Dalai Lama Meeting with Obama

The truth about feudalism in Tibet and the Dalai Lama’s connections with the CIA came out in this Russia Today interview with the historian and author Dr. Webster Tarpley about the Dalai Lama’s upcoming meeting with Barack Obama.

11 responses to “Dalai Lama Meeting with Obama

  • Thomas Canada

    Well he certainly checks out the sources. Good find!
    Now, what will Obama do with this despot?

  • Thomas Canada

    I propose that we issue an invitation to the Dalia Lama to meet with the Western Shugden Society and the Dorje Shugden Religious and Charitable Society and Representatives of NKT, at the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington,Indiana this spring while the Dalia Lama is visiting.
    The intent of the TCC is to accomodate world thinkers to solve problems.
    Either the TGIE_Dalia Lama accept this opportunity to disucss this problem between us.
    Or we organize and Protest his Policy of not discussing the issue at hand in a small town with safey factors for us and plenty of publicity.
    What do you say?
    We can put this together and excercise our right to protest his policy of persecution.

    Talk is Cheap!
    We need Action!

  • Middleway

    Ace! What station is this? Do they get much in the way of viewers? I’ve never seen the DL trounced so publicly by a non Dorje Shugden practitioner, at least I’m guessing he isn’t. The DL fanatics will most likely instantly say he’s on the Chinese pay roll (yawn). It’s amazing that the truth is working it’s way out.

    • goldenmala

      Dear Middleway,

      The station is Russia Today. It’s the most popular news network in Russia. They seem to be gaining some popularity in the rest of the world as well. They tend to report on a lot of controversial topics which the mainstream Western media avoid, because of gag orders and such. The video RT posted on Youtube has had around 14,000 views and it’s only been on Youtube for a few days. What’s great about it is that this is a whole new audience that was probably totally unaware of the Dalai Lama controversy prior to this news report.

  • Thomas Canada

    “My views and your views re DL and Shugden ‘affair’ may be different, SO WHAT!!!!! We are still following the same cause, same lamas, same lineage and same PROTECTOR and that is what matters.” tk

    Same Love and Wish to Liberate All Of Us.
    I wish that everyone get off the bus the Dalia Lama drives on the Highway to Hell.
    There is nothing in there that tells me the Spell Of Love Reigns in His Heart.
    I see only dissent and hatred, as he pursue us even to the place where Buddha sat.
    You know the book by CS Lewis, ” The Great Divorce”?
    I think it relates to this nightmare and says leave delusion and get off the Bus.
    We can see crystal clear what is, and what is not the dharma.
    It’s up to each one of us!
    I follow the Supreme Master Of Love And Compassion,Dorje Shugden
    How about you?

    Decide for yourselves after you investigate.
    Just like Lord Buddha strongly suggested to liberate yourself and everybody else!

  • Thomas Canada

    The Dalai Lama: Front Man for a Feudal Clique, Darling of Wealthy Mystics and Cold Warriors
    Webster G. Tarpley
    February 17, 2010

    Obama will meet the Dalai Lama of Tibet this coming Wednesday in a move sure to inflame resentment against the US in China. Various wealthy mystics in Hollywood have promoted the Dalai Lama as an exemplar of refined spirituality, but in reality the Dalai Lama’s operation, currently based in India, is a relic of the Allen Dulles-Richard Bissell era of Cold War extremists at the CIA. The current Dalai Lama attempted to lead an insurrection against Chinese rule in 1959, which was supported by the oppressive feudal nobility of Tibet, but failed because it had little appeal to the former serfs and slaves who made up about 80% of Tibetan society. Tibet under the Dalai Lama was a country where 200 wealthy families held 93% of the wealth, while the masses were so poor and downtrodden that the population was declining. During the 1960s, the CIA gave several million dollars a year to the Dalai Lama’s court, with the Dalai Lama personally getting more than $180,000 per year from the US taxpayer. Today, the Dalai Lama’s court in northern India is the home of a gaggle of reactionary Tibetan aristocrats supported by $2 million per year from that same US taxpayer. This is a very bad investment for the United States. It is time to defund the Dalai Lama, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and foreign commerce, and engage Beijing in realistic diplomacy.

    Webster Tarpley will discuss the Dalai Lama’s visit to Washington in the context of alarming Sino-American tension with host Peter Lavelle and his other guests in the Crosstalk program to be broadcast on Russia Today on Friday, February 19,

  • Thomas Canada

    The meeting with Obama is just a consolation given to Dalai to pity him for foolishly following USA advice to the failed revolt against China, for being exiled from his homeland and his people forever and for serving subserviently as a kicked around football between China and USA. This meeting year after year tells Tibetans that their supreme religious leader Dalai Lama is regarded as a political servent on summon to a meeting, never receives a reciprocal meeting and never is revered as a supreme reigious leader as the Pope. China does allow Dalai to visit if he doesn’t do anything against China’s interest.

