Dalai Lama criticises anti-whaling protestors

On Saturday, the Dalai Lama once again proved himself to be a politician wearing the robes of a monk when he criticised anti-whaling activists while visiting Japan. He did not speak harshly at all against the Japanese whalers. The Dalai Lama critcises anti-whaling protestors who mainly use nonviolent actions to try to stop illegal whaling, but he never speaks out against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are extremely violent.

Below is a part of the story from AFP and a video of the Sea Shepherds activities:

TOKYO — The Dalai Lama on Saturday criticised wildlife activists for staging what he said were violent protests over Japan’s hunting of whales.

The rebuke came as the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader visited Japan for an 11-day lecture tour.

At a news conference, he said he had told the US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to stop its violent harassment of Japan’s whaling fleet.

“One time I wrote a letter…(saying) their activities should be stopping,” he told reporters.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Dalai Lama is just another politician. Even some of his most faithful followers are now beginning to question him.

Waylon Lewis, a long-time supporter of the Dalai Lama who lives in Boulder, CO (one of the main hubs of Dalai Lama fanaticism in the U. S.), wrote this statement on his website Elephant Journal today:

“And innocent as His Holiness’ intentions are, the context within which his comments were made is harmful—and may well lead to more permissiveness of real violence.”

Comments from the Tricycle Blog article Dalai Lama criticizes anti-whaling protesters:

“I feel HHDL must have based his comment on Japanese propaganda. It is sad that he would make such a public statement without getting both sides of the story.” – Leland Jory

“You can speak out against violence any time. It’s not necessary to single out the anti-whaling activists, who may not even be violent. To do so while visiting Japan was a political choice.” – Grover

I cringe to say this… but I disagree with HHDL here. The Japanese (illegal) whalers are the one’s using violence against the Sea Shephards. – Nate DeMontigny

“I respectfully disagree with HHDL’s opinion on this matter. I believe the protesters’ intentions are to do no harm, and to do everything they can to sway Japanese sentiment towards respecting all live, including those of whales. The continued and senseless killing of these majestinc animals – any sentient being, really – cannot be justified under any circumstances: the vast majority of human beings on this planet need not consume animals to survive.” – Willemien de Villiers

The Sea Shepherd responded to the Dalai Lama’s criticism stating:

“The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has never caused an injury to any individual. Reports that we have caused injuries have been fabricated for public relations purposes. We take every precaution to not cause injury, although we do destroy property that is used to take the life of sentient beings and for this we make no apologies. This year the Society has directly saved the lives of 528 whales and over 800 endangered Bluefin tuna. We are in the business of saving lives and not inflicting harm”

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  • Coqui

    Wow, this shows his true colors. When will people figure out that the Dalai Lama has no integrity and seems to care more about himself than the animals he shot (with his air rifle as a young man) and eats (he is famously a meat-eater even though there is no need to be other than his attachment). If Geshe Kelsang had said something like this, the NKT would never have heard an end to it. Yet in his dealings with animals Geshela is unfailingly kind and loving.

  • thom

    Whaling ‘peace deal’ falls apart

    Page last updated at 10:42 GMT, Wednesday, 23 June 2010
    By Richard Black

    Environment correspondent, BBC News, Agadir

    Countries attempting to reach a compromise on whaling reached an “impasse” Attempts to agree a compromise between whaling nations and their opponents at the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) annual meeting have failed.

    After two days of private discussions, delegates reported they had been unable to reach agreement on major issues.

    The deal would have put whaling by Iceland, Japan and Norway under international oversight for 10 years.

    Continue reading the main story
    Objection – A country formally objects to the IWC moratorium, declaring itself exempt. Example: Norway
    Scientific – A nation issues unilateral ‘scientific permits’; any IWC member can do this. Example: Japan
    Aboriginal – IWC grants permits to indigenous groups for subsistence food. Example: Alaskan Inupiat
    Japan ‘uses aid for whale backing’

    Culture clash over Japan whaling

    Whales – ‘resource’ or ‘right’?

