Dudjom Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama

The text from this video comes from the section entitled The Dudjom Rinpoche Affair from the book A Great Deception – The Ruling Lamas policies by the Western Shugden Society.


11 responses to “Dudjom Rinpoche and the Dalai Lama

  • Thomas Canada

    “If His Holiness is merely a politician that is destroying Dharma & creating “schism” in the Sangha without any reason,

    ” do you think all Dharma Protectors, especially Dorje Shugden who has vowed to especially protect the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa would allow him to continue to destroy Tibetan Buddhism’s image and the Dharma?”

    Which is what the Protector said about the Dalia Lama more or less he said,’Stop now and everything will be fine. Otherwise you have been warned and expect retribution”

    Which is why we are bringing him down.
    I wonder what the Panchen Lama thinks about the Dalia Lama returning home. I guess it was just a cosmic ruse to turn the Panchen Lama into Chinese authorities instead of smuggling him out of Lhasa once it was known where he reincarnated.

    One can spin the Dalia Lama anyway one cares to do!
    I do not believe for one second that this man is so altruistic as to be a sacrificial lamb burnt on the altar to salvage Mahayanna Buddhism.
    I do not believe that Tromo Geshe Rinpoche thanked me for defending his lineage, because it is part of a cosmic ploy to save Mahayanna Buddhism and I participate as an unknowing fool what it is that I say and do to defend the dharma from this evil incarnation of delusions.

    I do not believe the Dalia Lama is the incarnation of anything other than trouble for everyone. All the negative attributes that he ascribes to Dorje Shugden are nothing more than his own projection of his own guilt and schemes to control others as his own slaves and serfs.
    I can see the temptation to see all of this as Obiwan and Darth Vader saddleing up with Yoda to hold hands on the other side and encourage Luke to carry on as they are always with him.
    People have died and been tortured for this cosmic scheme that Lord Shugden is a Boogey man!
    All of the suffering would be just a joke and the tears and lives lost would mean nothing.
    Other than to make certain Mahayann Buddhism survive is beyond the pail of believability.
    What Buddha would hatch such a plot? Not one that I care to know.
    Big Pictures do not look so grand, when it is your own life that is on the line.

    This was a Power Grab, plain and simple and worship a dietiety that says he is a God, rather than just a War Lord is too bizarre. Not unlike the Plantagent and Tudors. One stole the throne from the Ordained One.

    Which is completly why I rely on the Bill Of Rights to Protect the Dharma and not a Theocratic Crab Shell that hides and protects itself with a hard shell and claws with very small eyes that need antennaes just to turn in circles to defend it’s thick skin.
    Dalia Lama and Ammans have a lot in common. Neither believes that the common man can understand and need to led around like a yak with a ring in it’s nose.Religion and Politics do not mix. He however enjoys it. In Lhasa it seemed that once the Royalist had nothing else to do, but butt into eveyone’s else business.Louis the 14th’s Court had nothing on intrigue over the Tibetan Aristocrats. Like Republicans, a real pain in the ass.

    I take refuge in Universal Freedoms and Rights that allows anyone to tell another to get off, will ya?
    If Dalia were liberated, he would have talked to us by now. He is afraid that his legacy is ‘Going South’.

  • Kate Walker

    I have just found an amazing treasure.. you have to read this…

    the most definitive and complete document on Vajradhara Dorje Shugden, his
    nature, function and history, written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s
    root Guru, Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang.


    It’s awesome! Enjoy!

  • Thomas Canada

    May all beings everywhere
    Plagued by sufferings of body and mind,
    Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy
    By virtue of my merits.
    My no living creature suffer,
    Commit evil or ever fall ill.
    May no one be afraid or belittled,
    With a mind weighed down by depression.

    May the blind see forms
    And the deaf hear sounds.
    May those whose bodies are worn with toil,
    Be restored on finding repose.

    May the naked find clothing
    The hungry find food
    May the thirsty find water
    And delicious drinks.

    May the poor find wealth,
    Those weak with sorrow find joy;
    May the hopeless find hope,
    Constant happiness and prosperity.

