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Professor Samdhong Rinpoche Caught Lying by Al Jazeera

This evening I put together these clips which specifically highlight Samdhong Rinpoche’s lies on the Al Jazeera Documentary “Dalai Lama – The Devil Within”. From this series of clips it’s pretty obvious that he is lying even to people who are uneducated with regard to the Dorje Shugden controversy.

In other news, related to the Dorje Shugden controversy, someone named Jigme left this comment on an article of the Orangeville Citizen newspaper in Ontario, Canada. Hopefully, the media will eventually look behind the glossy image of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile and report in a balanced and accurate fashion with regard to them. Below is Jigme’s comment:

Thank you for your column “Unity vs. uniformity”. I would like to make a comment on one sentence towards the end of your article: Some see the Dalai Lama as a better model of humble witness to transcendent truth.

Although I do not doubt that, as a communications person, you remember the demos in 3 continents against the Dalai Lama, last Summer, I would like to request you to please bear in mind their meaning, in order not to publish, if possible, non-qualified, non-commented-upon news on the Tibetan leader…

If you remember the Dalai Lama┬┤s actions, or find out about them then you might agree that his is one severe case of double talk, double behaviour, of … how to call it? deception of the masses using your own good fame?

Remember, the Dalai Lama instituted the segregation, persecution and religious annihilation of an important group of Buddhists, the followers of his own (the Dalai Lama’s) teachers, tagged as if by a yellow star as “Shugden worshippers”. This is an unprecedented case in Buddhist history, and the Dalai Lama is getting away with it because the Press and the politicians and even the common folk do not like to admit that they were deceived by his charming smile and the sacred words of the Buddha that he repeats while betraying them.

Please go back to your archives, please review what has been said, what has been happening. Try to understand that he produced a painful and unheard of schism in the Tibetan Sangha, i.e., among the Gelukpa monks, his own people. He used his religious and political power to implant hatred and segregation against even the lay people following this very traditional Tibetan Buddhist belief.

If you would like to find about it, you might like to go to some websites. They are not very perfectly written, these people do not have PR specialists advising them, but they are defending the victims of the Dalai Lama and they are saying the truth.

The Dalai Lama preaches compassion to the world but does not practice it at home, in his backyard.


S. Jigme