Two Shugden Monks from Shar Gaden Monastery Attacked

Western Shugden Society – Two young monks have been admitted to hospital, to be treated for injuries sustained during an unprovoked attack.

The attack took place around 11.30pm on Saturday 30th May 2009, outside Serkong Khangtsen, in the Tibetan colony near Mundgod, Karnataka State, India.

The victims, Lobsang Damchoe and Lobsang Choekyi Gyaltsen, are both tulkus (reincarnate lamas) who recently enrolled at Shar Gaden Monastery. They are known in the community as followers of the protector Dorje Shugden.

The six attackers, supporters of HH Dalai Lama’s policy against the practice of Dorje Shugden, have admitted to planning and carrying out the attack. Thus far, their monastery, Gaden Jangtse, has made no comment and has given no punishment.

The attackers are also supported by the local Tibetan Representative’s office and its chairman, which themselves have wide support in the local community.

The Indian police have been informed of the attack and are currently investigating, but as yet have made no arrests.

7 responses to “Two Shugden Monks from Shar Gaden Monastery Attacked

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    This is deja vu! Remember 1996 and the Dalia was greeting fresh refugees from his old Plantation with a lie and a smile as he railed against Dorje Shugden insurgents undermining the movement of Free Tibet.
    Chilren of Dorje Shugden Practioners were being doused with kerosene and lite up.Children were being taken away never to be seen again in the Dalia’s Yellow Card Concentration Camp. Once you’re in, it was hard to get out without the approval of Samdung.
    I can only pray that the Police will prosecute these misguided youths and make a statement that neither these six thugs are subject to the law, but their Master is also subject to the law.
    Correct interogation of these boys need to be recorded to find the source of their instructions that monks attack monks being ordered by a monk. Well he was a monk, before he broke his vows.
    This will be helpful for the Shimla lawsuit this September.
    Powerful Forces are at work here and the Protector will defrock this Charlatan and cut his delusions into infinitessmal particles of nano matter.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    The door of the central government for the Dalai Lama to return to the patriotic stance has always been open and will remain open in the future.”

    “However, the door for ‘Tibet independence’, ‘half independence’ or ‘covert independence’ has never been open, nor will it be open in the future,” .
    Perhaps this is why the Daiia said on Fareed Zakarias GPS/CNN, that “he, the Dalia Lama, is a Socialist Marxist One Party Democratic Sympathizer”.
    If you go home to Tibet, just think of the concessions and royalties that could be earned from all the Tourist you sent there and the bonus of actually having you behave as a Monk should and sit on your throne and do what a monk is suppose to do, besides act as a Nation Divider at the most crucial time we have faced as humans since the last Ice Age.
    Be a Harmonizer and leave the Shugden People Alone!!
    You will have no Peace, until you leave the Shugden People Alone.
    You are just digging yourself in deeper by fighting the enevitable outcome of this situation.
    Go back to Tibet and take your People with you. Think about the Refugees for a change, Moses!
    Stop Blaming the Shugden People for your failures. It is degrading to witness your self inflicted riducule that only you are responsible for and you must pay the Piper like everyone else does eventually. Remember Buddhism 101? What goes around, comes around.Karma!
    Leave the children alone. These are just boys that you ordered to beaten!!
    Have you no shame?
    Your brother wasn’t happy with your dabbling in politics. Old Bob Thurman, what a schemer. like Dick Cheney to Bush is about all I can see from you two these days. The Dark Side of Darth Vader. What a pity Yertle The Turtle” maybe you should read this Dr.Seuss story as it totally applies to your narcissitic illness. Remember what monks are suppose to do?
    Maye you can give the proceeds to your former Serfs in recognition of all the hard work they did on your farm for centuries?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Lama Taunts Chinese From The Bastille!

    Paris honours Dalai Lama despite China fury by Ingrid Bazinet
    PrintExiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama renewed his attack on China’s “totalitarian regime” on Sunday as he prepares to be made an honorary citizen of the French capital Paris.

    Although he has insisted that his latest tour of Europe is non-political, the Buddhist leader has made a point of meeting with non-Tibetan Chinese dissidents and accused Beijing of plotting repression in his homeland.