    May there be timely rains
    And bountiful harvests;
    May all the medicines be effective
    And wholesome prayers bear fruit.

    May all who are sick and ill
    Quickly be freed from their ailments.
    Whatever diseases there are in the world,
    May they never occur again.

    May the frightened cease to be afraid
    And those bound be freed;
    May the powerless find power
    And the people think of benefiting eachother.

    For as long as space remains,
    For as long as sentient beings remain,
    Until then may I too remain
    To dispel the miseries of the world.

  • Thomas Canada

    I remember way back when the Tibetan Monks said as they lent the Dalia Lama to make his show in the West.
    They said, The Dalia Lama is very prescious to us and we want you to be careful not to pollute him.
    Well it only took a few years until he stopped flying coach and flew his Private Jet instead,just like the Vatican with a flag over the door.
    I remember when his Teachings were free and the dharma seemed exciting and new. A new way to look at the carnage of the Viet Nam War and psychedelics.
    The pursuit for some Earthly Heaven, a newer way of applying what we were seeing on Window Pane or Indian Peyote.
    A way to channel the tremedous energy was what some sought.
    Dalia gained immeasurable popularity and spoke against war and for the environment. Then like a Deer in the Headlights, he blinked and truly realized he was on the global stage. Oops! He thought, something I have overlooked that will not look good on the Buddha Rooster. What shall I say to defend my actions? Oh yeah! the SS reminded me of decisvie actions to defend one’s power and blame it all on someone else, like Dorje Shugden. No never mind, no one will care. I am the God King and people listen to me, so I decide what is what a coup worked the first time, why not another?
    So he yanked out all of his antiquidated scrolls and said nuts on it. I’ll just go for broke and tell them to do as I say, because I am God King and that’s all there is to it.
    Wake up Old Man and see your fate. You cannot stand up to millions of Dorje Shugden Practioners.
    See how the Tide Turns Before Your Eyes? The Truth will win out over the lies you spread like jelly on toast, does not make it go down any better. Lies are Bitter and cannot be improved upon with the denials.
    We will give you one more chance to say the truth and salvage something of your legacy for you and for us. Why leave the world with Bitter Fruit?

  • Thomas Canada

    “If it was attempted to be turned into a federal case in any country outside of the Tibetan Exile footholds, it would never be a federal case. Religious freedom is tolerated anywhere in the democratic world. What is happening in the Tibetan settlements can only happen because of the pressures of ostracization. Muslims, satanists,Hindus, Sikhs, atheists, voodoo-followers, Protestants, Baptists, Mormons, Amish, Orthodox, Jews are ALL ALLOWED TO ATTEND ANY BUDDHIST SERMON IN ANY FPMT CENTRE IN THE WORLD. CAN ATTEND ANY TEACHINGS/GATHERINGS/INITIATIONS BY HH DALAI LAMA IN THE WORLD. ONLY DORJE SHUGDEN PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO. Doesnt that sound funny. Surely Dorje Shugden practitioners are ‘better’ than satanists?? Christians, Muslims would find the image of the Buddha blasphemous, yet their devotees are never barred from HH Dalai Lama’s talks, why is that? Because it cannot never be gotten away with?”

  • Thomas Canada

    Do you know the Nature of the American Buffalo?
    They are independent and lead the pack defending the herd, the cows, the calves, the herd.
    They stand on short sturdy legs that can run up the steepest slopes and down the other without missing a beat, swift and agile.
    Their bodies are sleek that meet a complete head that runs from the front to the top of their horns. Massive Curls swirl all over up to the top of their horns.
    Buffalo do not sway and bend with the breeze. They run like the wind and can stand their ground or attack that which they feel is a threat. So strong, like Yamantaka, Who feicerly defends and protects the dharma.
    Like the Buffalo, the Dharma likes the sweep of infiinte Prarie Grass that carries the freedom and breeze that is the dharma. Unfettered by man and never will hold a bit in it’s mouth or a ring through it’s nose. It is the moment that the Buffalo lives in, not unlike being a Practioner.