    Send us your comments
    Talks on the “peace process” have been going on for two years, and a further year’s “cooling-off period” is likely.

    “After two years of talks… it appears our process is at an impasse,” said the US commissioner Monica Medina.

    The US has been one of the nations pushing the compromise process forward, and Ms Medina said the breakdown was the fault of no particular party.

    However, other delegates – albeit in moderate terms – sought to pin the blame for the breakdown on their opponents.

    Argentina’s representative Susana Ruiz Cerutti said the draft proposal which has been in front of governments for two months did not meet the needs of Latin American countries.

    “It legitimises scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean (by Japan), and does not substantially reduce catches,” she said.

    The gulf between this vision and that of the whaling nations was exemplified by Japan’s junior agriculture and fisheries minister Yasue Funayama, who described the aim of the talks as “restoring the IWC’s function as a resource management organisation”.

    Iceland’s commissioner to the IWC Thomas Heidar and New Zealand Law Commissioner Sir Geoffrey Palmer on talks failure
    Anti-whaling nations overwhelmingly want the body to transform into a whale conservation organisation.

    The proposal, she said, “contained elements that are extremely difficult for Japan to accept”.

    Behind the scenes, Japanese sources said the key stumbling block for them was the demand from the EU and the Buenos Aires group of Latin American countries that its Antarctic whaling programme must end within a set time-frame.

    For Japan, agreeing to reduce its quota from 935 now to 200 in 10 years time represented a significant step forward, which they thought ought to have been acceptable to their opponents, with further discussions – possibly on a phase-out – taking place subsequently.

    Sir Geoffrey Palmer, New Zealand’s former prime minister and current whaling commissioner, who has been intimately involved in the “peace talks”, said that “Japan did show real flexibility and a real willingness to compromise”.

    Continue reading the main story
    Had this deal lived, it would have lived in infamy
    Patrick Ramage

    International Fund for Animal Welfare’s whales programme
    “But we are in the situation now where the gaps cannot at this time be bridged; and the reason for this I think is obvious enough – there is an absence of a political will to bridge those gaps, an absence of political will to compromise.”

    The path forwards now is unclear. Many delegates are asking whether there is any point in leaving the issue open for a further year; if agreement is impossible, they suggest it would be better to face up to the fact now.

    Opting for more time would “raise the question of the commission’s credibility,” said Remi Parmentier, senior policy adviser to the Pew Environment Group, which has been one of the organisations backing the exploration of compromise.

    Continue reading the main story
    Q&A: Whaling deal negotiations

    Guide to the oceans’ great whales

    Earth Watch: Whaling – interested parties
    But there may also be a reluctance to leave the more constructive tone of the previous two years behind, and risk a return to the acrimony that formerly characterised the IWC.

    However, other anti-whaling groups were pleased that their governments did not accept the draft agreement, as in their view it would have legitimised the whaling programmes of Iceland, Japan and Norway.

    “Had this deal lived, it would have lived in infamy,” said Patrick Ramage, head of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) whales programme.

    “There may be a cooling-off period in the IWC, but meanwhile the whalers will be in hot pursuit of their prey.”

  • thom

    “Son of India” goes to a dead end
    June 24, 2010
    In the recent debates over the Dalai Lama’s claim as a “son of India”, his three good reasons listed had been rebutted. As their following arguments were further demolished, the Dalai Lama clique even started to utter their curses, which drove them to an even more awkward position. It is obvious to see that the so-called “son of India” has gone to a dead end.

    A Chinese saying goes that one would lose his dignity if one is fed by others’ alms. The Dalai Lama must have forgotten this old Chinese saying as he later even claimed that “the Tibetan culture was originated from India” despite the historical fact that Tibet had been administrated by the China central government ever since Yuan dynasty (1206-1368).