    The visit has proved a diplomatic challenge to France, which is still trying to patch up ties to China, strained in recent months by a December meeting between President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Tibetan leader.

    Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of being a leader of Tibetan separatists, and regards any official meeting with him as meddling in its internal affairs. It has warned European capitals of diplomatic retaliation.

    In Paris, he will be honoured by the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, at a ceremony which Sarkozy’s government describes as a purely municipal and not state matter. Nevertheless, Beijing was expected to react with anger.

    The Dalai Lama has himself made no effort to avoid upsetting China, holding several meetings with Chinese dissidents, French lawmakers and reporters to denounce was he said was a “death sentence” imposed on Tibet.

    In particular, he alleged that rioting that erupted in Tibet in March last year had been fomented by agents of the Chinese state in order to justify a subsequent crackdown and smear local activists as rioters.

    “Despite a heavy security presence throughout Lhasa from March 10 onwards, it remains unclear why the Chinese forces of order remained inactive for so long in the centre of the city,” the Dalai Lama said.

    “On March 14, Tibetans unknown to anyone in Lhasa started to burn shops and throw stones at the Chinese without police interference, while film crews already in place filmed the scene and broadcast it throughout the world.

    “Only then did the security forces crack down on the disturbances. It is hard not to suspect a deliberate staging of riots,” he said, speaking in Tibetan through his French translator Matthieu Richard.

    The Nobel Peace Prize winner also accused Beijing of misrepresenting his position on Tibet’s independence, saying the Chinese had privately accepted that he seeks only autonomy while publicly denouncing him as a separatist.

    Nevertheless, the Dalai Lama has been careful to insist that while he has “no faith in China’s totalitarian government” he trusts “the Chinese people”, whom he hopes will one day demand more democracy from their leaders.

    Marie Holzman, head of a Franco-Tibetan solidarity group, said: “He wants to counter Beijing’s propaganda, which tends to pit the Chinese against the Tibetans, and bring back good relations between the ethnic groups.”

    Later Sunday the Dalai Lama was to address an audience of supporters at a large sportshall in Paris before heading on to City Hall to receive his honorary citizenship award.

    France and China have only just patched up relations following anger over Sarkozy’s meeting with the Dalai Lama in Poland in December, a decision which led Beijing to cancel an EU-China summit.

    Last month China warned France not to make more “errors” on Tibet.

    “If the Paris city government does make this award, it will definitely meet once again with the Chinese people’s firm opposition,” a foreign ministry spokesman said.

    The Dalai Lama, who has lived in exile in Dharamsala in India since 1959 when China took full control of Tibet, began his latest European tour in Denmark last Friday and has also visited Iceland and the Netherlands.

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Reincarnate Masters are dropping the Dalia Lama like a bad habit.

    When a ‘Chosen’ Tibetan Lama Says No Thanks!
    By DAVID VAN BIEMA David Van Biema – Sun Jun 7, 6:50 am ET
    “For the last time, I’m not your messiah,” groans the title character in the 1979 comedy The Life of Brian. (They crucify him, anyway.) There’s an echo of Brian’s panicked renunciation in a shakeup currently underway in Tibetan Buddhism – in this case, nobody’s laughing, although the ending will, no doubt, be happier.

    Late last month, two Spanish media outlets confirmed that 24-year-old Tenzin Osel Rinpoche, one of the most renowned Buddhist “golden children” – toddlers determined through dreams, oracular riddles and their own “memories” to be tulkus, or reincarnations of high Tibetan Buddhist lamas – has abandoned his foretold identity. Instead of a Lama, he wants to be a filmmaker, and has reverted to his original Spanish name, Osel Hita Torres. (See pictures of the Dalai Lama at home)

    The abdication of the anointed tulku is a significant embarrassment to the group he was supposed to head, the powerhouse Foundation for the Preservation of the Monastic Tradition (FPMT), the foremost Tibetan teaching organization in the West. It also challenges Westerners who have adopted Buddhism to find more sophisticated ways of understanding its magical side.

