Why won’t the Dalai Lama speak out against the war in Iraq?

The war in Iraq had no popular mandate from any nation and no legal mandate from the international community. Since the invasion there have been several hundred thousand civilian casualities and nearly 5,000 Coalition soldiers have died. If ever there was a war that could be definitively condemned it is this one. But the Dalai Lama won’t condemn this war. He says it’s too early to tell. Why? – aboutwss.org

3 responses to “Why won’t the Dalai Lama speak out against the war in Iraq?

  • Johnson

    This monster monk has little knowledge in Buddhism.
    “Too early to tell” is a human political statement and has nothing to do with Buddhism.
    For Buddhism we do not like to see the killing of human beings, this monster monk has no such feelings.
    This monster monk was the ring leader of recent Lhasa riot(2008), his supporter from his so called “government” commanding and master mind the riot in Lhasa. Those starting the riot told police everything. This was monster monk’s action. In his speech he said “if violent in Tibet continues he would resign”. His speech and action were exactly the opposite.
    Biggest liar on earth.

  • Thomas Canada

    The Catholic Pope, who served the Nazi Youth Corp wants to canonize Pope Pius,who ignored the plight of the Italian Jews during WWll matches the Dalia Lama.Who formed the Tibetan Nazi Battalion of Lhasa during WWll to attack the Allies in India.
    This Dalia Lama condoned GW Bush’s forray into the Middle East saying he is a nice man.
    The trouble with God King’s is they are confused whether to hit you or bless you.
    The trouble with a former serf master is he does not care one way or the other about anything other than his own comfort. Never did I ever imagine that Dalia would be revealed as a traitor to all of humanity.

  • Thomas Canada

    •Tibet sets livelihood as first priority in economic work in 2010
    •200,000 Tibetan people covered by medical insurance system
    •Tibetan children study in “top scholars” county
    •Daily electricity consumption hits a new record…
    •Tibet plans to create 20,000 jobs in 2010
    •Stone-carving leads Qinghai’s ecological migrants to prosperity

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