    It is true that cultural and religious exchanges took place frequently in history. However, we may ask: would someone who was influenced by the culture or the religion from another country claim himself a “son” of that country? This doesn’t sound reasonable at all. The Dalai Lama must have forgotten that the Tibetan Buddhism was strongly influenced by the Chinese Zen Buddhism throughout its entire process of development. The equal-sized statue of Sakyamuni housed in the Jokhang Temple was originally introduced by the famous Princess Wencheng in China’s Tang Dynasty. In order to curry favor with his master, the Dalai Lama even debased the rich Tibetan culture he defended so hard before this time.

    More ridiculously, he began to offer the Chinese territory to a foreign country just for his exile life. In 2009, the Dalai Lama made his way to pleasing his master by saying that the south Tibet belonged to India starting from 1914. As a matter of fact, the area ruled by the local Tibetan government covering an area of 90,000 square kilometers was never recognized as a separate part from the Chinese territory.
    In fact, as early as China’s Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century, this land was legally and factually administered under the jurisdiction of the Chinese central government. To our surprise, the Dalai Lama must even have forgotten that he himself was approved by Chinese central government. But he insisted on his ridiculous “Greater Tibet” concept, where he attempted in vain to offer the land where the 6th Dalai Lama was born and his ancestors had lived for generations to a foreign country, another proof of his reckless separatism.

    Like what a high-level Chinese official said, “The issue of ‘son of India’ is not a simple one. It is essentially an issue of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The Dalai Lama intentional distortion of the historical facts means to lay a solid ground for his “Tibet Independence”.

    We may ask: if the Dalai Lama is a “son of India”, would he be qualified for a talk with the Chinese government? Claiming himself a “son of India”, isn’t it contradictory for him to represent the Tibetan people? Is this his scheme to trade out the “Greater Tibet” to his master?

    As a matter of fact, the Dalai Lama’s claim as “son of India” shows his own inferiority towards his master because he never knows how long his life in exile will last. Senile as he is, he cannot wait any longer. Therefore, he is determined to favor his master at the expense of the Tibetan culture, the Chinese territorial integrity and the Tibetan people’s fundamental interest. Doubtlessly, he has come to a dead end.

  • thom

    Your fantastic expression of, don’t lose faith in the dalia lama, is incomprehensible to me.

    I take faith in what Domo Geshe Rinpoche told me and what I surmised by my own observations of
    this man’s acts of abomination and desecractions of Lord Buddha Teachings and the Defamation of Lord Je T’Song Khapa Teachings.

    Thank you for Defending My Lineage……………………………………………………………….was more than adequate to convince me of my own convictions that this is not Buddhism 101 and this is a Battle that has invoked the Warriors of Shambala to Awaken, Arise to Defend the Dharma from those who seek to Destroy it.
    This man represents and archaic antiquidated medieval kingdom that enslaved the masses and sought only to further it’s own preservation as overlords of an entire people for hundreds of years. This is the Over throw of an old mind set of faux superiority over others. This is a Battle for The Defense of All People to Believe as they Wish without fear of moleatation or abuse by others.
    This man has an entire of history of subjugating others and using mutilation as punishment in his Shangrila.
    He is not a king or a buddha.
    Check out his lineage and get back to me about this usurper, you call the dalia lama!

    The One We have Been Fighting for over 14 years.

    Stretching over two centuries……………………………………..

    Now what were you saying about equanimity and dharma practice??
    Kill the Whales?
    Year of the Whale_circa 1975_2010

  • Bill

    He has no Buddhist value at all, if he has knowledge about Buddhist teaching he would go against killing of whales or any living things.
    The only thing in his mind is to go after the money, whoever gives him money he will speak in their favor.

  • thom

    We are the Apostles of Shri Dorje Shugden, The Supreme Dharma Protector of Lord Je T’Song Khapa’s Teachings. Brought Down To Us Preserved Exactly as Written With Pure and Pristine Clarity,
    In the Moment Lord Buddha Spoke!

