The Assassination of Gungthang Tsultrim

Below are two paragraphs of an article on the Karmapa controversy website that have been published in the book A Great Deception – The Ruling Lama’s Policies in the section entitled The Assassination of Gungthang Tsultrim.

‘In 1964, the government-in-exile of the Dalai Lama wanted to introduce social, economic and religious reforms to the recently evicted Tibetans. Gyalo Thondrub, the Dalai Lama’s audacious brother, decided that the best answer to Mao’s invasion and destruction of their country was to adapt Tibet and Tibetan policy in exile to the new Communist realities. He boldly proposed to abolish the old Buddhist schools, to do away with the rich, religious show, and thus bring the high lamas to the ground. “No more thrones, rituals, or gold brocades,” he was rumoured to have uttered. The spiritual hierarchies of the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and the corollary sub-orders fell victim to slander and reproach. His words struck fear into the lamas’ hearts. As more details of the elaborate plan began to emerge, it became clear that a coup against three of the schools was being hatched. The new religious body that would replace the traditional lineages was to be controlled by the Gelugpa hierarchy. The worried lamas rushed to Karmapa for help.’

‘When in 1976, Gungthang Tsultrim, the political head of the alliance, was murdered and the assassin confessed to operate on orders from the Tibetan cabinet. Hired for the job, he was paid rupees three hundred thousand by the Tibetan government-in-exile in Dharamsala. The Tibetan government-in-exile had also offered him more money for eliminating the 16th Karmapa, he confessed.’

2 responses to “The Assassination of Gungthang Tsultrim

  • wrong view

    Sadly non duality involves not having enemies or loving ones’enemies. The policy of love. I feel western people have the comfort of freedom of press and probably monastic rules but not only those, the different cultures and societies do not encourgage freedom of thought or speech.

    One should love any sentient beings included the devil.

    I do not understand esoteric buddhism, I am endebted to and grateful to all my teachers.

    The only thing HH Dalai Lama said against ‘us’is that the conflict exists over 350 years and he tried to end it he feels it is harmful and he used to do it himself. What is really behind it not only China with lousy human rights politics, practicing shugden, but the non sectarian view I feel is better.

    This is no time for any patriarchy.

    But trust me between tibetans they have their tibetan cup of tea. Hardheads.

    Stay out of other peoples’fights the entire issue of terrorism was created by jewish lobby AFTER the holocaust.

    Not so useful co dependency. We should all unite against climate changes. Or miss the plane to next life in peace.

  • Johnson

    “unite against climate changes” good comment but this is the job of governments.
    We do not think the monster monk will let us unite with him and his people against anything wether it is good or bad. Monster monk and his supports regard us as evil who are worshiping devil.
    “non sectarian view”
    We shugden people are non sectarian, only the monster monk is out casting us.

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