Dalai Lama Found Guilty of Religious Persecution

The below message is from a reliable source regarding the Dalai Lama’s court case:

As per information received from the High Court of India, New Delhi, I am told that there was a recent hearing on the Dorje Shugden case on the 14th of September. This was the 3rd hearing in response to a riposte that had earlier been provided by the Advocate of the Dalai Lama–that too, after a lapse of 9 and a half months, precisely speaking!

The 3rd Judge in question, unlike the 2nd, had expressed reservations and unwillingness to dictate a ruling-as a decision–but, on the contrary, was also open to the redressal of the affair.

This Judge dismissed the Dalai Lama’s arguments as unconvincing, further asserting that there was sufficient documentation of evidence available to prove that the Dalai Lama was in fact and indeed persecuting followers of the deity Dorje Shugden and that this would have to cease henceforth.

A notice in this regards would be sent to the Dalai Lama as a warning to desist. Notwithstanding which, the Judge declared, that punitive measures would be initiated, would the Dalai Lama not restrain from his actions of religious persecution.

Apparently, Dharamsala is mysteriously silent, and this is not new! They are probably contemplating on the next course of action–whatever it may be. The Tibetans are a beguiled lot. It is possible that they may contemplate peaceful and violent means–or, on the contrary behave as if nothing has happened!

2 responses to “Dalai Lama Found Guilty of Religious Persecution

  • Thomas Canada

    Dear Thomas,
    On my return to India,by the end of october, I will be meeting the Advocates,who will then hand over the courts order issued to the DL. When those papers reach my hands, you will certainly get copies of this for publicising to whomsoever you desire.
    Anybody wishing to contact me is most welcome to do so.
    I also rejoice at the headway and any other progress that you too are making!
    Regards and best wishes,

  • tashi

    Could i get additional information on this case.

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