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Philadelphia Protests in the News

The recent protests in Philadelphia attracted a lot of media attention. Including a photo and cutline on page 3A of USA Today.

Emotional clash – Dalai Lama protest: Members of the Western Shugden Society, a group of Tibetan and Western Buddhists, protest the Dalai Lama’s visit to Philadelphia on Wednesday. The group claims religious persecution by the Dalai Lama – USA Today

Television News Coverage


Buddhist Protest Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday

Press release from prweb.com

“This Saturday, 600 Buddhists with one voice will protest against the Dalai Lama claiming a campaign of religious intolerance and immoral discrimination against the Buddhist community who practice the protective deity Dorje Shugden. This Western Shugden Society organized demonstration hopes to expose the abuse of the Dalai Lama’s dual political and religious status, by which all Tibetan-exiles must take a public oath to abandon this spiritual practice as well as association with anyone who practices this 400 year old Buddhist Deity, in order to receive a state issued identity card. Without this identity card it is difficult and sometimes impossible to purchase food in many stores, receive medical treatment, and obtain travel documents. The protests is scheduled to take place Saturday, July 19th and promises to be colorful and lively event, with passionate Tibetan and English chant and bright placards spotting the crowd.”

Tibetans Buddhists Courageously Speak Out Against Dalai Lama’s Claiming Religious Discrimination, this Saturday in Madison WI

Interviews with Protesters

This video was filmed during the Oxford Protests in May. It includes interviews with Western Shugden Society protesters including Geshe Sopa who has been attending the protests since May.

Dalai Lama Protests – Oxford May 30th

Segregation Wall at Ganden Monastery

New Article from the main Western Shugden Society website:

“The new wall at Ganden monastery in Southern India was built in March of this year. It has no gate, no entryway along its entire length. It is designed only to separate, to divide monk from monk; it even blocks access to the old road. It stands 9 feet tall and is made of concrete bricks. Visually, it is attractive in the same architectural style as the monastery, however, it’s appearance is deceptive and hides a sinister purpose. Each brick is an eerie symbol of inhumanity and hatred, instilled on the basis of religious belief by one person’s lies. The wall lies on the brown dusty earth—the very earth on which we all stand equal as human beings, each with the basic right to hold the faith of our choosing. It rises, row by row, into our common sky—the vast common canopy into which all can gaze, uplifting the mind beyond the mundane to the infinite and even the holy. ”  Full article and photos

More Than 600 to Protest Dalai Lama in NYC this Thursday

Press Release from prweb.com

This Thursday, 600 Tibetan and western Buddhists from around the world, including 200 monastics, join with one voice to demonstrate against the Dalai Lama outside of Radio City in NYC where he will be speaking. In this unprecedented event, more than 100 Tibetans will participate in the Western Shugden Society (WSS) organized protest to speak out against the man who has been touted as an icon of peace and tolerance. Impassioned Buddhist Protest the Dalai Lama on the Streets of NYC

Many Tibetans are now feeling very encouraged by the success of the Western Shugden Society demonstrations. Most Tibetan Shugden practitioners are too intimidated by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile to protest against the Dalai Lama. However, the number of Tibetans at the demonstrations is increasing rapidly. A Tibetan Geshe at the recent protests at Lehigh University said “In the Tibetan settelments in India if Tibetans were to protest like this, they would be killed.” So it’s no wonder that many Tibetans are still too intimidated to join the protests. But as these protests continue to gain momentum more Tibetans are joining in to request the Dalai Lama to give religious freedom.

The Dalai Lama and Guru Devotion

By banning Dorje Shugden practice is the Dalai Lama abandoning his own Spiritual Guide and all the lineage gurus of the Gelugpa tradition? Would his Spiritual Teachers approve of his removal of over 900 monks from their monasteries, because of their reliance on Dorje Shugden? You decide.

