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Is the Dalai Lama a Buddhist?

why Dalai Lama why – The Dalai Lama is destroying all Buddhism in this world by granting false teachings. He has become the Hollywood monk and saavy politician, enjoying a jet-setting lifestyle, dining with the rich and famous, and then teaching whatever he thinks will please his audience.

Times Online printed an article about the Dalai Lama in France. In this article appears the following statements by the Dalai Lama:

“We should strive for inner peace in the concert of God…. We also have responsibility to take care of the planet. The trees and all beautiful things are the creation of God. Harmony is very very essential.”

Buddhists famously don’t believe in God the Creator. We say that everything was created by mind — this is an essential tenet of Buddhism.

At a talk in Seattle in April of this year he was asked “how can people enhance and develop their compassion”. A very simple question with a very clear Buddhist answer that he should have been able to give. Watch the video.

He said “when we are born we are all the same”. The Dalai Lama’s answer denies the basic teachings of karma. We are not “all the same” at the time of birth. We all bring the karmic potentials from our previous lives into our next life.

He said that more study needed to be done to answer the question. That statement was to appease the scientists that he likes to talk and discuss with. Buddha taught complete and perfect teachings on how to develop and increase our compassion until we have the universal compassion of a Buddha. Why did the Dalai Lama not give a Buddhist answer?

The content of this post was copied from the …why Dalai Lama why… blog read the rest of the article:
A forgotten perspective – The Dalai Lama as Perpetrator of Human Rights Violations

Video – Western Shugden Society Protests – Nantes, France

AboutWSS.org – United under the umbrella of the Western Shugden Society, Buddhist Practitioners from all around the world went to Nantes for 3 days of protests against the Dalai Lama. They requested that he stops the persecution and discrimination of Shugden Practitioners around the world and lift the ban on this ancient prayer.

Western Shugden Society – Dalai Lama Protests Nantes, France

AboutWSS.org – Over 500 protesters from the Western Shugden Society marched in unity against the backdrop of a stunning seaside scene chanting with a determined passion: “Dalai Lama Menteur” (Liar). The holiday town was brimming with people who had come to enjoy the national holiday. The intrigued holiday makers stood on balconies, with some people cheering and clapping, as the protesters marched passed.

Visit the official Western Shugden Society website for more details.

Western Shugden Society March For Religious Freedom in Nantes, France

AboutWSS.org – Am impressive convoy of 8 coaches and several mini buses stopped traffic in the seaside town of La Baule today as police escorted hundreds of Shugden practitioners to a march for freedom along the town’s esplanade.

Over 500 people marched in unity against the backdrop of a stunning seaside scene chanting with a determined passion: “Dalai Lama Menteur (Liar).

Visit the official Western Shugden Society website for photos and details

Dalai Lama Protests in Nantes, France August 15th-17th

The Western Shugden Society will be organizing peaceful protests at the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Nantes, France from August 15th-17th. Inside, the Dalai Lama will be giving a teaching entitled ‘Peace through Inner Peace’. Outside, the Western Shugden Society will be asking him to stop his religious persecution of Shugden practitioners in the Tibetan-in-Exile communities and around the world.

This blog will be updated with news related to the protests in Nantes, France soon.