  • Thomas Canada

    Resolution adopted by consensus at the Tibetan general convention

    (Translation of Tibetan original. Brackets and footnotes provided by the translator.)

    Resolution adopted by consensus at the Tibetan general convention of more than 750 ordained and lay Tibetans, at the auditorium of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (T.I.P.A.) in Dharamshala, from August 27-31 corresponding to day 5 of the 7th Tibetan lunar month, Earth Tiger Tibetan royal era 2125.

    Participants included delegates from United Cholsum Organization Central Executive members, advisors to individual Provinces, presidents and general secretaries of regional branches in India and Nepal, delegates from local Tibetan enclaves, representatives of monasteries, local assemblies, Tibetan Freedom Movement offices, Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, the Tibetan Institute in Varanasi, Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussoorie, the twin Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamshala.


    1. Given the pervasive influence of the five degenerative factors of our time, there is strong defamation from the other side against His Holiness the Dalai Lama who is the sole lifeline in the present and future welfare of us the Tibetans. Not only this, about what we can do towards protection of the safety of His Holiness, in view of the continued covert and open efforts to undermine his safety.


    A. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the saviour who can decide the continuation or otherwise of Tibet and its subjects; he is the Captain of Peace in the world; he is the overall head of all Buddhist traditions on this earth; he is the master acclaimed by all the religious traditions of the world. His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s greatness is now spreading throughout the world as never before. Needless to mention that, there is strong envious rebellion against him from the enemy camp [note the choice of words], it was openly stated in 1994 that: “the head should be crushed when killing a snake”. As everyone is aware the intolerable breaches in his safety from then onwards, this situation should never remain as it is. In this matter it is a matter of appreciation that the Central Govt. of India and the State government is taking exceptional responsibility. As there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in view of obtaining the rights of both exile government and the public, it is urged that there should be special training to qualify personnel in the Dept. of Security and these trainees should be allocated at the earliest moment to remove present and long term complication. Furthermore it is also felt that there is great merit if a separate advisory committee is set up.

    B. As there is heavy influx of visitors to Dharamshala, infiltration by paid agents of the enemy is definitely possible. To cognise (such cases) immediately, the public in Dharamshala, as now, should maintain its own duty by being ever vigilant. Whoever be the visitor whether foreigner or Tibetan, their arrival should be reported to the concerned department along with their respective documents. Even though the Central Govt. and the local intelligence agencies are scrutinising Indian visitors who check into Indian hotels, the Dept. of Security should still urge them to be vigilant. When His Holiness travels abroad or within India, receiving and seeing off the entourage as well as those who call on His Holiness should be scrutinised closely.

    C. Regarding internal wellbeing (of His Holiness): Since complying with the wishes of (His Holiness) without opposition is the most important of the important, the spiritual and secular advice given by His Holiness in the overall interest of Tibet as a whole, should be adhered to with heartfelt faith and respect. Every Tibetan should promptly inform, by way of co-operation, the Dept. of Security and the Central as well as state Indian intelligence agencies on matters that are vital to the security of His Holiness.

    D. To ensure long life for His Holiness and the fulfilment of His visions, the local (Tibetan) public should undertake the recitation of ‘billion Om Mani’s’, ‘100,000 Tara prayers’, vajra guru’s, etc., and submit clear reports to the Dept. of Religion and Culture (in Dharamshala) of the prayers performed. [if he is indeed a bodhisattva, nothing they do will change when he chooses to manifest death]


    2. In view of the changing international political trend, how best can each of the members of three provinces can ensure the fulfilment of the great religio-political visions of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


    A. In keeping with international norms of democracy, the Tibetan subjects (Tib.’bangs) within and outside Tibet have been bestowed (by the Dalai Lama) the authority to decide the future of Tibet through a majority vote. (However,) Since the public of the three provinces through general consensus have already declared that “without going through majority vote, we will faithfully follow whatever His Holiness decides and advises in His divine wisdom”, (and) since the majority of the Tibetan public has already given support to the independent choice of the Middle Approach (autonomy under China as opposed to independence from China) made by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, this convention reaffirms that, in the future also, whenever the cause of Tibet is to be decided, the deliberations and the course decided upon by His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be accepted without question.