    We Maintain and Protect Je T’Song Khapa’s Teachings!
    Lord Shugden request Your Participation
    Or did you have something else to do?
    And Buddha Spoke…..you should listen….

    Serenity and generosity are qualities of the heart. Insight and Concentration are qualities of the mind. Compassion and wisdom are qualities of the ture nature. ~ Heart of A Buddha
    There are three ways to correct our faults: We can change through behavior. We can change through understanding. We can change from the heart. ~ Heart of A Buddha
    The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings. ~Buddha
    What I know is like the leaves on that tree; what I teach is only a small part. But I offer it to all with an open hand. What do I not teach? Whatever is fascinating to discuss, divides people against each other, but has no bearing on putting an end to sorrow. What do I teach? Only what is necessary to take you to the other shore. ~The Buddha
    “Reverence, humility, contentment, gratitude, and the timely hearing of the Dhamma, the teaching of the Buddha — this is the highest blessing. ~Buddha
    If the causes we create arise from wisdom, so then will the results. If the causes we create arise from ignorance, so then will the results. -Heart of A Buddha
    “victory breeds hatred. The defeated live in pain. Happily the peaceful live, giving up victory and defeat.” ~The Buddha
    Happiness and tranquility arise from concentration. Frustration and worries arise from desire. -Heart of A Buddha
    When threatened with danger, men go to many a refuge, – to mountains and forests, to parks and gardens, and to sacred trees. But such a refuge is not a safe refuge, not the best refuge. One is not liberated from all evil consequences of existence (dukkha) for having come to such a refuge. ~Dhammapada

  • thom


    The Ganden Lineage has survived 7 centuries but never has it undergone such difficult times as those of today. Buddhamuni Dagom Rinpoche – my kind preceptor – said to me in 2004 that whatever unfortunate circumstances had happened since 1996, were in fact a powerful blessing from Dorje Shugden himself! Who amongst the followers of the Ganden tradition would have such an insight as this? Everybody refers to it as the year in which misfortunes for Shugden followers had begun! My master also added to this that in the years since 1996, people became united in their goals briefly. Amongst Tibetan followers of Dorje Shugden. There was a fellowship of respect and harmony and the will to stand up together, and support each other. But after 2000, when Dharamsala’s vendettas seemed to briefly calm down (which was actually not the case as it was preparing for a long drawn battle with followers of DS) Shugden followers returned back to the same reticent lifestyle of self-cherishing agendas.

    This was said to me in a serious vein by the Guru, who seemed deeply concerned. Today he is not here anymore physically amongst us.


    As for the initiatives to segregate the Monasteries and cause schism in the Sangha and the Tibetan populace in 2008, had my Lama been alive, he would have proclaimed this as the best ever Activity(Thinlay) performed by a Deity! But in my own perception, our followers are seemingly becoming ever more lethargic and self-centred. Unfortunately, a considerable number of Dorje Shugden followers are busy building castles and their fortunes in this illusory world; busy promoting their Institutions and parochialism – all in the name of Dharma! This is not a good sign and is detrimental for the future of Dharma. Some people are of the opinion that simply by forcing all Tibetans not to share spiritual and material provisions with Shugden followers, the Dalai Lama and Samdong Tulku had virtually opened the way for the freedom of Shugden followers to build up their lives and Institutions. But the fact remains that Shugden followers – mostly in India and Nepal – are ‘stateless’. Since they are a race and a people as Tibetans, they are living in societies – both in the East and the West – clustered together but not assimilated into their respective mainstreams. By promoting Tibetan Buddhism in their respective countries of residence, many feel their roles as messianic and hence they do not feel they have something to adopt and learn from the cultures and societies that actually give them asylum! Some time back, a Chinese friend of mine said to me that ‘Tibetan Lamas in the West are on a treasure hunt and self centred. They teach their students to do nothing but engage in religious practices (he meant by this,sadhanas and retreats)and fund their temples(meaning center related projects of the Lama).The Lamas in Tibet Autonomous Region,’ he continued, ‘are more altruistic and serve their populace selflessly, without hopes for remuneration and any other expectations’. There is an element of truth in this, unfortunately, and I consider myself to be one of these Lamas!


