improve its human rights situation,” though unremitting efforts have been made to promote and safeguard human rights since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, which “fundamentally” changed the fate of the Chinese people.

    The government said the plan was framed in response to the United Nations’ proposal, on the basis of past experience, “in the light of practicality and China’s reality,” and by following the essentials of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    What does the Dalia do for Human Rights, as he persecutes the only people he can hope to kick around?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The serfs were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a tree in their yard and for keeping animals. They were taxed for religious festivals and for public dancing and drumming, for being sent to prison and upon being released. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being cast into slavery…”

    According to Gorkar Mebon, the mayor of Lhasa in the 1950s, when the death sentence was administered “it was in the form that made no person responsible for the death: by hurling the person from a precipice or sewing him in a yak skin and throwing him in a river. Lighter sentences were of amputation of a hand, both hands, a leg or both legs, the stumps being sterilized with boiling butter.” (“Tibet”, Winnington)

    The whip was also a common form of punishment, Mebon says. “If a person had 300 strokes of it properly applied he would almost certainly die afterwards.” In this way it could be said that the government, in accordance with religious law, had directly killed no one.”

    After the overthrow of Tibetan feudalism in 1959 the serfs opened an exhibition of the torture instruments used against them. The exhibition was presented as a show on the “abuse of religion” and the execution of “evil deeds under cloak of religion.”

    Anna Louise Strong who visited the exhibition describes the torture equipment by the Tibetan overlords.

    “There were handcuffs of all sizes, including small ones for children, and instruments for cutting off noses and ears, gouging out eyes, breaking off hands, and hamstringing legs. There were hot brands, ships, and special implements for disemboweling. The exhibition represented photographs and testimonies of victims who had been blinded or crippled or suffered amputations for thievery. There was the shepherd whose master owed him a reimbursement in yuan and wheat but refused to pay. So he took one of the master’s cows; for this he had his hands severed. Another herdsman, who opposed having his wife taken from him by his lord, had his hands broken off. There were pictures of Communist activists with noses and upper lips cut off, and a woman who was raped and then had her nose sliced away.”

    There is an extensive body of writings and recordings by earlier visitors to Tibet of what they witnessed of Tibet’s “Theocratic despotism.”

    In 1895, an Englishman, Dr. A.L.Waddell, wrote that the populace was under the “intolerable tyranny of monks” and the devil superstitions they had fashioned to terrorize the people.

    In 1904 Perceval Landon described the Dalai Lama’s rule as “an engine of oppression.”

    At about that time, another English traveler, Captain W.F.T. O’Connor, observed that “the great landowners and the priests… exercise each in their own dominion a despotic power from which there is no appeal,” while the people are “oppressed by the most monstrous growth of monasticism and priest-craft.” Tibetan rulers “invented degrading legends and stimulated a spirit of superstition” among the common people. In 1937, another visitor, Spencer Chapman, wrote, “The Lamaist monk does not spend his time in ministering to the people or educating them….The beggar beside the road is nothing to the monk. Knowledge is the jealously guarded prerogative of the monasteries and is used to increase their influence and wealth.”

    It is said that some monasteries owned up to 6000 serfs and slaves. Records unearthed show that the current Dalai Lama himself owned 2000.

    Now this could be easily dismissed as Chinese propaganda. But the thing is the Dalai Lama has never come out and denied these claims.

    He instead promotes a mythical Tibet of class mobility and a false “friendly serfdom”. It is interesting to note that those who escaped with the Dalai Lama to India when the Chinese took over in 1959, comprised of monks and upper class Tibetans. These are the same people who have been promoting a “return of Tibet” from China in the last 60 yeas.

    It is also interesting to note that the instigators of the recent unrest in Tibet were the monks, the very beneficiaries of old Tibet. Don’t be fooled for a minute by the stereotypical image of the peaceful pacifist Tibetan monk.

    The Dalai Lama has accused the Chinese Central Government of sinocizing Tibet, of oppressing Tibetan culture and “breeding out” the Tibetan ethnicity.