    In 1989, with the approval of his Spanish convert parents, four-year-old Hita was tapped by FPMT monks as the reincarnation of the group’s co-founder Thubten Yeshe. Their methods will be familiar to anyone who has seen Bernardo Bertolucci’s Little Buddha or the current documentary Unmistaken Child: The monks reportedly heeded some dreams; the Dalai Lama consulted an oracle; and the capper was that young Hita “recalled” the color of the dead lama’s car.

    Last month, however, the magazine Babylon confirmed that the shaggy-haired Hita had long-ago dropped out of his Tibetan University, and that he no longer even considers himself a Buddhist. He was quoted more pointedly in the newspaper El Mundo as saying, “I was taken away from my family and put in a medieval situation in which I suffered a lot. It was like living a lie.”

    Britain’s Guardian then added the delicious factoid that at one point the only people Hita saw were Buddhist monks and Richard Gere. Last Monday, a statement attributed to Hita appeared on the FPMT website calling the press reports “sensationalized,” and insisting “there is no separation between myself and FPMT.” Still, his confirmation of his career change in the same posting in fact suggests a major rift.

    Josh Baran, a New York Buddhist who has facilitated the Western trips of several high lamas, suggests that Hita’s defection shouldn’t cause adherents to lower their prayer flags. The West, he says, “has a romantic ideal that these lamas have some kind of super-vision and can look at a child and say, he’s the one.” While signs and portents may play a role in monastic successions, he explains, so do more worldly considerations. Tulkus often inherit considerable wealth and influence, and powerful monks will jockey to place their own candidates. The political needs of their lineage also figure. And sometimes the consensus-based system doesn’t yield a clear winner: Tibetan history crackles with bloody battles between rival claimants or their camps.

    None of this is unfamiliar to Western religious traditions. Roman Catholic Popes are supposedly chosen by the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit upon a conclave of cardinals – yet many have proven less than holy, and wars have been fought over successions. A bit like Catholics through the ages, says Baran, Tibetan Buddhists “assess a tulku’s wisdom not by his title, but by his piety and learning.” The monks try to pick the bright and promising children, he says; but Tibetans also assume the weeding-out function of the extensive tulku education: “no matter who they pick, the best and the brightest will surface in the course of the process.”

    By that logic, Hita simply weeded himself out. “Robert Thurman, a Buddhist scholar, former monk and friend of the Dalai Lama, recounts that when told years ago that Hita was to receive a traditional Buddhist education in India he expressed concern. Thurman’s argument: “If he wanted Tibetan traditional [education] he could have reincarnated in a Tibetan family in exile.” The result of the misplacement, he says, is that Hita “has broken away in a full-blown identity crisis.” Thurman thinks that after some time in our “busy postmodern world,” Hita may see the value of the Tibetan tradition, “which he will then be able to approach or not, of his own free choice.” And, he adds, “More power to him!”
    Talk about skipping his part in torturing this youn man. Especially when the only outside contact he had was with a movie star. Hmmmmmmmm! Wonder if Dick brought his Gerbel?

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Pedestal Dalai Lama weakened

    Arrival of the Dalai Lama, yesterday afternoon, at Schiphol © Photo ANP.
    responses (33)printArticle by driverRelated items
    How should we Holiness?
    ’Hoor does not fit to be heard and Tibetan culture ’
    Goedlachse peace fighter has, according to critics of the other side also
    The image of the Dalai Lama is romantic and clichématig, a Buddhist says Rob increment Thorn. It is the image of a ’goedlachse, a thought – provoking way plunged, monk, wherever he is the people and people with a pleasant feeling home go ’.

    But, he tells, ’Wat people do not recognise is that he is complex and multiple roles to play ’. ‘ If he is Tibetan modern and traditional, he is a political and religious leader, he is free and religious orthodoxy and as a person to be flexible and consistent. ”

    The Dalai Lama (73) is on his second recognized as the reincarnation of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, his predecessor, and then he is trained to monk. In 1950, he will be the leader of the occupied by China, Tibet in 1959, he fled. Since then, he lives in Dharamsala, India. From there he is fighting for a free Tibet. In the first instance for the independence of Tibet, these days for far-reaching autonomy in Tibet continues to be a part of China. The lagging behind in Tibet, which is also the need for modernisation of China. In 1989, he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, the Gold Medal of the Congress in the USA.