    We must not forget that many genuine believers of their respective faiths have experienced persecution and were on the verge of extinction, in the manner of a holocaust. But once many of the persecuted followers could re-emerge from these predicaments and grow in strength and numbers, they would also become powerful and oppressive, nurturing all forms of unimaginable debauchery. Look at the History of the early Christians – the desert Fathers and Gnostics and their growth into a mighty force since the patronage it received from the times of Constantinople the Great. All one requires is to peek into the annals of institutionalized Christianity and see the horrors of the Crusades and the Inquisition. That ruined the sanctity of what was a pure movement at its inception. Tibetan Buddhism and institutionalized Gelugpas have not been an exception. All one need do is look at the profile and orientation of the big monastic institutions claiming to be the Seats of the Gelugpas. They are behaving like the Pharisees, with the Tibetan Leader seeming like one of the notorious Popes! Claiming Shugdenites to be enemies of the Tibetan Cause, harmful to harmony and worshippers of the Devil, greatly resembles what The Vatican and the Spanish Inquisition Council did to exterminate Gnostic Christians, followers of pagan faiths, healers and even those of other monotheistic religions.


    Today, if the Dalai Lama is emboldened and determined to exterminate the very practice of Dorje Shugden, it is because he knows that many of our Lamas and Geshes who are actually in a position to oppose him, will not do so! This is simply because many are afraid of his political clout. There are again those who claim that because they have taken Teachings from him, opposing him would be breaking samaya with a Guru. Necessarily, as, the Lamrim teaches us that all Gurus are to be treated with equal reverence and a Root Guru does not become an excuse for disregarding all the other Gurus, this is understandable. Even so, it only requires some basic intelligence to comprehend that in these degenerate times, Mara too can appear as the Guru! And that it is ultimately the intention, the Teachings and the virtuous goal served – and not an individual’s words or conventional appearances – that ought to be judged. As Buddha outlined with the words: ‘Do not look at the person (the vehicle or medium) but the Dharma itself, the Meaning and not the mere words the Ultimate and not the relative.’ Whether the Tibetan Nobel Laureate is truly Avalokiteshwara and is merely testing our wills and commitment to practice the pure Ganden lineage, even at the cost of our lives, or that because of his deeds in banning Shugden and fanning hatred against Shugden followers, he has actually made Shugden practice widespread is an idea somewhat naive.

    Scores of followers have broken their commitments. This involves not only the Mahayana outlook of not discriminating sentient beings but also disparaging one’s Lineage Masters and tutoring others to see holy beings as Devil-worshippers and enemies of the Tibetan Cause – whatever that may be! There is confusion, burning hatred and distrust amongst people and not merely Tibetans. The deaths of their foremost Refuges Dema Gonsar Rinpoche in Tibet and Dagom Rinpoche in Nepal, the threats to the lives and activities of many other prominent Gelugpa Lamas – too many to mention, and one of the causes for Yongyal Rinpoche to seek asylum in the US – these are but a few examples to cite.