    Such claims would’ve been thought absurd if applied to any Western society. But this is the Dalai Lama and his “government”-in-exile against communist China, the country the west, the western media and their governments for years fear and loath and love to hate.

    Such absurdity is quickly gobbled up as fact.

    If anything, China could never be accused of cultural separatism or cultural oppression for that matter, because China revels in its cultural diversity. It’s a fabulous country of many contrasts, of both people and landscape. Its ethnic diversity makes China what it is today.

    Despite Han Chinese being the populous ethnicity, in China you see ethnic Chinese from up north who look like Russians and others from the deep south, who look like they just stepped out of the Arabian nights.

    There are Tibetan Buddhists as there are Han Buddhists, Muslims, Shintos and Hindu Chinese. Freedom of religion had been a cornerstone of Chinese policy in Tibet since 1959. And through the years, the central government has poured millions in protecting Tibetan Language, promoting Tibetan culture and restoring Tibetan temples. These have also been huge investments in the construction of school, roads, public utilities and city infrastructures.

    Though many Tibetans still respect the Dalai Lama because of his spiritual standing in Tibetan Buddhist worship, the outright majority of Tibetans who had been serfs and slaves during the rule of lamas and now enjoying many freedoms under the Chinese Central Government, do not favor a return to Old Tibet.

    And the world needs to listen to their story.
    We need to sharpen the true perspective of the Dalia Lama Lineage warping the Message of Je T’songkapa.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The Dalai Lama Doesn’t Have Children To Feed
    By Amy Alkon | Apr 26, 2009
    The Dalai Lama Doesn’t Have Children To Feed
    The Dalai Lama is yet another jerk finding a silver lining in the financial crisis. Louis Sahagun reported for the LA Times on a speech the Dalai Lama gave in Santa Barbara:

    The Dalai Lama, in a ringing denunciation, declared Friday that the ailing global economy is the result of “too much greed, and lies and hypocrisy.”
    “These are some of the factors behind the global crisis,” he said at a news conference at UC Santa Barbara. “Those people who feel that money is the most important thing in life, when economic crisis hits, learn that it is only one way to be happy. There is also family, friends and peace of mind.”

    “Therefore, this crisis is good,” he added with a laugh, “because it reminds people who only want to see money grow and grow that there are limitations.”

    It’s capitalism that allows people to have the best hope of feeding their children. Right now, people aren’t buying, products aren’t selling, stores and manufacturers are going out of business, and the advertising dollars aren’t flowing to newspapers — causing them to go out of business. A strong free press is vital to a democracy, but hey, maybe we’d be better off learning our limitations, like the Dalai Lama has, of a government like China’s.

    More from the piece, one of the people gushing over the guy:

    Then there was Melanie Strickland, 48, a substitute teacher from the Joshua Tree area. Moments after the Dalai Lama left the stage, she was reciting large portions of the teachings — nearly verbatim — over her cellphone to a friend.
    “The key is to rise above thoughts of pain and anger,” she told her friend, “and focus on the here and now between those thoughts. See?”

    Yes, rise above how your child is hungry for dinner, but you can’t quite afford it because you and your husband are both out of work. Do your best, ‘kay?
    Dalia Lama’s perspective of suffering is as crass as a Santa Barabara Socialite.


    The latest news I have recieved is not very long but quite impactual on
    many levels from very reliable sources.

    The Abbots of Sera Je, Sera Mey, Gaden Jangtse, Gaden Shartse, Drepung
    Gomang and Drepung Loseling
    were summoned to Dharamsala by Prime Minister of Exile Tibetan Govt
    Professor Samdong Rinpoche very recently.

    Samdong Rinpoche scolded the Abbots for PUSHING THE SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN OF
    He said that their insistence on the signature campaigns has made personal
    difficulties for H.H. the Dalai Lama.

    (I would presume the court case and also the bad media regarding it
    religious rights)

    The ironic fact is that HH himself pushed for it through the Abbots. We can
    see the videos of HH praising the monasteries who has expelled the monks
    who wish to continue the practice and encourages more of it.

    So perhaps this is a sign that the ban by HH is starting to have a negative
    effect on his reputation?

    extracted from forum

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