  • Thomas Canada

    It is “unwise” for President Barak Obama to meet with the Dalai Lama because the session would negatively affect American ties with China, says an expert on U.S.-China relations.

    Instead, Obama should spend additional time with Chinese leaders and focus on more important issues instead of harming U.S.-China relations by meeting with the Dalai Lama, Fred Teng, a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, told Xinhua on Tuesday.

    “We need more constructive relations between the United States and China and it will be in the best interest of both the American and Chinese people,” said Teng, who also is president of the Chinese Community Relations Council.

    In an op-ed article published in the Huffington Post on Tuesday, Teng said that in recent weeks, the U.S.-China relationship have been rocked by a number of geopolitical crises, some unforeseen and others a result of archaic policies that “should no longer exist in our current political climate.”

    “During this critical time, President Obama should focus on building a constructive relationship with China, and not divert his attention from the end goal of building mutual understanding and trust,” Teng wrote.

    On the heels of an arms sales to Taiwan and at a time when the U.S. relies heavily on China on a number of thorny geopolitical issues worldwide, “if President Obama now invites the Dalai Lama to visit the White House, he will be instigating a potentially destructive downward spiral in relations,” Teng wrote.

    Tibet was part of China long before Hawaii became a U.S. state, Teng noted. He pointed out that the American Congress passed a law known as the Apology Resolution, which apologized for the government’s role in supporting the 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

    “However, Hawaii is still a solid part of the U.S. sovereignty. How would the U.S. government react if the government of China supported a leader of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement?” he wrote.

    “For the time being, it is unwise to fete an exile leader and further offend the most important foreign partner of the United Sates,” Teng said.

    Obama should spend more time engaging with Chinese leaders on “real priorities,”, such as trade, climate change, and the U.S. national debt.

    “It is unwise to sidetrack U.S. foreign policy. We need more constructive U.S.-China relations, for the people of the U.S. and for the people of China,”.

  • Thomas Canada

    The “Freedom Conductor” award that the Dalai Lama will receive from the Underground railroad Freeedom Center places him in such august company as Carl Lindner, billionaire former CEO of Chiquita, which was recently fined $200 million after being convicted in federal court of funding right-wing paramilitary groups in Columbia, deemed terrorists by the U.S. government. Freedom conductors indeed!

  • Thomas Canada

    Gyari also said he was worried Tibetans in China would view Obama’s decision as a defeat for the Dalai Lama that could contribute to a “devastating” drop in morale.

    “Our intentions were noble,” he said, “but I think it was misread by the Chinese. . . . It is my hope that this meeting will help overcome these concerns.”

    Afterall, we are not responsible for these Tibetans and their collective bad karma. If the talks fail it is as Hitler blamed the German People for losing the war, they deserve to be destroyed. It is not the fault of the holy Dalia Lama. No, it is the people failure to rise up and throw off the Chinese. Which the former Serfs abandonded the Holy Lama and his aristocratic Masters who ruled with mutilation rather than seeking Freedom with Laws. It is the People of Tibet who are soley at blame for Tibet being lost.

    These Fools will never change? How dare they? These Despots are revolting.

  • Thomas Canada

    “For many people though, they practise in defiance of the ban which isn’t a bad thing…at least they’re practising! However, I’d really like to see more practitioners who are practising independently of the ban.”
    Either way does not matter. It brings to mind when we thought our work was done and the Lamas said so.
    Then it was obvious that the schism was not over and here we are trying to put this to rest. I’d like the resting part as soon as this whole charade is over and Dalia Lama like a Cowboy Movie recedes into the Sunset and lives in the Potala for the rest of his days. Is as much as I can hope for unless there is an awakening and ALL the Westeners get off their duffs and make a stand to tell this Despot where to get off.
    I see no point in mincing words, when it he that is the man who lived a duplicitious life. If he is a Buddha, no one can harm him and our words are no more than children crying and in need of a hug.
    However, it is time to get on or get off. We are not Tibetan Buddhist anyway. We have been tossed out with all the other garbage in the Dalia Lama’s world. Which is nothing new as he does not like Inges anyway.
    To him, we are replacements for his former serfs. Ones who will bow and smile and do anything for their icon.
    Even overlooking the facts, Westeners ignore the realities of this Dalia Lama, the same way we watch movies, in the dark.

    It does not take many people to make the wishes we share manifest in our daily reality. This is not a issue that is insurmountable, these problems are solvable and it up to us to figure it out and stop this hatred towards us as untenable.
    All the Surprises will reveal themselves, but we need to collectively come up with a plan and then ask the Lamas what they think!
    This as everything else is up to each one of us. We have the power to remove obstacles. Why not give it a try and apply all the mental energy to hearing the plan,once we collectively come up with the solution.

    Trust yourselves and as a player,go out for the pass, you might just catch the ball and score a touchdown for all of us.
    What do we have to loose? Nothing!

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