Stop the lama love-in

Below is a quote from a new article called Stop the lama love-in – He’s adorable, yes, but just what is the Dalai Lama accomplishing?

… public perception of the Dalai Lama needs to change. As it stands, when people turn their attention to him, they do so in the spirit of answering John Lennon’s call to “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.” The outcome of this lazy attitude is to reinforce the Dalai Lama’s leadership and his counterproductive efforts to free his people. The basic problem was summed up by the Dalai Lama himself when he stated, “I find no contradiction at all between politics and religion.” So long as the Dalai Lama is regarded as a figure of both spiritual and political liberation, his efforts to make the first goal happen will ensure the second never does.

Here’s a comment from someone named David about the article:

I think the major reasons Dalai Lama hasn’t got what he wanted are:

1. Dalai Lama used to be a slave-master/owner. He doesn’t have any moral authority in ordinary Tibetans left behind in China when he exiled. His followers went into exile with him are all prior nobles and slave-masters, together with some slaves they owned to serve them in India.
2. Dalai Lama fought for CIA and caused a lot of ‘trouble’ to the Tibet during the 60s and 70s. He is no ‘peace-lover’ by heart. He is forced to give up after US and China re-established diplomatic relationship.
3. China has done a lot of constructive work in Tibet in the past 30 years. Dalai Lama did nothing. Not many Tibetans in Tibet wants him back.
4. Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were with their people on the ground, suffering for their people. Where is Dalai Lama? He is living a luxury life wearing Cuchi Brand Italy Leather Shoes.

These are some of the fundamental reasons why Dalai Lama and his supporters are not going anywhere.

5 responses to “Stop the lama love-in

  • Thomas Canada

    The Dalai Lama on Friday hinted that the judiciary was not free from corruption, making the remark in the presence of Supreme Court and Delhi High Court judges.

    “Maybe in the judiciary, some pocket money is working,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said in response to a question at the 15th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture.

    When it was pointed out that senior judges were in the audience, the Dalai Lama said, “I apologise… I was too blunt.”

    Asked about the Dalai Lama’s comments, Delhi High Court Chief Justice A.P. Shah said, “No, no… I don’t think he meant it.”

  • Johnson

    This monster monk is so confused himself, how can he has a clear mind to do anything! He was saying things without thought.
    Hope his followers or supporters can see that.

  • Thomas Canada

    Attention Kasag!

    China is supporting the practice and spread of Dorje Shugden’s lineage
    within China and Tibet itself. No one can stop that. Not the Dalai Lama, not his exile government, not the various scattered Dharma centers of the four schools of Buddhism throughout the world.Eventually their protests of Dorje Shugden will be tantamount to protesting against one of the policies of the Chinese Government. They will not take lightly to that.

    Ironically the more the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in exile
    suppresses Dorje Shugden, it increases the Chinese government’s promotion of the practice. The Dalai Lama and Tibetan government cannot override, overwhelm, outspeak, have more influence in the world or have more influence over than the Chinese government ever. If he can, Tibet would have been free already. He is already in his mid seventies and China is growing stronger and will reduce it Co2 footprint 45% by 2020.
    What does the lama really do to help the environment, really?
    Whatever Nechung oracle has said through the Dalai Lama regarding
    independence has had zero effect. Zero results. NO INDEPENDENCE . NECHUNG HAS BEEN WRONG.

  • Thomas Canada

    Climate Change¢ò: End of the World
    It is not the doomsday following the fanciful storyline in the movie The 2012, but the might-be true picture of Human’s gloomy tomorrow—

    Which of the following statements are the to-be facts, which remain possible, and which are unlikely to happen ?

    1. At sea-level of merely 3-5 meters, China’s megacity of Shanghai will be submerged before the year 2050, as a result of overpopulation, over-industrialization, and over-consumption of energy.
    1) To-be fact 2) Possible 3) Impossible

    2. With the speedy melt-down of Himalaya glaciers, the Ganges River will run dry within 20 years.
    1) To-be fact 2) Possible 3) Impossible

    3. Due to the disagreement between developed nations and emerging powers on “common but differentiated responsibilities” to be assumed to cut emissions, no final accord would be clinched within the coming 10 years despite the constant verbal spat.
    1) To-be fact 2) Possible 3) Impossible

    4. It is estimated the ongoing Copenhagen Climate Meeting will probably result in at least 41,000 tons of carbon emission.
    1) To-be fact 2) Possible 3) Impossible

    5. Tuwalu, a tiny island country in the South Pacific, would be the first country to have its fate sealed in water and to be buried forever undersea. And this tragedy would occur less than 50 years.
    1) To-be fact 2) Possible 3) Impossible

    The Dalia thinks only about his treasure house of gold,his god apparently.

  • Thomas Canada

    Why are is the Dalia Lama so fearful of only One of a 1,000 Dieties within the pathenon of Mahyanna Buddhism ? Does anyone know the answer?

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