    The popular status that the Dalai Lama has already been achieved thanks to his charm and good media campaign in which he is on a line has been able to stand with large Christian leaders such as the Pope, says Bob Baker, intercultural theologians and teacher Buddhism at the University of Florida. Despite the fact that the Dalai Lama simply leader of the yellow overcoat, a reform movement within the Tibetan Buddhism.

    The high pedestal in which he says, fissures becoming. Some critical articles appear and books about him, among other things, of the kabarettists Bob young and the German scientists, Victor and Victoria trimondi. A large accused the Dalai Lama is not as non – violent would be when he says. According to Baker partly justified criticism, because of links with the CIA and a brother who led a guerrilla movement. According to him, are the reasons why the priest was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize but only in 1989.

    Baker makes in any case, a misunderstanding to think that Buddhism is non – violent. ‘ Violence is allowed to Buddhism in the Buddhist Kings and the Community (Sangha (disambiguation) to protect ”).

    Hot potato is the attitude of the Dalai Lama in the face of the Buddhist vereerders godje Dorje Shugden. He would exclude them, threatening and terrorizing because it is a God that he wanted to see if an evil power. According to increment Doorn, who as a research assistant on dozens of talks between the Dalai Lama and scientists, supporters and opponents on this subject without knowledge of the facts of this long and complex history.

    He calls the criticism in General, the Dalai Lama, among other things – of the young ’Te – dream ’ and based on ’clichés. ’ It calls on critics to scientific research to do so. ‘ He has the right to criticism, as long as ’ ’ founded.

    Another accused the Dalai Lama from would be in force, would like to by Hollywood stars. Use this Thorn, Baker and Tibet and China specialist Sander tideman that does not recognize. Tideman: ‘ that he would have the imagination is totally not true. He lives as a monk, no money of others and gives everyone equal attention. ”

    All that equal attention to every human being has knowledgeable people, however, according to the disadvantage that friendships with fascists him in the shoes. The movie ’seven years in Tibet ’ based on the life of an Austrian bergbeklimmer whose climbing trip would be financed by the Nazi’s. The Dalai Lama would not immediately have a Japanese sekteleider that poison gas in a Paris spoot. According to increment thorn he met so many people – meetings which are regulated by others – that he often not even know who he has. Tideman: ‘ what this says the Dalai Lama is sometimes to reproach, is that he is talking with everyone, and then click the photo. There are sometimes silly personages. ” Vrouwonvriendelijkheid is also not to blame him, a Baker. ‘ He is open to women. ”

    It is undeniable that the Dalai Lama is negative on homosexuality. ‘ That was a schuiver ”, says Baker. According to increment Thorn, the Dalai Lama is a yawning gap between East and West. ‘ Its tradition, for example, conservative views on homosexuality. I think that he as a person is more progressive, but conservative positions to protect the cannot lose the Tibetans ’. ’

    Finally, there is the argument that the Dalai Lama has achieved nothing for the occupied Tibet. Tideman: ‘ perhaps China as a world power underestimated. ” Baker refines: ‘ the Dalai Lama, Tibet has, however, on the map and Buddhism do grow up in the West. ”

    A lot of influence, believes that the criticism is not a Baker. The Dalai Lama continues on its pedestal, and the criticism for ’Klein a small group of insiders. ’

    One day, he will fall like Humpty Dumpty!

  • Thomas Canada / Cedar City,Utah

    Perhaps, Samdung tried to quit his job,because he flet badly for having his thugs beat up these two young tulkus?
    Or maybe, as all rats leaving a sinking ship in a frenzy of slef survival, he knows that Justice will soon be at his doorstep in Shimla. Or he might have a conscinece after all!

  • Johnson

    Is this religious freedom or religious persecution?
    No Dorjee Shugden devotees or oppositions are in His Holiness’ “government in exile”—Is his democracy?
    This is a fake religious freedom and democracy, we should let the world especially the western world know about it.
    We should let the world know the true face of His Holiness and who also broke all his vows as a monk.

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