Quotes by the Dalai Lama about Chairman Mao

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  • Thomas Canada

    Dalai Lama & Larry King
    From http://www.tonic.com/article/dalai-lama-meets-obama-larry-king/

    Face-to-face it was, as was his on-camera meeting on “Larry King Live,” where he spoke candidly about Tibetan relations with China. ”

    Actually, we are not seeking independence,” he said to King.

    “We complain the present policy in Tibet. It is actually very much damaging about Tibetan religious freedom and cultural heritage….

    But other hand, we also do not want separation from China because Tibet, landlocked country, materially backward.

    Every Tibetan want modernize Tibet. So for that reason remain within the People’s Republic of China.”

    What is this man fighting for?

    No more “Free tibet”?

    • goldenmala

      A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll revealed that 56 percent of Americans see him in a favorable light.

      The other 44 percent aren’t aware that he is a CIA agent, a religious dictator and a hypocrite. 🙂

  • Thomas Canada

    Recently, through opinion research about Obama-Dalai Lama’s meeting carried out by Irish Times.

    The Dalai Lama, … is a feudal lord who has no electoral mandate whatsoever. He and his followers believe that he has a divine right to rule Tibet, not as a democratic leader, but as supreme power—a God in fact. The people of Tibet are entitled to their human and civil rights—and to democracy—but they will not get it from this theocratic dictator.

    Tibet was a backward fiefdom of superstition and exploitation. A place not unlike Ireland, fortunately the Chinese have freed the peasantry from their enslavement to medieval ideas. Obama just does what the moguls of Wall St. tell him, and his meeting with the Dalai Lama is of no consequence whatsoever.

    The DL’s last line of support in America consists of aging lefties putting “Free Tibet” bumper stickers on their clapped out Volvos. (The guy at the end of the bar United States Minor Outlying Islands)

    Let me think about this for a while now. Obama is an incompetent doofus who has basically failed at everything he has turned his hand to. (which is why Sarah Palin’s “how is that hopey-change thing working for you?” resonates so well.) So no one in their right mind would touch him with a bargepole if they wanted to progress their agenda. You’d be better off paying Dick Cheney a visit. For Obama is clearly going to be a one- term president and Dick will have some influence on the new guy.

    And then you have the Dali Lama. The leader of a mediaeval theocracy that kept people in grinding poverty and misery and rickets until they were… of the place by the Chinese, who, after a shaky start, brought them peace, wealth & prosperity. The Dali Lama portrays himself as a man of peace but that’s only because his armies were destroyed on the battlefield. So now he is waging “peace” as war by other means. What did he have to say about all those Tibetan riots he instigated a few years back? Who burnt Chinese people in their homes? He’s not a man, in short, that I’d want to meet on a dark night. The whole lefty pro Dali Lama thing is just anti-Chinese racism. It used to be a John Bircher thing but the lefties have taken over the racism card over the time since Mao’s death.

    So where are we? Yes, I think. The two of them are well met. Hopefully they’ll damage one another’s causes. ”

    Dalia Lama spreading Peace and Vengenace!

  • Thomas Canada

    I call it LaLaLand!
    When another’s maras create karma,
    that interferes with my Practicing the Dharma.
    In other words,
    this Lama once bent my mind,
    I straightened it back out,
    I removed the Doubt from my Heart.
    Filled it With Love
    So, I can See Straight!
    He put a Barb in the Groove of the Sangha,
    I can’t stand for this!
    It is not Groovey!
    It is a Big Bummer!
    So, I am compelled by My Karma
    To Practice My Dharma,
    I mock him,
    to make him stop,
    I yell at him,
    when he lies,
    What do you do,
    When the Child is Spoiled?
    Ignoring him does not help
    It makes him a Brat!
    He is an adult, I think?
    He laughs at others,
    He Bullies and cajjoles,
    He threatens,with malice.
    Deluding Others,
    does not make him right
    He needs his comeuppins,
    like all bad boys,
    need their comeuppins,
    If you want to become a good boy.
    How else will we make him heal?
    If we ignore the symptoms,
    that make him sick.
    What would be the point of that?
    He is not a Lama,
    If he is not Practicing the Dharma?
    He is harming Others!
    Pretending to Be Is Uncool’
    In his position,
    it is a crime’
    That is why,
    He is charged with Religious Persecution.
    See What Is………..
    Not What You Dream!
    Hiding our Heads In The Sand,
    Will Benefit No One!
    Dorje Shugden Benefits Everyone

  • Thomas Canada

    11th Panchen Lama becomes member of China’s top advisory body
    March 01, 2010
    The 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu was among 13 people who on Sunday became new members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country’s top advisory body.

    Interesting development!

  • Thomas Canada

    Dorje Shugden Benefits Everyone

    Now the Panchen Lama has Joined the CCCP
    The Dalia’s concerns can be addressed
    to the authority that actually cares
    about Tibetan Culture and Religion.
    The Panchen Lama Is An Official Authority!
    Dorje Shugden and The Panchen Lama
    Spreading the Dharma Together.

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