    In 2003, when I was in Singapore, I made a call to the Venerable Denma Gonsar Rinpoche. At that time he revealed to me something intriguing, which I never forgot. He related to me an incident in which a monk from the Sera Je Monastery in India, who was on a visit to Lhasa, had specifically come to him with a message from the Dalai Lama. The substance was this: that the Rinpoche performed great activities for Tsongkhapa’s Teachings, but his practice of Dholgyal was a grave error! That he should cease with the practice because it could cause him obstacles in his activities. Rinpoche then turned to me and said that there was no greater threat to the Ganden Lineage than the Dalai Lama himself! Then he recalled a passage in the Secret Biography of Gungthang Rinpoche – a great 17th century Ganden Throne holder – and said: ‘There are stated to be one amongst the 1st to the 7th amongst the Dalais that could be an Avalokiteshwara Emanation. From the 8th until the 13th, one could be a manifestation of the 16 Arhats. The 14th is alleged to be one born as a result of negative aspirations himself’. He mentioned to me that he had only revealed this to the Phabongkha Rinpoche and myself. Gurudeva Rinpoche said to me in 2004,as a parting advice in his residence at Ulan Bator, that the ban on Dorje Shugden was a camouflage and a catalyst to destroy the Ganden Lineage!

    The Kadam Legbam (scriptures of the Kadampa) and Kathang Denga (The Five Testimonies) given by Guru Padmasambhava, have similar indications of a lord amongst humans being possessed of a demon and causing great harm to the Tibetans! Tsongkhapa is known to have said that someone of his standing in the future will harm his teachings! By this he did not mean someone endowed of Realisations like himself. It would be somebody with equal fame and a vast following like himself. This is what it actually means. Most prophecies in Tibet cannot be taken at face value. Like the institution of Incarnations or the discovery of Hidden Treasures. It would also be outright stupidity to dismiss these by claiming all incarnations as products of Tibetan politics or all Termas and prophesies as apocryphal!


    It is correct to say that only sincere practice of the Teachings is the means to preserve and spread them. But spreading the Teachings means genuinely practicing them oneself. This does not call for anyone to first establish Monasteries and Centres. As the spread of the Teachings is judged by the true adherence of the individual within his or her mind-stream and definitely not in the numbers! This is the actual meaning of the ‘spread of Dharma’. Most of our practicing Shugden followers are not hermits. If this was the case, then nothing but one’s practice in solitude would matter. By coming out into the open to agitate at random but then ceasing all agitation completely, will not help in the long run. Gyalwa Gendun Dupa, posthumously claimed as the 1st Dalai Lama, had forsaken the Throne of the Ganden Throneholder. At a time when he was being petitioned to ascend the throne, he said: ‘I need to build a fortress on enemy ground, as this will serve the Teachings of my Master better than my role as his Regent’. By this he meant to refer to the aggressive posturing of the Kagyupa followers and their political supporters, who were viewing the proliferation of the Ganden followers with anxiety. This of course had nothing to do with the holy Kagyupa Lineage, from within which the Mahamudra and Six Yogas of Naropa are common and equally sacred to followers of Tsongkhapa. It had much to do with the ‘pseudo’ followers of that hallowed lineage, who were deluded in their outlook.

    Therefore, I humbly appeal to all those who cherish the Teachings of Lama Tsongkhapa – while also rising up even for other beliefs and freedom of expression and conscience – to stand by this Holy Lineage, for the future well-being of those who will desire to practice it. We not only owe to future generations a physically clean and peaceful environment and all its resources. We must create the conditions whereby others will not have to suffer persecution and the tragedy of making the pure Buddha Dharma into a vehicle or weapon for promoting political agendas. We must reject theocratic leadership, the creation of a Tibetan myth. We must raise our voices for all others oppressed who are looking for freedom, from those trying to monopolise spirituality for their own ends. Rejecting theocratic leadership and removing Ganden Lineage from the Tibetan cultural trap, is the need of the hour. Some of our Gelugpa Masters have attempted to do this, but they are a rare few. Tibetan Shugden followers must integrate into the mainstream of their societies. To put it across aptly, as in the saying ‘When in Rome, they must do as the Romans do.’

