The Dalai Lama supports the development of nuclear weapons

Nuclear Bomb

Below are some excerpts from an article published by Salon Newsreal in 1998. These excerpts have been included in the book A Great Deception by the Western Shugden Society.

The Dalai Lama has come out in support of the thermonuclear tests recently conducted by the Indian state, and has done so in the very language of the chauvinist parties who now control that state’s affairs. The “developed” countries, he says, must realize that India is a major contender and should not concern themselves with its internal affairs. This is a perfectly realpolitik statement, so crass and banal and opportunist that it would not deserve any comment if it came from another source. …

The greatest triumph that modern PR can offer is the transcendent success of having your words and actions judged by your reputation, rather than the other way about. The “spiritual leader” of Tibet has enjoyed this unassailable status for some time now, becoming a byword and synonym for saintly and ethereal values. Why this doesn’t put people on their guard I’ll never know.


3 responses to “The Dalai Lama supports the development of nuclear weapons

  • Thomas Canada

    The Great Deception
    The High Lama Policy Review
    Western Shugden Society

    less is more/Dorje postings


    emptymountains. I was surprised at the strength of conviction behind your words because previously you’ve said that you aren’t a great fan of the published materials from the Western Shugden Society.

    Less is more.
    Unlike the pamphlet (and even then, only because of a sentence here or there), I can stand behind the language and tone of the book 100%.

    Also, while the fact that Dragpa Gyaltsen was a candidate for being chosen as the Fifth Dalai Lama was not new to me, to see Shugden Lamas actually saying this was the case was an eye-opener. (Newsflash: Dorje Shugden is the real Dalai Lama!) It really helps my mind to let go of Tenzin Gyatso as the “Dalai Lama” since it has indeed been quite impossible for me to reconcile the two all this time.

    a friend
    I was perusing your website and I liked it very much, particularly the excellent part about Je Pabongka Dechen Ñingpo only being opposed to the wrong view that had infiltrated some of the other schools, never opposed to the schools per se. Very useful to state that, to counter so many calumnies against such holy being.

    About this present message, of course I hear you, I understand what you are saying, but please, could we leave our holy Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen out of the “Dalai Lama” thing? It wouldn’t be surprising that he was the true incarnation of Je Tsongkapa´s disciple, the saintly Gendundrup, and the three following ones, but “Dalai Lama” is a political title that those holy Lamas never knew in their lifetimes and it would be somehow displaced to have such exclusively Dharma person as Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen associated with it. Don’t you think?
    Less is more.
    Are you saying that the 3rd and 4th reincarnations did not have that title?

    I do not believe the title Dalia Lama was even invented during the time of the 3rd and 4th. As I recall it was a title bestowed by the Mongolians after they did the doubtful’s fifth’s dirty work and slaughted his competition.
    The God King came with the 5th ascension to complete and total control over the Tibetan War Lords.
    The installment of the fifth consolidated all power to himself, temporal and otherwise. Why else would so many Dalia have been assassinated during the 19th century. They were as much a pain then this one is now.
    I no longer have the book published by Tromo Geshe Rinpoche’s NY branch of the Tibet House, entitled ‘Sacred Treasures Of Tibet’. Where there is a painting on the robe of a monk depicting the soon to be Panchen Lama, the soon to assasinated Dragpa Gyalthshen and of course the 25 year old Onion man, the Fifth Dalia Lama, who plowed the fields until he was finally recognized, untrained and jealous of the Wisdom Buddha, Dragpa Gyaltshen, the fifth killed the Wisdom Buddha. The tangka is not symetrically represented, as the High Teacher, Panchen Lama sits above Tulku Dragpa Gyaltshen,who sits above the jealous fifth. Bob Thurman mentioned the Lama died under mysterious circumstances. It was this painting that rang the final bell and nailed the coffin for me that this Dalia Lama is no lama. I wept uncontrollably for 12 hours and here I am today with all intent and conviction to reveal this Charlatan for what is is, a reincarnate War Lord.
    I have no misconceptions that he holds a higher more altruistic motivation. Even if he represent the Lower realm Buddha in charge of police, sanitation, taxes and the like means nothing to me anyway.
    Take the King out of the equation and then I think Dalia is reasonable even if somewhat tarnished.
    It only took a act of the Mongolian Communist Party to make it illegal for the Bodgkhaan to reincarnate in 1927. His incarnation is there without the political entitlement. I believe they are attempting some sort of DNA trace to find any remmants of the Bod family having survived the purge of the Communist Party?
    If the TGIE had any sense they would do the same and sue the Dalia Lama for incarcerating millions of people over hundreds of years as mere Serfs. The Buck stop with the God King, no other allowed this terror to continue until they the Chinese threw his Holiness out the door.
    What was made largely by our Western guillibility can be unmade the same way. One photo opt at a time. His files with the CIA say it all and there is no better nation over another in any of this Cold War eara stuff. We cannot continue to be brainwashed about one political system being better or the methodology that brought them to their current status as Nations. It is what is and we have no time to pull our environment together. This to me means forget the past and anyone who is not part of the solution is part of the problem, as is this Dalia Lama. The West and China must become as one and deniers only cost valuable time. Obama did not meet the Lama and I doubt he will do so, if ever. This battle we face was not just started in 1996, we’ve been at this for a long, long time. As I see it, the Norbu boys just got back here a little sooner than most of us. So they had the advantage. Not an longer, we all wised up and try to keep our vows in an untenable situation. Anyone who denies the power of the Panchen Lama part yet to be played are not paying attention.
    All the Great Masters are lining up to empower beyond our imagining and I will be old by then, but who cares. We will have set the stage and defended Our Master’s Lineage.China will as they say embrace Mahayanna Buddhism and Protect the Lineage Masters, as they do now.
    There are no real political boundaries. Have you seen Ganchen Lama in Beijing, his photos show up everywhere in China. I wonder what he is doing over there in China?

  • Thomas Canada

    Praises to Khache Marpo (kha che dmar po) by the Fifth Dalai Lama:

    Riding on a saddled precious horse
    Having the power of the wind,
    Traversing the universe in an instant,
    Praise to Yaksha Khache Marpo, the doctrine’s watchman.

    Furious mighty being biting the lower lip,
    Three eyes blazing the sun and moon watching enemies,
    Emanating messengers taking the life of false guides,
    Praise to the liberator of the ten enemies.

    Wearing leather armor, banners, colored garb and
    Leather helmet with a victory banner, treasury of 9 good signs,
    Tying enemies with a lasso, piercing their hearts with a lance,
    Praise to you and your retinue.

    These praises are taken from a ritual to Khache Marpo written by the Fifth Dalai Lama (5DL, Volume Da folios 147r-148r). According to the colophon Khache Marpo requested the Fifth Dalai Lama to write this ritual. Khache Marpo is most commonly known as Dorje Shugden’s minister (ODT, 143).

    Trode Khangsar is Dorje Shugden’s Ashokan Pillar, according to the White Conch Dictionary it was established by the Fifth Dalai Lama himself. Management of Trode Khangsar was entrusted to Riwo Choling monastery, a Gelug monastery in Lhoka. On the same lot of Trode Khangsar was a small shrine called Monkyi Khangsar (smon skyid khang gsar) where Khache Marpo was invoked via oracle (WCD, 1312).

  • Johnson

    Do you think a person with compassion will support a government making a bomb which can kill more than two hundred thousand people?
    I do not think this is a Buddha’s compassion.

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