The Dalai Lama and the US Constitution

Here is my 4th of July post. Below is a quote from the blog Duganz: A Heretic’s Life entitled The Dalai Lama is evil:

“I know that America is no pearl of democracy, or bastion of freedom, but we are not a theocracy (in fact, we made our first constitutional amendment a refutation of theocratic government). What Mr. Gyatzo wants is a theocratic rule of Tibet. He is not for a “free” Tibet. He is in fact for implementing a religious dictatorship. It’s sick. It’s un-American. It should not be something supported by our government, the CIA, or our treasured D-List actors like Steven Seagal (who Mr. Gyatzo has claimed is a reincarnated lama).”

The truth goes marching on in the blogosphere! Below is the Dalai Lama: the “God King” video.

3 responses to “The Dalai Lama and the US Constitution

  • Duganz

    Thanks for the link. It’s amazing how pro-Lama spin in the media has made it impossible to speak ill of the man. Good to know others out there are telling the truth.

    • goldenmala

      There are millions of Buddhist all over the world who do not support the Dalai Lama or his political agendas. Please understand that he does not represent all Buddhists. Contrary to popular belief, he is not the spiritual head of Buddhism. He is the political leader of Tibetans backed by the US and the CIA (as you pointed out in your post).

      Thank you for helping get the truth out there as well. We live in dark times, but the light of the truth has the power to dispel the darkness.

  • Bill

    He was entroned after approved by the central government of Republic of China (now in Taiwan since 1949).
    Tibet was never independent from 1912 to 1949. Anyone in doubt ? go to Taiwan and check out their Chinese map.
    The story of independent Tibet before 1949 was created by USA (CIA) to harassed the Chinese but not for the independent of Tibet, that was the policy of USA.
    Most ethnic Tibetan government officials (of Tibet) are from former slave families, they never want this person-Mr. Gyatzo, to go back to China (Tibet) again.

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