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Dalai Lama’s double standards with regard to whaling

After writing my last post, Dalai Lama criticises anti-whaling protestors, I discovered another example of the Dalai Lama’s double standards. Below is a photo of the Dalai Lama with the captain of the Sea Shepherd and a letter of support from the Dalai Lama that the Sea Shepherd posted on their website. The Dalai Lama was most likely bribed by the Japanese to speak in opposition of the anti-whaling protestors.

“One time I wrote a letter…(saying) their activities should be stopping” – Dalai Lama

Western Shugden Society – Dalai Lama Protests Nantes, France

AboutWSS.org – Over 500 protesters from the Western Shugden Society marched in unity against the backdrop of a stunning seaside scene chanting with a determined passion: “Dalai Lama Menteur” (Liar). The holiday town was brimming with people who had come to enjoy the national holiday. The intrigued holiday makers stood on balconies, with some people cheering and clapping, as the protesters marched passed.

Visit the official Western Shugden Society website for more details.