    3. In view of the fact that till date in our society, followers of communist Chinese and Taiwanese money and means, who under the pretext of (the) Shugden (religious conflict), have been engaged in systematic implementation of the enemy’s designs and thereby undermine the cause of Tibet: how best these bad elements can be exposed to all, what should be done to stop these.


    A. This all-Tibetans general convention would like to express its thanks to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for pointing out in the religio-political interest of Tibet that propitiating Dorje Shugden entails more harm than benefit and giving raw and clear admonitions. Furthermore, in deference to the opinions of the 5th and 13th Dalai Lamas, we at this convention hereby take oath that we will carry out also the continuation of their policies enunciated by the present 14th Dalai Lama as per his wishes.

    B. We hereby reaffirm the announcement of the exile parliament and cabinet, the resolutions adopted by 12th Parliamentary session, the resolutions passed by abbots and former abbots of Gelug monasteries under the Ganden Tripa, the resolutions of the combined conventions of the executive committee of the three provinces, the resolutions passed by the Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Womens Association, by the United (Cholsum) Organisation, and by the Guchusum movement etc. we will urge all Tibetans that, mindful of the kind and generous leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, they should continue to firmly demonstrate their reaction (against the devotees of Dorje Shugden)

    C. In the baseless defamation carried out by straining every nerve against the actions of His Holiness in a few western countries for the last few years, and also in the endless and baseless defamation launched by Mr Athar targeted against the Tibetan government to undermine its prestige and greatness, we clearly see in these a dubious effort to accomplish something which the communist Chinese government has not been able to accomplish inspite of every possible effort over a period of many years. Therefore, the general public should be able clearly know this fact and thereby make the public confront them through legal means.

    D. We will adopt a different stand those who, through organizational structure, engage in politics under the cover of Dorje Shugden, and against those who worship Dorje Shugden. Focusing on the general and specific steps adopted under Resolution 27 of the 12th Parliamentary session at its 4th sitting. (We will) announce these steps everywhere and see to it that they are effectively implemented.

    E. We will submit sealed and signed petitions to urge 1) the Central and State governments to separately review and scrutinised the activities and source of funding of the Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society and Mr. Athar, and to cancel the legal registration of (their societies) concomitant with their questionable activities, and to 2) urge that the government of India should particularly put under successful surveillance the activities of Mr. Athar Norbu, Drawu Rinchen Tsering, (Geshe) Cheme Tsering, Lama Losang Yeshe, (Ven. Geshe) Kelsang Gyatso who lives in England, (His Eminence) Gangchen Lama, (Ven.) Gonsar Tulku who lives in Switzerland and (Ven. Kyabje) Dragom Lama who lives in Nepal.

    F. To make it impossible for those who are engaged in undermining the prestige of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and our government to get access to (clearance for) foreign travels, admission into schools, old age benefits, child support systems, and aid for the destitute, we will urge that these people are not put in the same category as other Tibetans. They should be subjected to similar scrutiny in the local Tibetan enclaves. It should also be checked whether these people have membership cards of their respective Provinces. In short we will urge (the exile Tibetan government) to not disappoint the general Tibetan public (by treating those who worship Dorje Shugden against the injunctions of the Dalai Lama on par with other Tibetans). Likewise, the local Tibetan Freedom Movement offices should check whether or not any Tibetan applying for or updating the Green Book (without which no Tibetan is eligible for any Tibetan government programmes or foreign aid through the Tibetan government) has a valid membership card of his or her local Province (issued by the local branch of the United Cholsum Organisation).

    G. Furthermore, in all Tibetan enclaves, unless and until devotees of Dorje Shugden voluntarily give up their worship of Shugden, no one should patronise Tibetan restaurants, shops, stores, guest houses etc. run by any devotee of Shugden. [did His Holiness expressedly recommend this, or specifically order for acts like these to be carried out?]