The Dalai Lama and Guru Devotion

From Music Delighting the Ocean Of Protectorsby Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang
Root Guru of most Gelugpa Lamas alive today, including the Dalai Lama, who relied upon Dorje Shugden as his Protector until his death


“Some, who have fallen under the influence of the demon of the partisanship, think and say that this supreme Deity, the great emanated Dharmapala, is no different than an ordinary gyalpo or tsen spirit who has an inferior form as a result of being a monk or lay person who died with bad karma. Leave aside relying upon him as a Protector, they even deride others who do so. There are some, indeed, who echo such claims knowing nothing about it.

Yet all this talk is nothing but babbling speculation. Why? Because this great guardian of the teachings is well known to be the precious supreme emanation from Drepung monastery’supper house, Dragpa Gyaltsen, arising in a wrathful aspect. The proof is unmistaken. Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen, as is taught in the lineage, was the final birth in a reincarnation lineage that included the Mahasiddha Birwawa, the great Kashmiri Pandit Shakya Shri, the omniscient Buton, Duldzin Dragpa Gyaltsen, Panchen Sonam Dragpa, and so forth; this is proven by valid scriptural quotation and reasoning. These great beings, from a definitive point of view, were already fully enlightened, and even to common appearances, every one of them was a holy being that attained high states of realization. What worse karma could there be than denying this and asserting that he was born in the preta (spirit) realm?

‘Therefore, for holy beings it is not at all far-fetched that they might show themselves in a wrathful form out of the power of compassion and prayer for the sake of a special purpose, and it should be recognized that they are emanations of Buddha’s inconceivable secret qualities. But for them to take birth as a sky-wandering preta through the force of negative throwing karma like an ordinary preta would be utterly impossible. To say it were possible would be to deny the validity of the natural law of cause and effect. Why? From the definitive point of view those holy beings are fully enlightened. Moreover, even from the common point of view they attained high states of realization in reliance upon guarding their moral disciplines as they would their eyes, from youth onwards throughout their lives. To say that a causal factor of pure ethical discipline could result in rebirth in a lower realm of existence would be to assert that actions performed could be wasted; that one could experience the results of actions not performed by oneself; and that such scriptural statements as “From generosity, wealth, from ethics, happiness, are invalid and so forth. As a consequence, one would be turning ones back on Buddha’s teachings as a whole.

“Furthermore, from the definitive point of view, that these holy beings were already fully enlightened innumerable ages ago, is clear if one examines the accounts of their lives, and if one were to say that a fully enlightened being could take birth as an ordinary gyalpo or tsen spirit, then one would be asserting that degeneration is possible from the state of full enlightenment or that someone could be both fully enlightened and an ordinary preta at the same time! Or else, one would have to say that the accounts of those great beings lives are worthless. A mountain of absurd consequences, previously non-existent distorted ideas, would have to be accepted.”

See the complete text of Music Delighting the Ocean Of Protectors in English or Tibetan.

Who is Dorje Shugden?

The Dalai Lama has labeled Dorje Shugden practitioners as worshippers of an evil spirit and is currently persecuting Shugden practictioners in the Tibetan in Exile communities. Even though the Dalai Lama’s own teacher Trijang Dorjechang and all the Gelugpa lineage gurus of the last 400 years strongly encouraged the practice of Dorje Shugden and regarded him as the wisdom Buddha Manjushri. The Dalai Lama himself relied upon Dorje Shugden for 40 years. Now he is saying that all the great masters of the Gelugpa lineage are wrong and that he was wrong for 40 years. Of course, he has freedom to have this view and to change his mind about relying upon Dorje Shugden. But, he does not have the right to force his view onto others and persecute those who choose to follow the great masters of the Gelugpa lineage rather than him. So who is Dorje Shugden? Below is a video of interviews with Western Buddhists who rely upon the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden.

Who is Dorje Shugden?

Western Shugden Society – Requesting Religious Freedom

Below are resources for those who would like to know more about the Western Shugden Society and why we are asking the Dalai Lama to stop lying and give religious freedom.

Main website: Western Shugden Society westershugdensociety.org

Why is the Dalai Lama suppressing religious freedom?

Dorje Shugden Controvery Blog – latest news, video and updates

Western Shugden Society photostream