Is the Dalai Lama a mean theocrat?

Dalai Lama 75th Birthday
Below is a quote from a post entitled Is the Dalai Lama a mean theocrat? from the blog The Notes Taken posted yesterday by a blogger name Joshua:

The Dalai Lama will have his birthday July 6. He has spent most of his life working to get his country’s sovereignty back. The Free Tibet website states, “Across the world people will be freely and publicly celebrating the Dalai Lama’s 75th birthday, but in Tibet people are unable to do so without risking terrible punishment. They cannot even pray openly for his long life or burn incense to mark his birthday, as is traditional.” The irony is that the Dalai Lama currently enacts the same draconian punishment against Dorje Shugden worshipers. The Western Shugden Society’s website says, “In March 1996, in an aggressive and threatening manner, the Dalai Lama stated that there would be a forceful implementation of the ban against those who persisted in the practice of Dorje Shugden….This persecution has been enforced since 1996 and still continues.”

Is the Dalai Lama a mean theocrat?


2 responses to “Is the Dalai Lama a mean theocrat?

  • thom

    “But if one would test the legitimacy of Shugden mediums, their merits ought to be judged by their pronouncements. The deity in possession has always said: ‘If you can stand up, speak out, disseminate against untruthfulness and injustice. The truth will prevail only through the combined efforts of Humans and Deity.’ This makes sense today.” Kundeling Rinpoche

    I see that however and whomever resonates in his or her hearts to this clarity of speech and sound reasoning that states clearly to rise from your pillows and Stand the Ground of Our Lineage Masters.
    Rise and Decide to Fight the Darkness that seeps through cracks of the confused and bewildered.
    Use the Common Sense to Reason the Truth of the Words that Clearly and Undeniably State that We are In the Battle of the Ages. We Fight to Preserve the Path to Liberation and Self Realization. The Dalia Lama Cult has reached it’s end of enslaving others to do their bidding.
    Warriors of Shambala Arise and Defend the Most Prescious Gift Of Love You Will Ever Receive
    Feel the Power of the Protector Drumming in Your Hearts. It is the Melodious Drums of the Protetor Calling You to Be One With Him. We few humans will lead the way into the Aquarian Age. We are the Founding Fathers of the Glorious age Of the Dharma.

  • Bill

    In Tibet some people believe in him cannot celebrate his birthday because he is the leader of separatism and is trying to over throw the current Tibet Autonomous government. If those who believe in him are allowed to celebrate, then those people from former slave families would be very upset and disrupt the celebation—-result—Chaotic.
    Not all Tibetan outside of China are supporting this monster, they do not come out of the open because of the violent nature of the supporters of this monster.

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