    Learning from history, as long as the religion and politics of the Tibetan people exists, each Tibetan should pledge that he or she will never attend any teachings or establish any spiritual bond with any Tibetan spiritual master or reincarnate lama who is related to Dorje Shugden.

    H. Since books, documents, newsletter and whatever other literature disseminated by Mr. Athar and the so-called Dorje Shugden Devotees’ Charitable and Religious Society are nothing other than the ideology and activity of Communist China, whoever has any such literature, should burn them. [book-burning and people-‘burning’ usually follow one another – note the Cultural Revolution and Holocaust] From now on, no Tibetan will be allowed to subscribe to, purchase or read any of the above books and pamphlets. Nor should they be allowed to subscribe to, purchase or read any issue of the Drangden (“The Truth”) newspaper, Nyanchen Thanglha newspaper. If they arrive by mail, they must be returned to the sender.

  • Thomas Canada

    This why the Western Shugden Society keeps you apprised of tyrannical behavior of these Medievalist. Who wish to return to the pastoral farms and ranches that kept the Serfs busy from dawn to dusk working for the Man. The Dalia Lama Man!
    The one who enslaved millions, is yet worshipped,another mystery of samsara.

  • Thomas Canada

    Buddhist Association of China convenes national conference09:14, February 02, 2010

    The 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu (front R) attends the 8th National Congress of the China Buddhism Association in Beijing, capital of China, on Feb. 1, 2010. (Xinhua/Li Tao)

    Nearly 600 delegates from China’s religious circles attended the eighth national conference of the Buddhist Association of China in Beijing on Monday.

    The conference will consider the association’s work since the seventh national conference in 2002, amend the association’s constitution and elect a new leadership.

    Wang Zuo’an, director of the State Administration of Religious Affairs, spoke at the conference’s opening ceremony and urged the association to guide the healthy development of Buddhism and unite the religious circles and Buddhism believers to contribute to the social harmony and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    Jamyang Losang Jigme Tubdain Qoigyi Nyima, a living Buddha and the association’s vice president, presided over the conference.

    The association’s current president is Yi Cheng

  • Thomas Canada

    Keep stirring the pot Atisha’s Cook. I like your recipe and it taste sweet next to what bitter herbs the Dalia adds to his broths.
    Wrathful Actions towards Buffons goes against my inner nature to usually just sigh, and it eventually all goes away. Not in this case, we have a hard nut to crack and you know what they say about ‘hard nuts’? The harder the nut, the easier they crack. This Nut is about as brittle as he can get and needs a firm mallet to crack open his fruits of hate and despair and lay them on the altar for purification.
    With so much Magic and thrills of manifestation, small wonder this Dalia Lama, enlightened or not? Does not matter, he carries on in deluded ways that say to me, he is diseased and needs to be treated.
    He interferes within in Nations to get his way, he enjoys being a pawn in the global theater. He cares no more that China and the USA get along, any more than he cares about the Shugden People Suffering.
    He ran a Serf Plantation Slave Farm for over 400 years and only raises his hands and blames it on the actual people he caused to suffer indignitantly at 35, they would succumb to being overworked from sun up to sun down. It is Tibet’s Bad Karma to have run the Serf System, not him. Then he is not the Over Lord Of Tibet, he is just a Buddha and not a King, he jumps back and forth like a cat playing a mouse between it’s paws.

    If this man is a Buddha, then I do not know what? What interest could I have if I actually followed the Dalia Lama rather than the Teachings Of Lord Buddha? I can read, I am educated. Unlike the Tibetan Fools who still slop around in the same pig stye that caused early deaths of their ancestors, the Majority of Tibetans actually do live in China, Tibet. Where the Potala and all 45,000 monks live and practice their love for Dorje Shugden.
    Meeting Obama or anyone else will never change the fact that Tibet was a Medieval Cesspool for 95% of them and the one’s out here mainly ran the institutions or concentration camps. Whatever you like.
    So it it better to read the Teachings of Lord Buddha and decide for yourselves than to follow a lama that has really and truly gone astray from the Dharma of Lord Buddha,may his name be blessed.

    Get this Clown off the stage, his role upsets the relationship between China and the West to save our environment

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