    The attempt by the Shugden Society in India, to take judicial means in solving the on-going persecution, was an attempt in tune with the byelaws and the Constitution of India. The effort was not a failure (as the Establishment of the Dalai Lama wants people to believe). It is a catalyst for any Shugden follower, if threatened and abused, could and should use the channel of the Law within their respective countries. This is clearly visible from the final judgement and concluding remarks of the Honourable Judge. The latter had dismissed the case on the grounds that Shugden adherents had not taken recourse to filing FIR (First Instance Report). Many Shugden followers living in the West have not been able to follow the Case, either due to little or no interests in the development. When I did present a write up on the problems involved in the Court Process and future possibilities of technicalities posted by some enthusiast on one of the Shugden websites, a Western Shugden adherent simply remarked in a huff that it was ‘all technical mumbo-jumbo!’ If this is the kind of resistance shown by somebody born and brought up within a culture where such undertakings and language are a day-to-day affair, it should naturally prove worse for a Tibetan who does not even speak the language!


    Now, there is need for action, and not words! What we can and should do is initiate or take part in peaceful agitation, using the Channel of the Media and taking recourse to judicial means. All Shugden followers should join in the initiative for the above mentioned goal. Buddhist teachers should be to the forefront and not depute their students. I admired the peaceful initiatives of the Ven.Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and his courage in standing up to the might of the Dalai Lama, while I also do believe it is not for one individual to decide and conclude a movement. I believe what the Venerable Geshe had intended was to inspire the masses with all of his students and centres and this was a gesture asking other Shugden stalwarts to rise up to the occasion. Whether you believe in oracular institutions or not, is not the point. The institution of the Delphi Oracle served its purpose in the West for centuries until it lost its legitimacy. But if one would test the legitimacy of Shugden mediums, their merits ought to be judged by their pronouncements. The deity in possession has always said: ‘If you can stand up, speak out, disseminate against untruthfulness and injustice. The truth will prevail only through the combined efforts of Humans and Deity.’ This makes sense today.

    Written by Kundeling Rinpoche, Mysore, 26th June 2010.

  • thom

    When Dharamsala Tibetan Govt in Exile crumbles in the near future, we will grow even more.
    Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen!
    Dulzin Drakpa Gyeltsen!
    Panchen Rinpoche !
    Dakpo Dorje Chang!
    Pabongka DORJE CHANG
    Zong Dorje Chang
    Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche
    Geshe Tendar Rinpoche
    Kaybje Zemey Rinpoche
    Kyabje Geshe Rabten
    Kyabje Denma Gonsa Rinpoche
    Kyabje Yongyal Rinpoch
    Sogpu Rinpoche Guru Dva
    Kyabje Dromo Geshe Rinpoche
    Lama Yeshe
    Serkong Dorje Chang
    Kenchen Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk
    Kyabje Daknak Rinpoche will never be silenced!
    Serkong Tritul Rinpoche will never be silenced!
    Kyabje Gangchen Rinpoche will never be silenced!
    His Eminence Geshe Kelsang Gyatso will never be silenced!
    Para Dorje Chang will never be silenced!
    Gaden Trisur Rinpoche Lungrik Namgyal will never be silenced!
    Sakya Throne Holder Kunkhyen Ngawang Kunga Lodro will never be silenced!
    Gonsar Rinpoche will never be silenced!
    Shar Gaden Ken Rinpoche Lobsang Pende will never be silenced!
    Serpom Monastery will never be silenced!
    Trode Khangsar Chapel will never be silenced.
    Denma Gonsar Monastery will never be silenced!
    Tashi Lumpo Monastery will never be silenced!
    Jampa Ling Monastery will never be silenced!
    Chatreng Monastery will never be silenced!
    Shar Gaden will never be silenced!
    Sera Boompra Kuten (oracle) will never be silenced!
    Gameng Dulzin Kuten (oracle) will never be silenced!
    Tsongkapa’s lineage will never be silenced!

    Dorje Shugden will never be silenced!!
    Four Faced Mahakala will never be silenced!
    Kache Marpo will never be silenced!

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